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Watch for turtles crossing the road!

SnappingTurtleThe Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan would like to remind everyone that turtles will be moving to nesting sites etc.

As herbivores, carnivores and scavengers turtles play an important role in aquatic ecosystems. Loss of wetland habitat, road mortalities, pollution, collection for the pet trade and for food, and predation threaten Ontario’s turtles. Turtle populations cannot sustain these threats.

Seven of eight turtle species in Ontario are on the Species at Risk list but YOU can help. The Toronto Zoo has a Turtle Tally program that is designed to:
1. Increase understanding of turtle distribution and ranges
2. Collect information on turtle species and locations, which is useful to identify areas of concern and threats to turtles
3. Learn more about the threats facing turtles in Ontario and around the world. Remember, crossing the road is, generally, a deadly endeavour for turtles. Watch for them and help them cross in the direction they were going, if it is safe to do so.
For information:

If you find a turtle that has been injured on the road, you can help by calling The Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre. Always be sure of your own safety before stopping to help an injured animal. Carefully place the injured turtle in a well-ventilated plastic container. Call KTTC at (705)741-5000 for the most current list of drop off locations. You must take the turtle to a drop-off location as soon as possible. For info:

Visit Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan

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  1. Sam says:

    In the Quebec situation, the highway was a multi-lane, divided, controlled access highway with a speed limit of 100kms. This is similar to the 401 in Ontario. To compare the Quebec situation with our county roads is probably not a good equation.

  2. Gary says:

    I agree, however just last week in Quebec a woman is facing 12 prison for stopping on the road for some ducklings to cross. Deaths resulted when a motorcycle struck her from behind. It is a very dangerous situation in this day and age on busy highways. The Quebec crown attorney stated let this be a message that we do not stop on highways for animals!

  3. Emma Dobell says:

    Where can one go to enquire about “turtle crossing” signs for their road? Does anyone know? I’ve seen them in a few places. Would be a great initiative to get them in place for next year.

  4. Lori Smith says:

    Please do be careful if you try and help a turtle cross the road, on facebook someone posted that they were slowing down traffic to help a turtle and some idiot in a souped up Jeep swerved instead of slowing and ran over the turtle! How do some people get their licenses?

  5. Gil says:

    Great information for one relitivly new to the County and living in a high turtle travel/activity area.
    Thank You

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