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PSYCHE/SOMA – private clinic for people seeking relief from pain or distress

PSYCHE/SOMA is a restful, private clinic near Picton.

The name PSYCHE/SOMA is derived from the Greek language. ‘Psyche’ refers to the human soul, mind or spirit, and ‘Soma’ means the body as distinct from the soul, mind or personality.

Psychotherapy is regular, accompanied self-inquiry. It takes place in the context of conversation, usually once a week, one hour at a time.

When we are facing significant change, or when we cannot seem to make change happen, or when we feel unable to accept our circumstances, our relationships, or even ourselves; these are times when psychotherapy is an invaluable tool.

The client’s work is to be willing to be seen and to be heard, and to be truthful.

The therapist’s work is to listen, to see you, to be curious, compassionate and truthful.

Simple, though not always easy. But this combined effort can bring about significant change where change is needed.

Shiatsu Therapy is a natural, common sense way to help yourself be well. Touch is the health-enhancing factor ~ sensitive, intuitive, educated touch. The Shiatsu therapist applies systematic, comfortable, manual pressure to the body, primarily with the thumbs. Treatment is delivered through clothing as direct contact with the skin is not required. The results are measured in significant relaxation and symptom relief. Sessions are sixty or ninety minutes in duration.

Shiatsu Therapy works by providing a regulatory influence on the autonomic nervous system. This produces improved organ function and reduced muscle tension. In this way Shiatsu Therapy can bring relief of the pain and dysfunction associated with a broad range of acute and chronic conditions. When the quality of life is compromised by pain or limitation of movement, whether long-term or new, Shiatsu therapy may be helpful. Lasting beneficial results are possible.

If you would like to learn more about either of the services provided at PSYCHE/SOMA and whether or not one of them might be appropriate for you, please contact our clinic today.

Phone: 613-476-2556

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