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How to lean into uncertainty without falling over a cliff

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There is a joke about a guy who falls over a cliff and as he’s falling to his death, he grabs onto a branch.

He hears a voice from above and it says,” Let go, and I’ll catch you.”

The guy protests several times, saying, “No, no, I am too scared.” Finally lets go.

And  crashes to the ground. As he lays dying, he calls up to the heaven’s and  pleads, “I thought you said you’d catch me.”

And the voice says, “I never liked you, you SOB.”

For years that’s was my belief system. If I let into the new thing coming down the pipe, I’d be dropped on my head.

It was not a friendly universe.

This time it was going to fail big time.

This time I’d be dropped on my noggin and left bleeding on the side of the road. (okay I am dramatic)

Maybe its because I am older or just plain exhausted but I don’t fight uncertainty. I lean into it. Stick my nose into it, because its moving us forward.

Whether we think its our ex, the recession, the economy, the new job structure, its all about life moving us forward.

If I can change what I can and leave the rest I move into  place of acceptance, faster.

And YES, what am I supposed to do next moves in. I have to ask questions, get some help from people know what I need to make the change and it changes.

Not at once.

I’d love to hear how you treat uncertainty. Have you made your peace with the ever changing flow of it? Do you still struggle with certain topics in particular?  Please talk to me below. Or come to my ONE FUNNY LADY Facebook page and tell me what you think.

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About the Author: Deborah Kimmett is not just a funny face. She knows a thing or two about life. Whether on the stage, or in the conference room, this witty and wise woman knows laughing matters. With her hilarious stories and interactive exercises she ignites, inspires and offers strategies for success. Side Effects: You might get your sense of humor back. Visit her at or on youtube at

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