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Join the Quinte Dolphins Swim Club this 2014/15 season!

dolphin-ad-PEFAC-2014The Quinte Dolphins Swim Club has been promoting excellence in the sport of competitive swimming for over 25 years. The Club’s goal is to prepare young athletes for competitive swimming through a program that concentrates on individual and team excellence. As a result, our swimmers have proudly represented our community at Local, Regional, Provincial, and National competitions.

We are a non-profit sports organization registered with Swim Ontario. Quinte Dolphins Swim Club (QDSC) is administered by a volunteer Executive who does not receive compensation for their time and efforts.

Not every swimmer becomes a world record holder, but everyone benefits from the exercise, cooperation, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and time management skills learned through organized sport.

Your child will experience success and learn how to deal with defeat through fair competition. Your positive support as a parent is instrumental to ensure that your swimmer gains these valuable life skills.

dolphinswimmerBe Enthusiastic and Supportive

– Remember that your child is the swimmer. Children need to establish their own goals and make their own progress towards them.
– Be careful not to impose your standards and goals.
– Do not over burden your child with winning or achieving best times. The most important part of your child’s swimming experience is that they learn about themselves while enjoying the sport. This kind of fun, healthy environment encourages learning and the development of a positive self-image within your child.
– The best way to help a child achieve their goals and reduce the natural fear of failure is through
positive reinforcement.
– No one is perfect we all make mistakes. International or National, Provincial qualifier or club swimmer, everyone can have a bad day or a bad swim. If your child swims poorly or struggles, remember that they are still learning. Leave it to the coaching staff to point our the errors and offer constructive criticism, and, like the coaching staff, encourage your swimmers’ efforts and point out the positive aspects of their swimming. You may not make them feel like a winner but you will give them the encouragement and support needed to continue to improve.

Become Involved

A quick way to learn the in’s and out’s of competitive swimming is by getting involved. There are many ways in which to do this. Your decision to become a member of this club is a shared commitment by both you and your child.

Club Code of Conduct

The following code of conduct is to be followed by parents and swimmers alike:

1. Parents and swimmers of the Quinte Dolphins Swim Club will abide by all rules set forth by the pool administration at any pool we attend. Any swimmers not abiding by this rule will forfeit the right to compete and be asked to leave.

2. Swimmers must follow coaches’ directions. Swimmers ignoring directives and/or not following training set forth by the coaches may be dismissed from practice.

3. Anyone found verbally or physically discriminating or abusing another swimmer will receive disciplinary action.

4. All swimmers, and parents, are to respect officials at all times; and

5. All swimmers, and parents, are to respect all decisions made by the coaching staff. If parents or swimmers take exception to any decision made by the coaching staff, their concerns should first be brought to the attention of the Head Coach, in a calm and respectful manner. If this does not provide a satisfactory resolution to the problem, the issue should be brought to the attention of the Club Executive.

6. Parents are asked not to go on the pool deck unless there is a medical emergency.

7. Parents are asked to bring swimmers to the pool for practice on time. The coaching staff should be notified in advance if a swimmer will be missing practice. Parents can call the pool or phone or email the head coach.

8. All swimmers must come to practice ready to swim hard!


1. Club Fees
– Our program fees for each level are set and charged on an annual basis. The season runs from September – June (July for Provincial and National swimmers). Christmas and March Break holidays will follow the school schedule, however depending on upcoming meets, optional practices may be arranged. Fees can be paid in advance, in full, or in up to 8 monthly payments. Monthly payments represent an installment payment plan over the season and do not represent a member’s commitment to the Club on a monthly basis. Club fees will be on prorated basis for swimmers who join the club after October 01. Our fee structure can be found on our website

2. Swim Ontario Fee
– The entire Swim Ontario fee is to be paid at the time of registration. This fee does not include meet entry fees.

3. Mandatory Fundraising
– Fund-raising is an important part of our club. It allows us to offset operating costs and therefore helps to reduce our dues. It may also be used to purchase equipment for the team and awards for our swimmers. Mandatory Fundraising is based on the level at which a swimmer trains. At the time of registration a post dated cheque will be required. If the mandatory fundraising requirement is met during the year this cheque will be returned to you. If your fundraising commitment has not been met at the end of the season the cheque will be cashed and the difference returned to you. The club will offer several fundraising opportunities throughout the year. In the past fundraising activities have included: Ticket Sales for Fathers Day Wheelbarrow raffle, Bake sales, Swim Around the County, youth dances and sign board renewals.

4. Refund Policy
– In the event that a swimmer leaves the Quinte Dolphins swim program, a refund for the number of FULL months left in the swimming year will be issued, after any outstanding swim meet fees and fund raising commitments are covered. A $100.00 administration fee will apply with any cancellations.

Coaching Staff:
Jim Anfield is our Head Coach, he has coached the Dolphins for 7 years and is also a certified Can-Fit Pro Personal Trainer. He is also a NCCP certified Skills level coach, and NLS certified lifeguard. He has coached swimmers to Provincial and age Group National Standards. Jim has evolved in his swim life from parent to coach and has attended the NCCP level 2 practical training.

Practice Schedule:
Swimmers are asked to be on time for practices both as a courtesy to the coaching staff and other swimmers and as a measure of their own commitment to the program. Please allow time for changing, so swimmers can be on deck on time. If you know in advance that your swimmer will not be on time or absent from practice please contact the pool or coaching staff.

Please ensure that your swimmers bring a water bottle to practice and don\t drink from someone else’s. Swimmers sometimes fail to realize that despite being surrounded by water they do sweat and will become dehydrated causing poor performance.

Encourage you child to be responsible for their own equipment, goggles and swim cap and any other equipment that may be required of them by the coaching staff. In addition please bring a t-shirt, shorts and running shoes as this will allow the coaching staff to hold dry land training.

Swim Meets
As a participant in the Quinte Dolphins Swim Club program, swimmers are encouraged to compete in swim meets, however participation is not mandatory. The decision to compete rests with the parents, swimmer and the coach. At the beginning of the season the Club will post a schedule of meets indicating which groups may attend. Please understand that this schedule is tentative and should be considered a work in progress. Meets may have to be changed as a result of various situations including, but not limited to, a lack of committed participation, or unforeseen costs.

It is the swimmer responsibility, with the support of the parent’s to be aware of which meets they wish to, and are eligible to attend. The parent is to determine, with input from the coach, whether or not the swimmer will attend the meet. A sign up sheet will be posted on the Dolphin’s board and/or a notice emailed to the swim families. If a swimmer is going to participate in the meet they add their name to the list. Meet fees are charged by the host club to all participating swimmers. These fees vary from meet to meet and in some cases between events in the same meet. Parents must pay all meet fees by cheque before the swim meet.

We ask that you pay for meet fees by cheque and not cash. Please indicate on the bottom of your cheque which swim meet you are paying for and leave the cheque in the Dolphin’s locker (located by the stairs near the squash courts)at PEFAC, in a labeled, sealed envelope. All swim meets have an entry deadline. After that date simmers may withdraw from the meet but the meet fees are still payable to the host club. If, a swimmer is unable to attend a meet, and withdraws prior to the meet entry deadline the meet fees will be refunded to the swimmers family.

Parents must remember to stay off the deck during a meet. It is also important to pack appropriate snacks for your swimmer. Good items to choose include trail mix, cut up fruits and vegetables, and muffins. Swimmers are required to bring a water bottle, and swim cap. Some facilities do not allow food or drink on the deck, water is always permitted and encouraged. Snacks can be held in the stands at most facilities by parents for their children. The coach will advise your swimmers when it is appropriate to snack based on the time remaining before their next event. Footwear is encouraged, and is mandatory at some pools, sandals, or Crocks are a good choice. Remember that there are a lot of swimmers at many of the meets we attend. It is not unusual for items to go missing, consider the cost when choosing footwear. Many of the facilities we attend have lockers available for your use; you may wish to consider bringing a lock to store valuables.

We are a small team and our identity as a team grows when swimmers use their Dolphins t-shirts, towels or warm up suits on deck (if available). Team wear is encouraged but it is not mandatory. If you would like to purchase team wear please contact our equipment manager.

Pool Closures
During the course of the swim season the pool will be closed from time to time as a result of statutory holidays, inclement weather and maintenance. It may be possible to make up some of the practices that are missed but not all. Refunds will not be provided as a result of pool closures. In case of inclement weather, or other last minute closures, all attempts possible will be made to contact team members prior to practice. An email notice will be sent out advising swimmers as soon as possible. If the cancellation is the same day, the executive will attempt to phone the parents at work/home and/or a call to local schools to notify swimmers.

Please let the coach, or the Executive, know, if calling you at work is frowned upon. Also let us know if there is an alternate number to call in case of last minute practice cancellations.

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