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Hwy 49 number one on ‘Worst Roads’ campaign


(UPDATED) As of Tuesday morning, County Road 49, Prince Edward County was ranked number 33 in Ontario in CAA’s annual ‘Worst Roads in Ontario’ campaign . As of 2 p.m. this afternoon it went to 15th and by 5 p.m. it had risen to 3rd place and by 6 p.m. 2nd place. By late this evening it was number one. Voting closes April 29.

The CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) is calling for votes on the province’s worst roads noting conditions like potholes can put driver safety at risk, causing serious vehicle damage.

Mayor Quaiff with concrete he encountered on Highway 49 in February 2016.

Mayor Quaiff with concrete he encountered on Highway 49 in February 2016.

In February this year, Mayor Robert Quaiff was photographed with three large chunks of concrete he came across on Highway 49 while travelling to a meeting. He added this evidence to previously stated concerns to Transportation Minister Stephen Del Duca. Last April was when he first showed a video of the crumbling highway (see below). The County was denied a funding request by the province for repairs to the road because it “didn’t meet the component of ‘critical health and safety’ factor.

There are 3,100 to 4,200 vehicles travelling Highway 49 every day (2012 figures). More than 600,000 visitors make their way to Sandbanks Provincial Park each summer.

“Ontarios pay billions of dollars in taxes at the pump each year – in fact, over $8.6 billion was collected by the provincial and federal governments combined fromt he sale of road fuels in 2014,” CAA said in a statment. “Only one-quarter of that was dedicated back into infrastructure.”

In CAA’s 2015 campaign, more than 2,000 roads from across the province were nominated. Last year, Algonquin Boulevard West in Timmins topped the list. Following the three week campaign, CAA will present this year’s list of worst roads and its recommendations to local and provincial officials in an effort to have those roads fixed.

Vote for Highway 49, or any other road, at You do not have to be a CAA member. Voting closes April 29.

Hwy 49 alternate version from Michael J Brethour Studios on Vimeo. The video, by Michael J Brethour Studios, introduces Highway 49 as “a rough welcome to the County – a growing national tourist destination.

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  1. Gary says:

    Yes I know that, just wondering why that odd colour staining the road.

  2. Ken Globe says:

    Gary, not all the roadways at the plant are paved or concrete. There are lots of dirt roads there too. That is what you’re seeing.

  3. Gary says:

    Since Essroc has significantly increased trucking the product on Cty Rd 49, how come the road at the entrance and a mile beyond has turned a copper colour? Never used to be like that. What is causing this?

  4. Fred says:

    I think the table can support the weight. Not so sure Cty Rd 49 can take the weight of the big trucks particularly in the spring.

  5. Dave says:

    Were those heavy chunks of cement really placed on top of the unprotected furniture at town hall? Makes one wonder how much these guys care about looking after public property.

  6. Emily says:

    Why of course not, never suggested that. Just want to call the WPD what they truly are, a foreign company. I am sure most Ontarians are very comfortable paying foreigners outragious fees for power we do not require. Now back to Cty Rd. 49.

  7. Mark Rose says:

    I am sure every product you use is made in Canada.

  8. Emily says:

    Not embarrassed one little bit. Nothing wrong with identifying a company as foreign. You think it is not politically correct to advise constituents that WPD is a German based company? Not very open and upfront for 2016 now are we.

  9. Susan says:

    Emily I think you should be embarrassed by your last statement. We All came from somewhere’ not very 2016

  10. Emily says:

    Well perhaps they could move the pending 36 wind turbines down Cty Rd. 49. The foreign companies could be responsible for building the new road. LOL

  11. Mark Rose says:

    Wow, what took so long for the first wind turbine comment to show up on a story that has nothing to do with them? You’re slipping!

  12. Chuck says:

    It was a Highway until the Tories downloaded it onto the County. Kinda part of their other good things like amalgamation of local government and hospitals.

  13. Chris Keen says:

    Wynne would rather use the billions collected from the gas taxes to fund IWTs to produce cheap power for New York state. It’s not hard to imagine that the taxes collected from her proposed carbon tax will go anywhere but to environmental causes.

    County Road 49 is not a highway so we’ll never shame Wynne into repairing it.

  14. Dave says:

    Ms Wyne at any cost.

  15. Mark Rose says:

    Who is Catherine?

  16. Dave says:

    We made it to #1 this morning—maybe Catherine would like to take a cruise down our lovely road.

  17. Gilbert says:

    Now #4… let’s see if we can make it #1. Local pride!

  18. Dennis Fox says:

    I too drive 49 on a regular basis and it sure needs repair – badly. So no argument from me on that point. If there is a sound of doubt to my voice (in this case written word) – it is because I don’t believe something as basic as repairing a road should come down to a popularity contest promoted by a magazine (CAA). Where would we be if another community plunked votes for their favourite road? Sorry, this is one nutty way to decide how tax dollars are to be spent on road repairs! There are proper guidelines that can be followed to determine this. This way,it is all about politics and the squeaky wheel – not about what road is more in need of repair. This process, in the long run, does not serve the people of Ontario nor us well.

  19. Loretta Salet says:

    Just voted (Tuesday April 19th at 4:pm) Hwy 49th is now ranked 5th!

  20. cheryl Paul says:

    I have been driving my mom to Kingston for cancer treatments. This road is absolutely disgusting you can’t even try to dodge the potholes. This is a main road for so many it should not be in this condition. It definitely could cause an accident. Worst Road ever

  21. mowbraycheryl says:

    I vote to fix

  22. Mark says:

    I just voted and it said Cty. Rd. 49 was now 15th.

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