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Beauty12000 -06/08/13
came into our lives as a starved Rottie, that was being put down. We adopted her unwillingly because of the breed but found we had a gentle soul, who loved everyone from her companion cat to dogs, kids, whatever. We were truly blessed to find each other. We miss you so much, –Barry , Janet , Mickey

Bronco Billy

2000 – Dec 08 2012
He came into our lives as a stray, with his funky tail. He was just a gentle cat who loved his massages.
-Lana Holder


Baby Shakers

Jan 1994 – Nov 13 2012
In her 19th year, our gentle little girl cat. We will miss you.
-Lana Holder



December 15,1997 – July 29, 2012
We adopted our “baby boy”, Robin, at age 10 from our Irish Terrier breeder who is also the head of the Canadian IT Rescue Club. A joyous, funny, laid back fellow, Robin loved to roll and slide in the grass, sleep in the sunshine and WOOF at passers by. He loved to play and he gave us nearly 5 years of joy and happiness. RIP dear Robin.
– Dale & Nick & “Miss Molly” Boyd


December 14th 2003 – July 8th 2012
Topper had an unforgettable personality. He will always hold a place in our hearts as the best dog ever. He brought happiness and laughter into our lives.
– Makenzie Struthers

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March 22, 1996 – April 15, 2011

My best friend.

I will never forget you.

* * *


1995 -2008

Mozbee was the sweetest little cat to grace my life.


* * *

Zoe Stanley

May 1995 – April 2011
A “Sshh…don’t tell Daddy we got a puppy” surprise.  A reason why all the Barbies couldn’t wear shoes because their feet became chew toys.  A survivor after eating a chocolate Easter egg that was bigger than her.  A 12 pound little Princess that could put a 90 pound dog in his place with a simple bite to the nose. A reliable lap warmer, door greeter and our precious puppy for 16 years.  There is no doubt that she has taken her place amongst her four-legged companions who have gone before her as their Princess.  Amazing how such a small dog can leave such a big space.  So very loved and missed by Stu, Maria, Amanda and Annie.

Buster Lee Norman

March 28, 1995 – Dec. 15, 2010
Sweet ol’ Pal He’s a sweet old soul Often tired and so frail And I watch him just staring As if through a veil At a world that’s now distant That he’s want to engage His story is waning Is near the last page Yet I love him so dearly It’s hard to perceive How I’ll fill the void When he takes his leave So for now I’ll just love him As much as I can This dear little fella’ Whose heart is so grand
– Sharon & David


November 22nd, 2010
Droopy eyes, long ears and short legs that made everyone smile. We always called a greeting to her, “Copper, Copper, Copper” to be answered by her deep, cautious bark. Gentle and sweet to us all. Loyal and loving companion to Al who will dearly miss his little girl.

Karl Anderson

November 22, 2010
Mr. Anderson was just a good-time street Kitty until he found warmth, comfort, love  and lots of food at our house. Demanding, faithful, neurotic and much loved, our Mr. Anderson enjoyed a prosperous and satisfying life as the bon vivant of Paul Street. His retirement to Cherry Valley was short but rich – a simple bed of oak leaves in a patch of sun was all he needed. He is survived by his two lady nieces who will miss stealing his food, curling up with him and licking his head. Mr. Anderson is interred under his favourite Scotch Pine at the top of the hill from where he can continue to supervise the activities of our household. Dearly loved, sorely missed by Janet.


Casey was the first farm friend we brought home and he was the last to pass away this March, at a very old age. We won’t know exactly how old he was, as he came from a shelter, where he had been taken from an abusive situation. He had the gentle soul of one who knows more than we humans can ever understand. Peaceful sleeps. – Louisa & Bill


Eilie, or Bobo as she was called, was the constant sidekick of Casey. Funny, smart and shy, that was this goatie we got from a farm that raised goats for milk but didn’t want her anymore as she wasn’t ‘producing’. She was never very far from Casey or the horses, and would accompany me in the backyard as I gardened, or walk with us out through the trails to our cabin and circle it in the hopes we’d let her in. Miss you Bobo. – Louisa & Bill


1993 – 2006
Kristy and Sara were inseparable, even though they seemed to have one good spat per year when they got on each other’s nerves. Our K-Girl, or Pumpkin Head as she was most often called, was the best walking partner and gentle friend. Miss her like mad still after all these years. xoxo KK. – Louisa & Bill

Mimi & Sur

This inseparable pair were only with us for 3 years on our farm, but what an impact on the quality of our lives. Sur was a ripe 32 years old when he passed, and Mimi was right behind him not long after, but passing at a much younger age of 20. What I miss most about them? Just simply being with them wherever they were, watching them – grazing, picking on each other, and knowing they were nearby wherever I was on the farm. -Louisa & Bill


Sara got named Puddles when she developed diabetes in her 12th year. She bore the twice daily insulin needles stoically, never complaining of her illness, right up to her passing a year later. I miss her companionship to this day. No friendship will be like hers was – my walking buddy and confidant. Louisa & Bill

Jasper (aka Boyle, Mr. Wienie)

Our Jaz-man was not the typical cat, having grown up with 3 dogs from the age of 5 weeks. We miss him terribly, as we do with all our 11 pets we’ve had thus far in our lives together. They enrich us, make us laugh and cry. We’d never have it any differently.- Louisa & Bill

* * *


We bonded the moment our eyes met. For so long, you were an icon on my guided hikes. Your favourite was the rocky terrain at Sheffield Conservation Area, and only three weeks before you left us, you tackled the 3 km trail at the famous Hell Holes. You were like an extension of me, your love of cold weather, snow, long hikes and you even had a life list of birds that you had spotted on your walks. We will always miss you -Terry & Nola Sprague

Sherlock Magoo Fraser

Feb. 15 2001- July 12 2009
Sherlock was a handsome, gentle giant, rescued in 2006.  He loved to have his paws played with, he loved belly rubs, he loved rawhide and he loved his new sister, Roxy.  We loved him from the minute we met and miss him every day.


Our beautiful big boy. A dream come true for two little girls who he watched grow into young women. How lucky we were to have had him in our family, giving us unconditional love along with a nuzzle from his wet nose. We miss him.
-Love, Stuart, Maria, Amanda and Annie (Zoe and Molly too)


Aug. 2, 2002 – Jan. 11, 2010
Cherished American Cocker Spaniel who brought us joy every day. Your time with us was too short, but we treasure every memory.
-Love forever, Dale, Sue and Adam.

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