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Speak up! – Final CCSAGE White Pines Open House on August 30

It’s time for ALL County residents to SPEAK UP!

On August 30, join the County Coalition for Safe & Appropriate Green Energy (CCSAGE) at a final Open House for the
White Pines Wind Turbine Project.

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  1. No Turbines says:

    What a wonderful turnout of supporters for ” NO TURBINES” in the County this evening. I was at the Waring House at 4:15 and there were at least 30 plus vehicles in the cue at that time for our DRIVE downtown Picton.When the procession finally departed there was an estimated 75 cars with Anti Turbine Signs attached to the vehicles for the Parade through Picton.Fantastic turnout of folks and cars to let the IWT Group know they are not wanted in the County. Their “Show and Tell” presentation did not cover all the issues.(however they did provide “free water”
    I’m sure more will be written about this venue in the County Papers ,however a 3 to 1 turnout against IWTs is a dramatic turn of events for CCSAGE and APPEC. Great Job Folks.

  2. Doris Lane says:

    As far as Gilead is concerned we are getting very close to decision day.Read the editorial in the WEllington Times.
    It says it all. Will Dalton give in and do the right thing–he never should have allowed the prospect of IWT’s on crown land in an IBA. He could not stop people from leasing their land in SM but he an stop WPD from going ahead and ruining a beautiful part of PEC. If you don’t think it will be ruined ,look at Wolfe Island. Real Estate people tell me when they get off the ferry and head towards a property people will not even get out of the car.
    No one in CCSAGE is against wind energy in the proper place and done correctly–not just put , as wpd says , just where people will lease land PEC IS NOT THE PLACE FOR IWT’s

  3. Mark says:

    I was being a tad cheeky in that response. I respect your opinion. You certainly do not disguise your dislike for this corporate leader.

  4. m york says:

    Mark, Any person who belittles people, thinks everyone else is stupid, believes the county way is old and outdated is no neighbor to me or anyone….. Move on

  5. Marie says:

    Misinformation seminar…I can hardly wait!

    Will be there with bells on. Bring on the lies!

  6. Mark says:

    Well the CAO would be your neighbour as well!

  7. m york says:

    Exactly Marnie, I do not want to make a statement so if i am the color beige so be it. I am in no position to make any statement on this issue. Nor did i say anyone should just lay down, i am a true believer in standing up for what one believes and this issue is no different. For whatever reason you just aren’t seeing my point which is:Keep to the facts, have cooth in your writing whatever side your on and remember everyone is neighbors here and irreguardless of how one votes everyone believes they are right and thats ok. So continue on but play nice, or get out of the sandbox…

  8. Killashandra says:

    Jim & Nancy – if you hadn’t signed an agreement to lease your land to a wind turbine company, would you really be in favour of them after all the facts that are out there about the possible health effects to all forms of life?

    Hopefully you did not sigh the standard contract, or at least had it checked by a lawyer, to understand what rights you were turning over to the Wind Company.

    I can certainly understand, that if you didn’t do either of these, why you would be so eager to have the turbines located on your property. It would ensure some extra revenue, over your pensions, as there is a very good chance one of you might become ill with the internationally recognized “Wind Turbine Syndrome”

    It is not fair that you should profit at your neighbour’s expense, especially if it affects the health of their family and livestock, damages the water table, lowers the value of their property. If they did that to you, would you not be angry? Particularly if everyone ignored your objections? I bet you would.

  9. Marnie says:

    What you do say M. York is that anger gets us nowhere and at the end of the day they will do what they will do. Of course they will if no one opposes them. If some of us are opposed to wind turbines why should we roll over and play dead? If they do come it is better to know that we tried instead of always wondering what might have happened if we had fought. Neutrality, which you say you are exercising in regard to the turbines, is great but it’s a little like the colour beige – it does not make much of a statement.

  10. m york says:

    Wow Marnie, Extreme ordinare lol. Everything in this world is run by money, every decision that is made all evil is money and if you didn’t realize that until now you are in for an awful rude awakening… I have no opinion on the wind turbines as its not something to be quite honest that interests me. However, i feel for both sides of the equation because at the end of the day there is going to be one winner and one looser.And at no time did i ever say this isuue should be dropped, only resolved please re-read what i wrote. In regards to the County issues yes i do have a strong opinion. Yes we did vote these people in to do a job that they get paid to do, to be our voice and to protect the well-being of this community. At NO time did any taxpayer vote the CAO in to make ALL DECISIONS, at NO time was his name on the docket. Everyone has been screaming, to many councilors and it fell upon deaf ears and thats fine but now add their lack of work/decision making on top of it, then why are they still needing so many people and why do they continue to take a full paycheck???? So, in closing i still don’t have an opinion on wind turbines and i still wish this would all get resolved, sooner than later, people are extremely angry and maybe rightly so, but at what cost????? Just because i have choosen not to take sides on this dosn’t mean i don’t care about this issue……..

  11. Marnie says:

    If there were no anger, M. York, there would be no opposition to the turbines and they would be a fait accompli for our county. As it stands, if they come it will not be because people who disagreed with them stood by and said or did nothing. It’s unfortunate that this issue has divided our community but sometimes we need to take a stand, even at the risk of alienating friends and neighbours. Like it or not, some who strongly favour the turbines are motivated by the money they will receive by leasing the land for them. I notice of late that you have been leading the charge in criticizing the actions of our council – men and women that we elected for better or worse and entrusted with running the county’s business affairs. You don’t seem to feel that this is an issue that should be dropped in favour of harmony. Why should it be any different with the turbines? If we do not agree with something and see it as a detriment to our county and our way of life we are obliged to speak up. The meek may inherit the earth but will they really want it after ignoring what may have been happening while they were keeping the peace?

  12. m york says:

    Its really sad to see all this bickering amongst the residents of PEC. I just wish an yes or a no would end this all so everyone can move on, all this anger is going to get you know where and at the end of the day “they” will do as they see fit so lets just move on one way or the other…

  13. Marnie says:

    Hit a nerve, did we Jim? Those of us protesting the turbines are not trying to run the county we are trying to protect it. Maybe we are fed up with people like you trying to ram those windmills down our throats in the name of green energy. You don’t care how they blight the landscape, impact health, or lower property values as long as you are not directly affected as Joanne and others in South Bay are. The only “green” a lot of turbine supporters see is the money that will be coming into their wallets if those windmills go up on their lands.

  14. Doris Lane says:

    The people who live in South Marysburgh are very concerned at this point in time. They are afraid that the investment they have made in their property will be worth nothing. They are also afraid if a turbine is tto close to them it will affect their health as Dr McMurtry knows health is a huge issue. The only people that are happy are the people who have leased their land but will they be happy in 10 0r 20 years. There are a couple of people on the posts who are quite verbal about the CCsage people, I think they are the people where the wind farm fell through in their community.
    Just let us try and think what is best for PEC and not snipe at each other. Remember Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory is in SM and it is one of the most important banding stations in Ontario.

  15. fed up says:

    mean-spirited? this from the guy who makes mean jokes at the expense of others? I’ve read your posts.

  16. Mark says:

    Jim and Nancy don’t care about the residents affected. They ignore the health issues, the environmental impacts, the loss of property values, the right to enjoy one’s space not to mention the 45% energy cost increase to subsidize this failed strategy. They seem mean spirited and reluctant to consider any of the negative impacts that are being forced upon the residents.

  17. m york says:

    County Roads- So i just heard on the radio this morning that Council passed a bylaw last night making property owners responsible for their private roads. You must now make sure the road is in good condition, is wide enough, etc. etc., and if not you will be made to fix them. Well thats all fine and dandy but now who do i go to to charge the county with this same bylaw because some of the roads (County owned) are in a terrible state? On Barker St. if you don’t drive on the immediate left side of the road then you risk bottoming out your car in some parts. So all i am saying is that if any property owners get a visit from the County inspectors then i would highly suggest they put the same complaint in for the County roads. Whats good for the goose has to be good for the gander.

  18. Jim says:

    I agree with fed up. I don,t care where you live Joanne but I don,t care to look at your house as that part of the county has never turned me on plus how do you know that property values will drop?People ask huge amounts for houses but you only get what it is worth.If there was a pig or chichen farm in your area you people would still be up in a knot

  19. fed up says:

    that’s specious reasoning, Jo Ann. Just because someone isn’t interested in your particular house means nothing.
    In 10 years, none of this will matter!

  20. Jo Anne Slaven says:

    Nancy Reeks and Jim,

    OK. You say you would like to have wind turbines in your back yard. I would like you to make an offer on my house.

    It isn’t a huge expensive house. It’s an old house. An acre and a half, 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms, but with quite a few nice upgrades. It’s inn the middle of South Bay.

    Come and look at it and let me know if $180k is out of line. My email address is

    If none of the pro-wind people are interested in looking at my property, I can only assume that they are not interested in South Marysburgh properties at any price.

  21. Jim says:

    Marnie,I would love to have turbines in my back yard. They would be quieter than listening to all you people that are against them. Also Doris , there are people in this county that like them and there are people who don,t care either way. I am sick of listening to a few people who try to run the county there way.I would also like to remind County Council that they did,t get elected on CCSAGE votes only

  22. Chris Keen says:

    “Nancy Reeks” (???!!!) Why are you so angry?

  23. No Turbines says:

    I finally made it to Wolfe Island last week to visit the “baby turbines” note:only 263 feet high.What a shame to see these 86 turbines spoiling the landscape, making noise and costing all hydro users big Dollars for our electricity due to the Dalton FIT Program.What a laugh!!
    I dread the thought of the “400” foot Monsters possibly hitting the County.
    Please attend the RALLY on the 30th to prevent these expensive/earth shattering/useless non GREEN items from polluting our beautiful PEC.

  24. Doris Lane says:

    Nancy I do not think the parade is childish–it is people showing how they feel about PEC being invaded by the alien wind turbine–as was just said on another post if we must have them, and the jury is still out as to whether IWT’s are of any value, put them where there is not people and birds etc.

  25. Marnie says:

    When and if they come, may they stand in your backyard where you can admire them every day. As for Santa Claus I don’t think we will be seeing much of him if we get those wind turbines. He would be decapitated in his sleigh and his reindeer would be mangled in their blades.

  26. nancy reeks says:

    Will Santa Claus follow your parade how childish.You people need to get a life.WIND TURBINES ARE COMING.I am sure there will be another topic everyone can dwell on after the turbine debate.

  27. Karen Empringham says:

    Draft letters of opposition on various topics are available on the CCSAGE website. Scroll down on the home page to Help Stop White Pines and then choose the letter that makes sense to you.

    A signed copy must go to wpd and copies can be sent to CCSAGE.

  28. Doris Lane says:

    It is very important for as many people as possible to attend this mmeting on august 30
    drove down the Fry road the other day and noticed the road is getting some repairs made. GETTING READY FOR THE TRUCKS THAT WILL PUT IN THE TRANSMISSION LINES
    Not only SM being affected but people along the transmission line route
    going to have to cut a lot of trees along the Fry road

  29. Lori Smith says:

    Would love to see this poster with a person, (at 6′ he would be 1/5th the hydro pole) to give a very striking visual comparison.

  30. Doris Lane says:

    Take note everyone and plan to attend the events on August 30

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