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Fish Fry Saturday at Mariner’s Park Museum

fishfryThe Mariner’s Park Museum annual Fish Fry is Saturday, July 9th.

Located at 2065 County Road 13, this event serves as the museum’s main fundraiser. Doors open at 4:30pm, with dinner served at 6pm. Beer, cider and wine are also for sale.

There will be live music, a silent auction and live auction. There will also be a decorating table/costume contest; this year’s theme is fishing (prizes will be awarded).

Tickets are $25 for adults and $13 for kids under 10. For more info call 613-476-2148 ext. 2525.


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  1. Ken Globe says:

    If I was a fish eater, and I wasn’t busy with gigs (not playing for a tip jar, but actually getting paid) I would go. $25 per person is not offside for a fundraiser. I would like Jim to give me a list of restaurants in downtown Toronto (outside of the usual chains) that are under $25 a plate.

  2. Marnie says:

    It’s been described as a wonderful family event with kids scampering in the grass and apparently it’s also very much a grown-ups evening with mom and pop raising a glass or two while enjoying their fish. Bit of a conflict here.

    Why the need for booze? Is it a salute to the rum runners?

  3. Jennifer E CLAPP says:

    I have a few charities I donate too as well because I don’t have that much to help. But it’s a FUNDRAISER, hence the large price,it’s probably the biggest one of their season. I get that some find it over priced but I am of the same mind when it comes to the $100 cancer centre tickets for few items I MAY NOT win. I don’t donate to them and I don’t complain about it because we all benefit from the donations that are collected from it.

  4. Susan says:

    Nothing like a cold beer with a fish fry I say! I might buy Marnie a pint! Lol

  5. ADJ says:

    Old Local…that would have been the Fish Fry at the South Bay church.
    $16.00/ plate for adults (no liquor!)
    God Bless em.

  6. wilson says:

    “Old Local” I believe the event is this Sat so I am not really sure how you spotted 160 cars. Unless of course the have lined up early lol

  7. Old Local says:

    Wilson, At around 6:30 I drove past and there was approx. 160 cars filling the parking lot and lining both sides of the road. I really don’t think they could serve many more people than they did !

  8. wilson says:

    Costs= LCBO permit, soft drinks,dessert, main course and music? Why not get rid of the alcohol? Is it really a determining factor whether people will attend? I am sure soft drinks could be donated by a local business for some free advertising. I can almost guarantee that there a many local musicians that would love to entertain if they could display a tip jar. Why not have an open mic where musicians could get a chance to play a few tunes? Charge a little less and more ppl will attend. It is all about numbers.

  9. Sam Lanfranco says:

    Theresa Durning notes that at some events volunteers may “sorta/kinda” eat for free. For the Mariners Museum Fish Fry the volunteer committee buys its tickets like everybody else. There are several complementary tickets but those are for three or four County residents who volunteer and work the evening to make it enjoyable for the rest of us.

  10. Susan says:

    Other than a limit on Snapping Turtles most are a protected species for very good reasons, in particular the Blandings. God bless Blandings!

  11. Marnie says:

    It’s not possible to support all of the good causes in the county so I choose two or three where I feel I can best contribute. Sorry but the fish fry is not on my calendar. Museums do get some municipal support unlike a number of other deserving causes. While it may not be a lot it is something. Good luck with your fundraiser.

  12. hockeynan says:

    Why not have some turtle soup as an appetizer

  13. Susan says:

    I make helping the disadvantaged a priority in my life. I have a feeling ADJ can well afford dinner. Splurge for a lovely fish dinner and good cause. I think it would do you good.

  14. Marnie says:

    Live with greater sensitivity for the less advantaged and discover how good you’ll feel. Take ADJ to a fish dinner/

  15. Susan says:

    Live a bit and spend a little. You will feel better.

  16. Marnie says:

    Yes, museums need the funding and it’s great that there are volunteers willing to hold fundraisers to support them. Maybe a better way of advertising the fish fry would be to say that a $25 donation to Mariners; Park Museum carries with it a free fish dinner. Or why not barbecue some hotdogs as well, to sell at a much lower price for those who can’t afford the fish dinner. The museum is for everyone and the same principle should apply to its fundraisers. Those who suggest that only misers would complain about the price need a reality check. Lots of people in the county work for minimum wage. Telling them to loosen up is offensive.

  17. Jennifer E CLAPP says:

    Being a former employee of 2 of the museums in PEC I can say this. You need these places. History of this island needs these places.Your children need these places. Sure it might be costly to go, but remember you don’t have to and no one is forcing you too.
    Downtown Toronto has great food, I love it and go often. BUT do they have the space to hold as many people as these museums do? Do they have the feeling of community these museums bring together? (I imagine some do) The atmosphere these events create is worth the money. Children have fun, running and playing in an open field, away from bright lights and tablet screens, with their families watching on and maybe joining them.
    There are other events that are a bit better for the pocket book. Also behind the scenes there are people donating time and money and food and utensils etc to try to cut the costs down, but not as much now as when I was working there.
    The museums needs money to run, between libraries and museums they are the first ones to get budgets slashed when it come to budget meetings at council. Buildings get old, lights need fixing, historical items begin to decay and need to be saved, but this costs money to do. With no money coming in how will it be done? Eventually it will close and if that day comes I will weep for PEC because history will be lost and future generations, born or adopted, will miss out on what made the County what it is today.

  18. Jo Anne says:

    I hadn’t given much thought to attending the fish fry this year, but after reading all the kvetching here from the usual suspects I think I may just blow the cobwebs out of my wallet and give it a whirl.

    Thanks Sam for the detailed info on what will be happening, and thanks for your involvement in the museum fund-raiser.

  19. Gary says:

    Been reading this funny thread. Hey let’s get to the fish fry for a good meal and help a good cause. If you can pay $250 a month for stinky water what to heel is $25 for something good. All be it hard to convince some the tight wads. Some are still looking for the bloomers at Lipson’s for $1.99

  20. Theresa Durning says:

    As a volunteer (and former employee) at one of our local museums, I have to say that fundraisers are just that, fundraisers. In the case of the Fish Fry at Mariner’s, it has been an excellent source of income for that site for many years. The municipal budgets for each of the museums are barely sufficient and events, like the fish fry, help the staff and volunteers continue to offer special programmes, purchase much needed supplies and keep the site open to the public. You bet, a lot of people can’t afford to go to some events but, you can help support the museum at other events or by making a donation or by volunteering at a site. Volunteers often help out at such events (the bonus being that they eat for free, sorta/kinda). Remember that this event is a volunteer, fundraising event. This group has been doing this event for many years and they know what they’re doing and how much they need to charge to make it profitable for the site. Also, remember, if you can “get a superior meal in downtown Toronto for less money”, you’ll probably have to shell out for a hotel and parking…just saying. Cheers!

  21. Chuck says:

    Dennis; Fundraising for some community facilities and equipment is not new. It’s always been the way. Your tax dollar that you want controlled only goes so far. Governments build and fund hospitals but all equipment is fund raised. I do agree with you on the wasted $$ peed away getting rid of County employees, some who were fantastic at their jobs. The McFarland Home has really gone down hill. But the Commissioners are always safe regardless.

  22. Waupoos says:

    Ahhh let’s remember the money figure you keep quoting was due Merlin’s mess, that had to be cleaned up! Thanks Sam and all the volunteers for your endless volunteering!’ Appreciated by many!!

  23. Sam Lanfranco says:

    South Bay Kayak/Canoe/Boat Ramp: Since there is this small discussion of the Mariners Museum I would like to note that volunteers from the Mariners Park Museum have been restoring the public South Bay boat ramp near the Museum. It is next to the South Bay Cemetery, and just off South Bay Crescent at the Rock Cut on County Road 13. There is ample off road parking for vehicles, and a picnic table. The South Bay ramp is the only public launch access to the Prince Edward Bay waters on the eastern side of the County for about 30km, from the Waupoos Marina to Long Point/Point Traverse. The stream is about 0.9km to South Bay with calm waters and lots of shoreline wildlife. The stream will accommodate small motor boats (14-16ft) but weeds up a bit later in the summer. Tell your friends and visitors.

  24. Dennis Fox says:

    I think what the Mariners Museum is experiencing is the same as what other museums are across the County – the lack of money! These volunteers do great work for us and should not be the ones left explaining why a fund raiser costs have increased. The facts are the cost of food has gone crazy – look at your grocery bill. Also the controversy, as shown in the comments, explains what the Community Foundation has tried to tell us – PEC is a community of great contrasts – we have the very rich and the not so rich on the other end. Maybe what we need to do is to start asking why such fund raisers are needed just for our museums to exist and how can those on smaller incomes be included in our community? It certainly brings into light the absolute waste that the $684K our council spend to terminate a few employees was. Tax dollars that could have gone to help this community, our museums and also to those who really need it. Let’s support the Mariner’s Museum, but let’s too remember that not everyone has the money to do so and that very much needs to be addressed.

  25. Sam Lanfranco says:

    I would like to add that the Mariners Museum has family oriented events where, on occasion, there is even free food (hotdogs, chips, etc.). This Saturday there is the opening of a small PEC Trading Post exhibit in the Museum at 1pm, prior to the evening Fish Fry dinner, and one can come free Saturday evening (bring a chair) to not eat and just listen to the music (the band is made up of students from South Marysburgh) and participate in the auctions.
    Mariners Museum admission is free, but it does welcome donations from visitors. When the Museum is closed the grounds are still open to visits, picnics, swings, etc. and there is a hole in the lighthouse door for Loony/Toony level donations. Also, on a sad note, someone has once again run over the tree in front of the lighthouse. Last time it was a car, this time an RV. I am back to nursing a shoot back into a tree. I wonder if driverless cars would do a better job than local drivers (-: ?

  26. Susan says:

    Oh come on! Put out $25.00 and enjoy yourself and a good cause. Or, just don’t complain or whine.

  27. diane says:

    One correction, the Frere will not be playing, another local band with Joe Macdonald as lead singer/guitarist. Everyone is welcome to come and listen to the music and attend the museum, silent and live auction, but please bring your own chair.

  28. Marnie says:

    Kudos to the volunteers who work to raise funds for the museum. However, it is a county property and some of our tax dollars have supported it and still do. Events held on the grounds should be affordable for everyone, not just those with loose purse strings. Those who may be unable to stretch the budget to enjoy the fish fry definitely should not hear comments like “you can’t take it with you”. That verges on a snobbish attitude that does little to support the cause.

  29. Susan Rose says:

    We’ll said Sam. Without the volunteers and the fundraisers for organizations where would we be? Your choice to support or not, but not necessary to bash an event for the goodness of just complaining, by the way “On everything going on!”, ok freedom of speech, freedom to attend! Just my two cent! Great work done by the volunteers out there at Mariners Museum, thank you!

  30. ADJ says:

    Marnie, uh sorry,but I’m expecting Loose purse strings will pickup the tab so don’t worry about being “finagled” .Forgot to tell her we like wine or a beer with supper. I’m about 30 mi. from location so hope she won’t mind the extra gas.Sounds like a fun time Susan. Hello?

  31. Marnie says:

    ADJ, if we are going as a couple and they finagle us into forking over for those fish dinners, it’s your treat. I have to save my money for this week’s groceries. Maybe we could buy just one dinner and share it?

  32. ADJ says:

    Susan, Marnie and myself would love to be your guests at the fish fry if you would like to “open your purse strings” Maybe Vic will kick in some too. What time can I expect to be picked up?

  33. Sam Lanfranco says:

    As the treasurer of the Mariners Memorial Park Society, the support group that puts it time and labor into the Mariners Museum Fish Fry I would like to offer some perspective here. The “Fish Fry” is a fund raiser for the Museum. Last year we quietly spent in excess of $10,000 on capital improvements at the museum, improvements that were necessary for the Museum to continue to qualify for other funding.
    The “Fish Fry” price includes the main course, soft drinks, desert, and live music. A special occasions LCBO permit allows for the sale of adult beverages. The event includes a silent and a live auction. I do the accounts for the Fish Fry. Once all out of pocket costs are factored in the event raises very little from the ticket revenue. The event is successful as a social event because of those who come. It is successful as a fund raising event because of the generosity of County businesses and individuals who donate items for the auctions, and the generosity of those who attend the Fish Fry and bid on the auction items. The Mariners Park Museum is a small jewel of a museum in Prince Edward County, one we can be proud of, and one which deserves support, not just for fund raising, but as a place to visit, view and enjoy, while you picnic on the grounds and watch your kids on the swings, or look for the geocaching site on the grounds.

  34. Susan says:

    Uhh, those places are not a fundraiser. If you do not want to support or can’t open the purse then don’t go. No need to put them down!

  35. Marnie says:

    Fish is a lot cheaper at Captain George’s or The Boat House when it comes to that.

  36. Susan says:

    Al cheapo! Lol

  37. ADJ says:

    Ridiculous and way out of whack! We always attend the annual fish fry put on by the Catholic church at Marysville. It was battered Alaskan fish,fries,coleslaw (homemade good)assorted pies, tea/coffee…$15.00 and second helping offered if you needed it. None of this book and pay in advance business either… Pay at the door.It was packed and they still made a fortune.
    Pickerel are great but are plentiful. No need to gouge the consumer. They do it because they can and people will foolishly fall in line.Stop attending and see what happens.

  38. Susan says:

    Sorry Marnie if you interpreted that I was suggesting those that cannot afford to attend. Of course not. I didn’t when raising children and buying a house and things were tight. But now I loosen the purse strings.

  39. Marnie says:

    Lots of county families have trouble buying hamburger at its current price. It’s insensitive to suggest that people should loosen up and spend because they can’t take it with them. Did it ever occur to you that some just don’t have it to spend Susan? An evening for two would be $50. which could go along way towards buying tuna instead of pickerel at $15. a pound.

  40. Susan says:

    Oh come on spend a little. Can’t take it with you. Pickerel is $15.00 a pound!

  41. Marnie says:

    Fine for you to say Vic but your wallet appears to be fatter than a lot of county purses. It sounds like a fun event for anyone who has the money and wants to support the museum. It is certainly not a good old county fish fry for the common folk – unless it’s caviar they’re serving.

  42. Vic says:

    While I’m not involved with this fund-raiser I see no problem with the prices. There are lots of hidden costs involved and who knows what the fish provider and fish fryer are charging the Friends of the Museum. It is for a good cause. At the Cattleman’s fund-raiser last week the meal was terrific and cost $40 a head. A pie was auctioned for $750. Again all the money went for excellent community causes.Open your wallet and let the moths out!

  43. Jim says:

    $25 a plate for anyone 10 yrs or older. Is this a fish fry or surf n turf. I’m all for fundraisers but your price point is ridiculous. Like everything else in the county, I can get a superior meal in downtown Toronto for less money.

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