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Deborah Kimmett – Ministering to those lacking humour

THE RELEVANT DEBORAH KIMMETT coming to Kingston May 15th 2010 7:30 pm. Ministering to those needing a laugh, Deborah Kimmett is at the Crossroads United Church in Kingston A church you say? Have I gone religious? Choirs do it. Why not comics? “The location suits my humour, and the acoustics are super for singer Kim Pollard, who has a great rocking voice.” Order tickets online at www.kimmett. ca/buystuff

I kick off the show with the most politically correct minister you will meet. Reverend Deb greets the non bakers who try to pass a country tradition pie as their own. She loves the whirling dirvishes, the boring, the polygymists and under achieving bygmists “Two wives? Come on.”

After 15 times on CBC’s great show The Debaters I have gone from being a female comic to one who can take on any topic. I have brought forward the best material about the environment and the economy. (My portfolio looks more like a victim impact statement.) Then I transition from rat a tat stand up to great stories that transport your to a slower and different time where there were Saturday night dances and local eating was called farming.

I have Kim Pollard sing in between and her haunting lyrics combined with great rocker voice will amaze you. Kim is one of the best voices I have heard in a long time. Her strength on stage gives me words heart and substance. And we both know how we need to shine our light in the darkened world. After a temporary stop in to sweetness the second act comes back with non stop laughter from two of my favourite characters. The first is a perennial favourite big bellied Cousin Garney (who is not related to me–and I will say that in court) who interprets the Prodigal Son. “Being the prodigal’s son’s brother is like being Billy Carter.”

And then there is my new delightful character Maeve the barfly who has had a history of drive-by relationships. “Blind dating is like an extreme sport. Some people like the feeling of falling to their death. But I don’t do yoga because of the alternate nostril breathing, what if one nostril plugged up.”If you say anything with an Irish character it sounds less tragic.“If I can put things through the filter of funny it will let people relate to topics that they find challenging. And after thirty years performing on stage, radio and TV I know this is what I am meant to do. Story telling.

The show is touring Ontario. I was in Picton on April 24th; and will be in Kingston May 15th. And then ending in the fall October 18th at the Glenn Gould Studio at CBC in Toronto.

“People won’t want to miss this because they will laugh from start to finish. Besides I am not getting any younger. Oh my God my toenails are turning yellow.”

My Laugh out Loud iTunes was number one download on iTunes for three weeks running. (If you would like to listen here is the link:

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About the Author: Deborah Kimmett is not just a funny face. She knows a thing or two about life. Whether on the stage, or in the conference room, this witty and wise woman knows laughing matters. With her hilarious stories and interactive exercises she ignites, inspires and offers strategies for success. Side Effects: You might get your sense of humor back. Visit her at or on youtube at

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