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All great cheeses originated because of a mistake!

The very first cheese developed when milk was stored in a ruminant’s stomach, little acid, little heat, little time. CHEESE!  The process is more sophisticated today.  But add a passion for making the very finest artisanal cheese and voila!!  Our amazing selection of Ontario and Quebec sheep milk cheeses.

The County Cheese Company was formed with the idea of offering our wonderful selection of La Moutonniere and KendalVale cheese and to develop and produce great artisanal cheeses in The County.

All of the cheese we sell is pasteurized and with one exception is 100 percent SHEEP milk. Not goat! A large number of customers are unaware of sheep cheese, but sheep were probably the first animals milked. Prince Edward County’s newest cheese producer, the County Cheese Company, features the finest in Canadian artisanal cheese. We are pleased to establish our new location at the Waupoos Marina, reviving a long tradition of food production at this location – The County Cheese Company will initially feature La Moutonniere and KendalVale sheep milk cheese and plans to introduce the County Cheese Company sheep milk Cheddar, Feta type, and a cooking cheese in the fall.

Lactose Intolerance
Most people who are lactose intolerant love our sheep milk cheese because they can eat it. Telling our customers it is SHEEP cheese is very important.

The old saying as gentle as a lamb applies quite well. For all that, it does not mean we can’t be aggressive – although determined might be a better choice of words – when it comes to protecting and sharing our driving passion with you. It seems that two trends are occurring with increasing frequency. The first is the mass production of foodstuffs. The second is the renaissance in products that stand apart from the mainstream. We are committed to our mission. Compromise is not an option. That mission is, to nourish your body and soul with good-tasting, high-quality cheeses made in an artisanal manner.

We will be introducing a sheep milk Feta type and a cooking cheese very soon.

Visit County Cheese Company

Open daily over the summer from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 65 County Road 38, a short road that runs off County Road 8.

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