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Partner with Weed Man Picton for a beautiful lawn

You have already taken the first step towards having a beautiful, green lawn – partnering with Weed Man! Now that you have the right partner by your side, you are well on your way to achieving your lawn goals.

Here at Weed Man, we believe that lawn care is a partnership. We work closely with homeowners to diagnose problems, improve lawn health and of course, control weeds! Our treatments are guaranteed to improve the look and health of your lawn. That being said, the formula for good lawn care includes proper mowing, watering and maintenance practices in combination with your Weed Man program! To ensure that you get the most out of our top-quality products and service, please read the below information.

Mowing Tips
Frequency: Mow when your lawn needs it

The frequency of which you should mow your lawn will vary throughout the season. Some homeowners might mow their lawn every weekend. While this may seem like good practice, it is important to only mow your lawn when it needs it. During the peak growing seasons in spring and fall, your lawn may need to be mowed more than once a week depending on its growth. During the dry summer months, your lawn’s growth will slow, and it may not need to be mowed on a weekly basis.

Mowing Height: Keep it long

The best mowing height for most grass types in Canada is 3+ inches (7.5-8cm). If you mow your lawn too short, you leave it vulnerable to weed overgrowth and expose the soil to high temperatures. Keeping your grass longer will help choke out weeds and shade the soil from drying out. You should never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade off with each mowing, as scalping the lawn can shock the plant and harm the root system.

Mower Blades: Keep them sharp

A sharp mower blade will make a clean, crisp cut that will heal quickly. Dull mower blades chew and fray the ends of grass causing yellow grass tips, moisture loss and a weakened lawn. You should sharpen your mower blades 2-3 times a season.

Clippings: Don’t bag them

If you are mowing your lawn often enough, your grass clippings should be no longer than an inch long. Leaving these clippings on the lawn will return moisture and valuable nutrients back into the soil acting as a natural fertilizer for the plant.

Watering Tips
Amount: Give it a drink

Lawns require two inches of water per week to stay green and healthy. Keep an eye on rainfall levels (or invest in a rain gauge) to determine how much and how often to water. Deep, infrequent watering is best and encourages deeper root growth. For example, watering twice a week for an hour is better than watering every day for 15 minutes. Extra watering may be required during the peak of the summer heat.

Timing: Water in the morning

Watering early in the day will give you the best results. If you water in the afternoon when temperatures are at their peak, more water will evaporate before it has the chance to be absorbed into the soil. Evening or nighttime watering is also frowned upon as leaving your lawn wet for an extended period can promote turf disease and fungal problems. If you ever notice that your lawn is appearing yellow, or dry, water immediately despite the time of day!

Communication Tips
We are out on our customers’ lawns every 4-6 weeks, while homeowners see their lawns nearly every day! Keeping this in mind, it is extremely important that homeowners notify us of any changes to their lawn health between visits. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

Insect Damage: What to look for

Insects can cause a significant amount of damage to your lawn in a short period of time, if not treated. As a homeowner, you should keep an eye out for yellow or brown patches of grass, animals digging in the yard and your turf lifting easily from the roots. These are common signs of either grub or chinch bug infestation.

Use this trouble shooting guide to diagnose some of the most common lawn care concerns. If you have any questions or suspect there is an issue with your lawn, do not hesitate to contact your local Weed Man provider. One of our senior technicians will visit your home to determine the problem and develop a game plan to return your lawn to health!

Using these tips in combination with our lawn care program will ensure that your lawn is the best on the block. We provide our customers with top quality customer service and we will provide free service calls and reapplications as needed to get the job done.

Look forward to a successful lawn care season together with The Weedman Picton and Atlantis Irrigation and Lighting 

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