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Dirty Business: the reality behind Ontario’s rush to wind power

Dirty-Business-bookDirty Business: the reality behind Ontario’s rush to wind power is an anthology of articles by authors such as Margaret Wente, Tom Adams, Parker Gallant, Rick Conroy and Ross McKitrick who tell the tale of what is really going on in Ontario.

With Ontario in debt more than $230 billion as of mid-2011, the provincial government is intent on establishing a “green economy” in which there are manufacturing jobs galore and the urban dwelling voters can take pride in renewable sources of power. But this comes at a cost: huge subsidies to often foreign-owned wind power developers using taxpayer and ratepayer dollars, and despoilment of Ontario’s rural countryside to the detriment of rural homeowners and communities. As Ontario gradually industrializes its communities, complaints of health effects from the huge industrial wind power complexes increase while property values decline.

“This combination of irresponsibility and venality has produced a lethal brew of policies.” Michael Trebilcock, professor of Law and Econimics, University of Toronto

“The truth is that all the turbines in all the world can’t run a toaster, let alone a home, on their own. It is a lie that is repeated in virtually every news story on wind development.” Rick Conroy, Editor, Wellington Times

Dirty Business: the reality behind Ontario’s rush to wind power.
Published by Wind Concerns Ontario Inc.; publications management by Bold Bonnie Lass Inc.

Dirty Business is a collection of original articles and papers, letters and other documents on the “wind rush” in Ontario, which is well on its way to devastating a once-great province.

“This combination of irresponsibility and venality has produced a lethal brew of politics. ” –Michael Trebilcock, professor of Law and Economics

“Urban Ontario, including city-bound journalists, are largely unaware of the corrosive effects some wind developments are having for communities, neighborhoods, even families. This is expropriation without compensation.” Tom Adams, Tom Adams Energy

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  1. David Norman says:

    @ Mike Barnard… your quite abstract convolution of journalistic integrity on the part of CountyLive is indicative of the con man’s game you play. But then again, I do appreciate that this strategy may be necessary to your future plans given that your position as an IBM Global Services Partner (commissioned salesman) may indeed be tenuous with IBM’s continued divestiture of this aspect in their ongoing corporate restructure since 2005. Just curious, do you see yourself moving into a position with a corporate wind entity or more in the nature of wind industry PR? (I have noticed the cozy relationship you seem to be establishing with AWEA).

  2. Paul says:

    In a rush to put people back to work and get Ontario back on track I would agree things have been done without Due process. Economic downturn free trade and transfer payments have hurt Ontario those are things the Federal Government control.

  3. Paul says:

    Ontario is a have not Province because of Federal Policy….

  4. Marnie says:

    Another ill wind heard from.

  5. Mark says:

    Not an ounce of truth or fact you say. Just garbage! Oh my but to be so arrogant while pilfering the taxpayer and destroying another community.

  6. virginia says:

    total garbage.

  7. Marnie says:

    But County Live coverage on wind energy is balanced Mike. You’re full of wind and we hear from you nearly every day.

  8. Doris Lane says:

    Mike it is notnonsense, it is the truth
    McGinty and friends has put Ontario on the back burner in Canada. We are now a have not province plus there are seats now in the provincial legislature that the Liberals will be a long time winning right now. We know when we are being hosed. The people of Prince Edward are not stupid.

  9. Mike Barnard says:

    Promoting this op-ed nonsense? Without any other sources or without any comment on any of the critiques of this collection of essays and articles?

    It’s clear that has decided to forego any pretense of a balanced stance on wind energy and is merely publishing anti-wind propaganda now. Pity. That isn’t a responsible journalistic stance. That isn’t representing all of your local readers.

    And it isn’t serving the truth.

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