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Time to clean up the gardens for winter

Time to clean up the gardens for winter

The snap in the air signifies more than just the arrival of winter. It also means that it’s officially time to clean out the perennial beds. This can be a challenge even for the most experienced gardener because we always forget the specific treatment for any new species or plants that we’ve added to beds. […]

Curb appeal is number one for a home's first impression

Curb appeal is number one for a home’s first impression

As real estate agents continue to analyze the value of our homes, trying to squeeze every last dollar out of them, the front yard continues to be one area that should get a lot of attention when it comes time to sell. Online and business experts place the value of the front yard somewhere between […]

Complaining about the neighbour's yard

Complaining about the neighbour’s yard

I had a great conversation recently with a distraught homeowner complaining about their neighbour’s yard. They were desperately seeking some advice as to how to handle a next-door neighbour with an unkempt yard because they were certain that the home was hurting their property value. This is such a tricky subject. Your neighbour’s property impacts […]

Tips to 'bee' careful if you're starting a hive

Tips to ‘bee’ careful if you’re starting a hive

All around the world we continue to hear about the plight of bees. ‘Save the bees’ and ‘colony collapse disorder’ are pretty important things to be paying attention to in 2017 because up to 90 per cent of the food that we eat is pollinated by honeybees. This is part of the reason that more […]

The dirt on garden dirt

The dirt on garden dirt

Getting to know the soil is going to really help you cut back on a lot of hardship when it comes time to actually planting or creating a garden. The quality of the soil that you want to plant in really matters because anything already in the ground has a good chance of ending up […]

Bag gardening  - good luck with that

Bag gardening – good luck with that

Immediately after my last article, I received several emails about other hot trends when it comes to gardening on social media. Bag gardens have been much discussed for a few years now but are definitely trending in North America. The theory behind them is that you slice down the centre of a bag of soil […]

How much water is right for your garden?

How much water is right for your garden?

When it comes to having a garden full of lush fruits and veggies, water is right up there with things you really need. The trouble is…too many people have different opinions on how much water is the right amount. Even worse, nobody really has the exact same growing conditions so how can someone tell you […]

Organic gardening pretty simple

Organic gardening pretty simple

Outdoor Living with Carson Arthur The term organic gardening has been thrown around a lot over the last few years when it comes to gardening and growing food. Someone somewhere decided that organic is healthier and therefore more expensive because it is harder to grow food without the use of synthetic fertilizers and sprays. The […]

Plan to grow this year's trendy heirloom vegetable

Plan to grow this year’s trendy heirloom vegetable

OUTDOOR LIVING with Carson Arthur This trend of heirloom vegetables had gone beyond what any of us expert gardeners ever expected. So far, I have received more than 15 seed catalogues from across Canada and the US. All of these companies specialize in rare vegetables, hard to find strains, and unique flavours of culinary delights! […]

Bring back classic 'bullet-proof' plants to your gardens

Bring back classic ‘bullet-proof’ plants to your gardens

After a few rough winters, a lot of our gardens are looking a little haggard (as are the gardeners). This may be the perfect time to start bringing back some of the classic ‘bullet-proof’ plants into our landscaped spaces. The timing also seems to be perfect for all of the new gardeners and homeowners who […]

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