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Vehicle fire in Sobeys parking lot third blaze this weekend

sobeyslotjeepfirePrince Edward County Firefighters responded to a vehicle fire Sunday afternoon in the parking lot of the Sobeys Plaza. Once the scene was safe enough, firefighters were able to remove vehicles from both sides of the Jeep – flames were still visible.

Early Sunday morning County firefighters were called to a Victoria Road property where a pile of construction materials caught fire.
Saturday afternoon firefighters were called to Prince Edward Embroidery across the street from the Picton fairgrounds. Smoke and water damage followed a small fire though firefighters remained on the scene for a few hours. The business was closed at the time.


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  1. concerned says:

    Must be just the policy that they get dispatched as well.

  2. JDVC says:

    Thank you Mark! Rescue 911, open your eyes.

  3. Mark says:

    Rescue 911; dispatched to an unoccupied vehicle fire. Firefighters are required asap and all went well as they always do. Police racing through intersections and risking lives is for what? What did they do that wasn’t already under control by the 1st responders? And they all came from The Scoharie Rd palace as none were in Picton. Fire was well contained and out prior to OPP presence.

  4. Bandithyway says:

    Wow A car caught on fire in that parking lot in the summer of 2005.

  5. Rescue911 says:

    Wow… The people who put their lives on the live everyday whether it’s standing on the side of the road or responding to a dangerous call being attacked. You ignorant tools.
    Were you privy to what the OPP were dispatched for?

  6. concerned says:

    I think the extra police, should sit on 62 and either give tickets out or at least it may make people drive better. ~~ A lot more drivers are tailgating now. Sitting on peoples bumpers nearly and they are going over the limit. etc….its dangerous in the snow. I find most of my trips, I have someone following way to close.

  7. Lyn says:

    I agree too. I don’t think we need so many police in the County. I remember when they were housed on Hwy. 33. We got along fine then with just a few OPP. Our population hasn’t grown much in years and most people are over 65 … not a high crime group. I hate to think of what the taxpayer pay per capita for all this police protection. Not to mention it is kind of a waste of money to have them sitting a stop signs checking for seat belt infractions to fill their time.

  8. JDVC says:

    So very true, Mark! Just too many cops with too little to do. They make a big deal out of the smallest of events trying to justify their abundant population. Send a portion of them up to the Toronto area, at least during the winter months when The County’s population returns to normal. Let them deal with bigger crimes like shootings on a daily basis, then see how much of a hurry they are in.

  9. Mark says:

    Firefighters did a great job per usual. However we need to get a grip on the OPP speed in this town when responding. This was not a life threatening event and the Cops speed through the Main, Lake St, Talbot intersection on a red light was just over the top!! I witnessed a senior citizen nearly t-boned! No need for that. You do not risk life responding to an unoccupied car fire.

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