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How knitting helped me write a screenplay

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I am writing a screenplay.  I have written for radio, TV, stage and a novel. But there were no spiritual reward points for other mediums. By February I was getting so frustrated by the third act I started knitting. I figured I might as well do two things badly.  I am not a knitter. I failed 4-H but for some reason knitting gave my OCD a focus.  Settled the mind. Knitting and purling was like doing the rosary with wool.  And being a perfectionist after two curled scarves I started on socks.  There’s nothing like trying to figure out how to break the code for a knitting pattern to drive you back to the lap top. (I swear the CSIS has hidden national secrets in knitting patterns)  Nothing like calling someone and them ripping out the heel for third time to make the isolation of writing look like fun.
And the thing about it is this. I don’t want to knit well. So tearing out a heel, didn’t make me mad. Didn’t frustrate me. Not like I was I was WRITING THE SCREENPLAY.  In fact that’s how it played out in my mind. Shouting at me in capitol letters. GREAT. I had put that writing in neon lights. If I wrote a screenplay I WOULD BE A SOMEBODY.

Whereas knitting was in lower case eight point font. A playful place where error could occur. Where I could mix stripes and have bumps and lumps and backward stitches and not really care.

As PG Wodhouse says Anything worth doing Badly. Knitting and writing intermittently I now am hobbling into lumpy third act wearing two socks that would fit a gal with elephantiasis.

What can you do to help you keep going on a project that’s challenging but you love? When you get frustrated,  can going for a walk help your painting? Can painting feed your running? Can you dream YOUR BIG DREAMS  in lower case — and let yourself play?

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— ONE FUNNY LADY- Bringing Wit and Wisdom to Your Life!

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About the Author: Deborah Kimmett is not just a funny face. She knows a thing or two about life. Whether on the stage, or in the conference room, this witty and wise woman knows laughing matters. With her hilarious stories and interactive exercises she ignites, inspires and offers strategies for success. Side Effects: You might get your sense of humor back. Visit her at or on youtube at

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