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Fertilize your lawn to reduce weeds

At the foundation of every vibrant, thick, lush, green lawn is a sound fertility program. Neglecting to properly fertilize almost guarantees weeds will make their way into the lawn.

Every fertilizer bag displays three numbers which identify the nutrient levels of the product. So, a fertilizer such as Weed Man’s 24-0-4 product means 24% Nitrogen, 0% Phosphorous and 4% Potassium. The importance of these three nutrients can best be described with three words – Up, Down and Around.

Nitrogen (Up) is what gives the visible part of the lawn (grass blades) its deep, rich green colour. It is needed most by the grass plant in terms of an added nutrient.

Phosphorous (Down) focuses on root development. Since phosphorous is naturally present in most soils, it is not added (except for newly seeded lawns requiring a starter fertilizer with a large middle number (i.e. 10-20-10)).

Potassium (Around) is needed for stress tolerance and general all-around plant health.

The other thing to consider with any fertilizer product is how quickly it releases. Generally, the longer the release period, the more expensive it is. For example Weed Man’s programs use products ranging from 65%-85% slow release content; depending on the blend. Slow-release fertilizers actually green up the lawn at slower rate. However, a slower more even feeding produces a much healthier plant in the long run.

Contact your local Weed Man for more information on the right fertility program for your lawn.

Unrivaled lawn care service. Better products. Real Results.

With many years in business, Weed Man Picton knows a thing or two about superior lawn care.

And although practices have evolved, their philosophy has stayed the same – to provide unrivaled customer service using the best products and equipment.

Licensed professionals are expertly trained to understand your lawn, give you trustworthy lawn care advice and service, just like a best friend would.

-Reliable, trusted and locally owned.
-Unlimited service calls
-Online account management
-Results driven custom programs

For information about sprinkler systems, decorative and in-ground lighting, electrical wire locating, call Atlantis Irrigation.

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