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When are people going to see how wonderful you are?

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For many years I sat around hoping that if I squeezed my butt cheeks really tight I would be discovered. Magically.

No one worked harder than me, and studied harder than me. And took more classes, than me, as I wasn’t quite yet fixed. I wasn’t quite there yet. Which is great at 20 and 30.

But until 50?

I felt I had to do one more more amazing thing before I was ready to the let the world in and pay me.

Lately as I  have been coaching small business owners and creative writers -one-on-one..(who work harder than ever to get their genius out to the world.) I hear so much resistance.

They don’t believe in social media. (believe it or not its a reality)

They don’t want to do marketing.(how do people find you?)

They don’t believe in blogs? ( they’re not a religion)

They take one more job that doesn’t pay them.

And so they take one more class on ‘discovering their passion’ as if that next piece of information will finally make it fit.

And yes they are mostly women.

So lets not get into why we are like that. And all the things men did, or we did, or other women did.

Lets be clear on this one fact, this morning. You have no more potential.  Chant that. “I have no more potential.”

I know that might be a rather odd motivational tactic, but for me the word potential has a far off quality to it. It implies that one day in the far off distance we will find all the Easter eggs and be fine.

Tomorrow never comes. Your potential is right here inside of you. You have all you need today to start.

So today, ask for it. Make it happen. Make a plan. And follow it. If you fail– well that’s what this whole deal, baby. At least you asked for what you really, wanted.

Today DARE to ask for what you really, really want.  Tell yourself first. Nurture it. And then share it with the world.

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About the Author: Deborah Kimmett is not just a funny face. She knows a thing or two about life. Whether on the stage, or in the conference room, this witty and wise woman knows laughing matters. With her hilarious stories and interactive exercises she ignites, inspires and offers strategies for success. Side Effects: You might get your sense of humor back. Visit her at or on youtube at

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  1. Gil says:

    You hang in there Deborah!!
    “They” will see the light>>>in time, hopefully!!!

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