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Alliance challenges wpd to hold ‘genuine’ public meeting on wind project

The Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC) has challenged wpd Canada Corp. to hold a genuine public meeting on its White Pines Wind Project.

On March 11, APPEC sent a letter to WPD proposing a change in the format of the March 22nd open house in Picton.  It wants a meeting where experts speak publically to all County residents and answer questions supplied in advance as well as supplementary questions asked from the floor.

“At previous public meetings hosted by other wind developers using the open-house format,” said APPEC chair Henri Garand, “our members left frustrated, ill-informed, and angry because they could not get answers from real experts or, indeed, get any answers because company spokespersons were busy with other questioners.  The open-house format does not work when a large number of people are seeking firsthand the same information at the same time but are forced to try to obtain it one on one.”

Instead, APPEC has given wpd an initial set of 17 questions dealing with issues of interest to most County residents.  It is seeking answers from these experts:

1.       wpd senior management who can address company policies
2.       A medical doctor who has reviewed the scientific literature and met with Ontario wind victims
3.       A professional acoustician who has studied the impacts of wind turbine noise
4.       A real estate professional who has researched property values within and near Ontario wind projects
5.       A professional biologist or ecologist, such as from Environment Canada, who is an expert on migratory birds and who has studied the South Shore Important Bird Area.

At the public consultation session APPEC also expects wpd to provide, as part of its documentation, the health information legal correspondence sent to wpd by Mr. Eric Gillespie, APPEC’s lawyer, on November 7, 2011.   This is necessary for full public disclosure of the health risks of the White Pines Wind Project.

“Many APPEC members living in South Marysburgh,” Garand said, “have grave concerns about the economic, environmental, and health effects of the White Pines Wind Project.  They want straight answers delivered at an effective public meeting.”


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  1. Chris Keen says:

    Well, Mayor Mertens and Councillors? Doing anything to mitigate this disaster in the making?? I don’t know because, except for Robert Quaiff, you never answer emails!

    It is beyond belief that this has not been Council’s number one priority since it is clear that the environmental impacts will be horrendous – never mind all the other potential issues raised in this article.

    I guess the few hundred souls who live in the affected areas aren’t worth the effort.

  2. McGuintylies says:

    Flim Flam Con Artists!

  3. Doris Lane says:

    WE need people there who can answer quesrions not just stand around and smile. they bring out these pretty pictures and expect everyone to agree with them

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