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PEC team proud to represent Canada, and County, at Skiffie Worlds


The County’s Ayle of Quinte six-member team of Sandy Pratt, Elyse Graff, Jane Dean, Marilyn Kennedy, Tony Dean and Bob McKittrick competed in the 50+ mixed, men and women, as well as 60+ mixed men and women events.


July 31 – Last dispatch from the 2016 Skiffie World Championships in Northern Ireland.

The races are finished, the celebrations over and the last Guinness tipped in Killyleagh (for now). We think we made our The Ayle Of Quinte Skiff Club and The County proud.
There was an incredibly warm feeling toward the Canadian team and we were welcomed everywhere. Our team was completed by the skilled and enthusiastic Scots, Helen, Jean and Robbie. Ramharry, the boat we rowed, was generously loaned to us by the Donaghadee Coastal Rowing Club in Northern Ireland.

We have been very impressed with the significant community involvement and support for every European team that we encountered and look forward to developing the same level of engagement and support in The County.
Let’s row!
– Jane Dean
Embedded with Team Canada
Killyleagh, Northern Ireland
Sunday, July 31, 2016


PEC Team Canada battle of the boats in “mizzle”

skiffie-battle-of-boatsJULY 28 – The Battle Of The Boats continued today with two races for us, both Men’s and Women’s 50+. Our times were very good but not quite good enough for a medal. We are still the oldest team, although not by much, and the object of much attention.

The weather today is called “mizzle” although we would call it light rain, and fairly warm. We came home soaked. The sea has been quite calm all week and there was very little current today. We have a day off tomorrow and plan to head into Belfast. Stay tuned.
– Jane Dean reporting from Killyleagh, Northern Ireland.


PEC Team Canada earns personal best at Skiffie World finals

The Ayle Of Quinte mixed 60+ team made it to the finals Wednesday in the World Skiff Championships under typical Irish skies.

The team achieved a personal best time. No medals, but thrilled with the achievement. Just to be part of the scene in this incredible venue was enough, but to row our hearts out in the heats in the morning and qualify for the finals was brilliant.

-Jane Dean
embedded with Team Canada
at Killyleagh, Northern Ireland

Rowing in #81, Ramharry, the men’s 60+ team did the County proud with a very good race under misty conditions.
Robbie, our Scottish friend, was an excellent addition to the crew. The team rowed hard and placed well. There was some head wind and the usual current. The job of the cox is complicated as the lanes are only colour marked at each end, the mark is hard to see and there tends to be some lane drifting.
Today there was a little oar clashing at our turn just to keep the excitement high.
There is lots of excitement, lots of press and smiles everywhere.


Skiffie-boatWe’ve been interviewed on national TV and radio, a Scottish newspaper and everyone is stopping us for a chat. Must be the jackets.
Attached is a closeup of the boat we’re rowing, the Ramharry, and a couple of shots of the crew getting away from the dock. The oars are fastened with a tight bungee, the stern is held by an anchor, the slips are very close and it is a bit tricky getting out of the slip and the oars in place with any degree of grace.
It’s cool and rainy today. The Canadians are dressed for winter and the Irish are in sleeveless T-shirts.

-Jane Dean
From Killyleagh, Northern Ireland

Races begin Monday for PEC Team Canada at Skiffie World Championship


UPDATE July 24 – The 2016 Skiffie’s World Championships got off to a great start with a spectacular Sunday afternoon flotilla.


The colourful skiffs rode the strong tide through the Narrows accompanied by two tall ships, a salute of cannon fire and loud cheers.


The Canadian team has been interviewed on radio and television, photographed and warmly welcomed.


Races start in earnest Monday with the women leading the Canadian team.

Stay tuned!
– Jane Dean


Keep checking this post as Cub reporter Jane Dean keeps the County up-to-date on the team’s progress!

Hoping for blue skies like this one in Skerries,for race week. -  Jane Dean

Hoping for blue skies like this one in Skerries,for race week. – Jane Dean

Follow PEC Team Canada progress at Skiffie Worlds

UPDATE JULY 21 – The Ayle of Quinte’s Team Canada continues to arrive in Ireland over the next couple of days. We will be dealing with jet lag in advance of the races which begin with a large flotilla on Sunday.

More than 50 clubs will be represented by 1,000 participants in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.

As you may know there are different types of coastal rowing boats, including the Irish East Coast skiffs and, of course, the Scottish coastal rowing boats that we use, the St Ayles skiffs. Racing these hand-made wooden boats has become a huge sport in many countries where teams train hard and race each other, maintaining the traditions of the past. The sport of coastal skiff racing has its origins in the occupation of hobbling, circa the 1800s, where the first boat to reach an incoming ship won the contract to pilot it into the harbour and unload, then reload, the cargo. Competition was fierce.

We expect the competition in the races of the week to come to also be competitive, but hopefully not as fierce.

-Your cub reporter reporting from Skerries, Ireland
Jane Dean


The County’s Ayle of Quinte six-member team of Sandy Pratt, Elyse Graff, Jane Dean, Marilyn Kennedy, Tony Dean and Bob McKittrick will be competing in the 50+ mixed, men and women, as well as 60+ mixed men and women events. They’re shown here at the send-off last Thursday with Mayor Robert Quaiff and South Marysburgh councillor Steve Ferguson.

PEC team represents Canada at Skiffie Worlds Championship

Prince Edward County has sent the first Canadian team ever to row at the 2016 Skiffie Worlds championship in Strangford Lough, Ireland July 24- 30.

Under the auspices of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association, more than 80 skiffs and 120 teams are expected – including teams from, Northern Ireland, UK, Scotland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, and Tasmania.

Keep checking this post as Cub reporter Jane Dean will keep the County up-to-date on the team’s progress:

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  1. Don says:

    Emily try
    click on RECENT POSTS Skiffie world results.

    I agree it’s not the easiest site to get ALL the results.

    PS no offense taken

  2. Emily says:

    Couldn’t find results online and we can’t get them here. No offense, just felt a World reported event would offer us more. Cheers!

  3. Don Farrington says:

    Hi Emily and Susan; Happy to see that you were watching our journey to Ireland. Our only disappointment was that there was not a 70+ event, our crew did well considering the age gap. Just remember IT’S not the journey BUT THE ADVENTURE. We were just happy to compete in a global event and by the way the brew was really good. To check out the results try googling Scottish rowing Association. If yous are interested we would welcome you to join us any Tuesday or Thursday at Waupoos Marina starting at 8:00am ask for me.

  4. Emily says:

    Yes, all this PR and reporting but no word of standings! What gives on this story. The Guiness was good is all we really know.

  5. Susan says:

    So what place did we finish in?

  6. Susan Rose says:

    Great job! Amazing folks!!

  7. Susan Rose says:

    Great job! Amazing folks

  8. Don Farrington says:

    Hi FRED: The teams consist of rowers of all ages U17 to 60+, mixed teams, men’s and women’s teams.


  9. Fred says:

    Can someone provide more info on this event? Is it just Seniors or various levels of competition?

  10. Steph says:

    Great job team! Best of luck! It looks like an amazing event.

  11. Fred says:

    Is this a seniors event?

  12. Marion Creasy says:

    All the best to this team especially Bob and Elyse, make North proud.

  13. Jane, I’m sure Mayor Quaiff and the rest of council join me to wish you all the best this weekend. You’re all making Prince Edward County proud!

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