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Hospice executive director resigns

Messages of thanks for her commitment and dedication are being extended to Hospice Prince Edward’s Executive Director Nancy Parks, who resigned her position following four weeks notice to the organization.

Nancy Parks

Nancy Parks

Parks has been with Hospice for the past six years and was executive director during the organization and creation of the new residential hospital in Picton. Hospice Prince Edward provides palliative care for people at the end of their lives.

Parks said she is unable to comment specifically on her decision at this time. Her final day in the office was Friday.

“Working with Hospice Prince Edward has been a wonderful and rewarding experience that has allowed me to be part of a team that made a real contribution to the betterment of our shared community,” she told volunteers in an email earlier this week. “I am mindful of the families we have touched and supported over the years. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the creation of a residential hospice, which is such a dynamic project.

“I could not have asked for a better group of colleagues, or for a more dedicated, compassionate and gifted group of volunteers.  I have enjoyed the journey we have shared, and have grown in many ways. ”

Angela Jodoin is now listed on the site as administrator.

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  1. Jean Algar says:

    This was Nancy’s dream her vision and her baby,she successfully fulfilled this so that the community could proudly have this beautifull Hopice Prince Eward Home.
    She put her heart and soul into this working tireless for the community
    As a volunteer it was a pleasure to work with Nancy as she supported our role. I will truly miss her caring and compassionate personality and dedication
    I wish this lovely lady all the best for a job well done.and the service she provided to the county.

  2. Lisa says:

    What a huge loss for the County. Those are big shoes to fill. All the best Nancy.

  3. Theresa Durning says:

    Nancy: thank you so much for your commitment and dedication to this community. I wish you all the best in your career. Hospice Prince Edward was well served by you.

  4. Mark says:

    Hmmm, sounds like some spin doctor at work!

  5. Susan Rose says:

    Well said. Thank you!

  6. Fran Renoy says:

    Thank you Jill for putting into words what many of us in Prince Edward County are thinking.
    How fortunate we were to have Nancy Parks as Executive Director of Hospice Prince Edward for six years.
    She was tireless in her efforts to make HPE the best it could be.

  7. Jill Robinson says:

    This is terrible news for Hospice Prince Edward. While the organization is unarguably valued and necessary, having become what it is today due to the hard work of volunteers and generous community contributors, it simply wouldn’t exist in its current capacity without the direction of its Executive Director, Nancy Parks. She has been at the helm of this organization from its simple formative years bringing it to the full capacity it now holds as incredible community service, which changes and honours the last days for so many County residents and their families. I am saddened for HPE and the future of this organization without her.

    And for those of you who may simply not realize the impact our hospice has, Nancy’s drive and belief in the need for our society to embrace death as an important stage of life has motivated her to work with the Southeast LHIN and alongside other community supports to develop Hospice Prince Edward’s residential facility as a pilot project that could benefit, ultimately all communities. Not a small task by any means, and certainly one that requires the experience and education necessary to endeavor upon such a monumental task. We have Nancy Parks to thank for all of it.

  8. Susan says:

    Quite an offensive Phil. Commenting that something is amiss here does not make one a troll.

  9. JKB says:

    I understand there have been a number changes in the last few months….This will be the fourth member of Hospice staff to leave this year….There does not appear to have been any residents since March and before that only 2 or three this year….Someone did tell me that Community Access was not referring anyone to the Hospice….I do hope they are able to sort the problems out….there may be a need for some change but it certainly is a good facility, and so many people in the community have contributed so much, that it would certainly be a shame to let it close

  10. Marnie says:

    Memo to the self-righteous. I did not whine or complain. I simply observed that a facility serving a relatively small number of clients probably does not need tremendous management experience. One reader thought this might have been why Nancy left. I’m sure she was capable in this area. Trolls may have their reasons for not revealing their full names. How does that change the validity of their comments? You could be Phil the Saint Jean or Re-Phil from Tim Horton’s for all we really know. Maybe you post under more than one name. Some do. With your recent vitriolic comments you indicate exactly why some of us prefer anonymity.

  11. Susan Rose says:

    Ps. Although I do find it quick and with out notice, which I’m sure makes a few think, huh? Just my opinion ! But I do wish this lovely, caring person all the best!

  12. Susan Rose says:

    We said Phil!! They are the reason most times I don’t come on here!

  13. Gilbert says:

    Thank you to Nancy for six years of tireless effort, but we all get tired eventually. You deserve the break. Best of luck for whatever you do next.

  14. Phil St-Jean says:

    Well good to see the County Live Trolls have chimed in. Sure didn’t take them long.
    Not everything is a conspiracy Marnie, Emily and Susan !
    Before passing judgement you should wait to hear all the facts, but whining and complaining and spewing nothing but negative comments just so you can read yourself is all you seem to know.
    If you’re going to continue trashing every posting on CL at least have the moral conviction to show who you really are.
    I don’t necessarily agree with every comment by Doris Lane, Wolf Braun, Paul Cole or others that state their real names. But at least they have the courage to speak up
    Too bad you don’t.

  15. dave gray says:

    Thank you Nancy, you did a great job and provided a must needed service to the people of the county.

  16. Marnie says:

    Why do we need such a high degree of management experience for a small hospice? The current facility is equipped to serve a very limited number of clients.

  17. Emily says:

    I believe a growing new initiative probably required some high degree of management experience.

  18. Susan says:

    Sounds like another dirty County manouver! Word will be out soon.

  19. Susan Rose says:

    Thank you Nancy for an absolutely job well done!

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