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Start recycling your organics with the Green Bin program! – August 24

The Green Bin program is open to Prince Edward County residents with regularly scheduled curb side garbage pick-up. Participation in the program is voluntary.

Learn more at a Green Bin Open House

Tuesday, Sept. 17 from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Shire Hall, Picton

Get your Green Bin and Kitchen Catcher for $20
Saturday, August 24 from 8 a.m. to noon at:
Picton Home Hardware
Wellington & District Community Centre
Ameliasburgh Garage, 15 Coleman St.

Also available at Shire Hall Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.



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  1. Mark says:

    You could google “Sherwoodpark news green bin” to get several videos and stories on the Ottawa green bin experience. Cost overuns, false projections, maggots, rats, coons and stench. Just useful information in making a balanced informed decision is all I am saying.

  2. Marc says:

    Doris: absent a link to actual information saying this will lose money, I’ll go with the County’s own green bin website, which says this program will save the County money.

  3. judy kennedy says:

    We very rarely have more than 1 bag of garbage a week. Most of it is kitty litter from 2 indoor cats. Perhaps there will be a way to handle kitty litter in the future??

  4. Susan says:

    Kitty litter and animal bedding are allowed in Ottawa green bins. Why are they not allowed here?

  5. Doris Lane says:

    In one of the articles it said how much Council is going to have to pay the waste management people to collect the green bins, I think it was in the thousands of dollars.
    This does not counteract the cost of a $3 bag tag and my compost would never replace my garbage bag. Most of my stuff goes in blue boxes but even with . my personal composter , I still have a lot of garbage.
    I amcertainly not gping to get up at 7 to put out the green bin and I have no place to keep one between pick ups,
    I ran for council on the “Stop the Spending” program–Of course I lost and this new council does nothing but spend money. Maybe a new council next time will try and get rid of our debt–ha ha

  6. judy kennedy says:

    A lot of our meat scraps are frozen for later use in soups, etc. Something to consider.

  7. Jo Anne says:

    We recently started freezing all of our meat scraps. I bought a container at Cdn Tire that holds around 2 gallons (it has a cover) and everything meat-related goes in there. By freezing the meat scraps, we find that we can go many weeks or even months without actually having to put out a garbage bag. All of our vegetable scraps go on our compost heap, but no meat scraps because we have coyotes and the famous South Marysburgh bear.

    If we used a green bin, I’m thinking there would be an extra couple of layers of cleaning bins that I’d have to worry about. I’m not sure I feel like doing that.

    The big issue for us is the cat litter thing – if litter was allowed in the green bin, we’d get one in a heartbeat. Because cat litter isn’t allowed, the green bin doesn’t seem to make much sense to me. I still have to throw the litter out in the regular garbage.

    Of course, I could follow the example of many of my neighbors, and just burn anything that isn’t picked up for free…

  8. loulou says:

    well, like above there are pros and cons….some agree, some like it, and others dont…Dont think we can convince either way…………….FOr me personally ..its not for me…….I think fruits and veg in bags put in there..maybe………but im not putting MEAT…and keeping meat around the kitchen (raw meat) ..for me its an invitation for food poisoning….and bacteria…it also says if it smells to put in your freezer…………..umm not for me
    i think its messy
    if you use the bags….then it will be better

    so it has its pros..and cons..
    so shouldnt down people if they like or they dont
    i have enough on the plate dividing my blue recyling bins at the moment to keep me occupied

  9. Jacqui says:

    The use of the green bin will be different for single people living alone, than families with children where there will be more waste each week, and who are on a stricter budget. Also different for meat eaters and vegetarians. One has to look at all members of the community and where they live ( in town or in a rural area) and the amount of waste each household might produce each week. With one or two parents working full time and a busy family schedule , not everybody has time to compost, grow their own food, have a garden etc etc. the saving of $3.00 per week on garbage tags = almost 3 bags of milk! Worth using the green bin if you ask me! This program is voluntary so you can choose!

  10. Wolf Braun says:

    There are pros and cons to any program. For more insight on how Portland Oregon folks feel about their green bin program go here….

  11. Marc says:

    Doris, do you simply not believe the County when they say that composting will save the county money by reducing landfill costs? As I understand it, composting is cheaper for the county than landfill, in part because there is a saleable product at the end, which subsidizes the pickup costs.

    Where exactly do you think money is being wasted? As for saving money on bag tags, I guess that depends on what you fill your garbage bags with now. Unless you choose to line your compost bin with bags (unnecessary), it will of course save bag tags, if only a little. I for one will probably stop putting garbage bags out weekly, as smell will no longer be an issue.

  12. Doris Lane says:

    I have been composting forages. I would never fill one of their green bins in a year or more.
    The stuff I pit out for garbage adds up and it does not include compost material or recyles. On an average day there is not thst much that goes in the composter
    Still a waste of tax payer money and it will not cut down on a persons bag tag expenses

  13. Paul says:

    These small backyard composters do attract vermin, rats especially be aware…

  14. Marc says:

    Oh, and I paid 20$ for my bin. It was not dropped off for free like in Quinte.

  15. Marc says:

    Marnie: The math in that column is ridiculous. If you use old newspaper and line your bin you don’t need any bags at all. In other words, free. Also, he even admits that he got the expensive bags because he was “too embarassed” to go back and get the cheaper ones!”

    As for the County, my understanding was that composting was less expensive for them than disposal at the dump.

  16. Hannah says:

    This would be a good programme for people in apartments or condos but rural folks should already be composting. Even those who live in town could have composters. We lived in the city for decades and always composted; even my aging mother does. It’s an easy process and sure makes the garbage bag lighter!

  17. Marnie says:

    Marc – Try reading a recent column by Barry Ellsworth in the Trentonian. He calculated the cost of using the green bin in comparison with regular garbage bag disposal and found it to be significant. It’s one more expense that most of us can do without.

  18. Marc says:

    Oh Doris. It’s a waste of time because YOU don’t need it? There are many of us that need it, don’t have a composter at home, and have no interest in gardening. Picking up green bins is smart and not at all a waste of money.

  19. judy kennedy says:

    the kitty litter is a deal breaker —-think of the tons of that which go in the garbage every week—and it’s organic!

  20. Jacqui says:

    My mistake….. No diapers, kitty litter etc.!

  21. Jacqui says:

    This will help families to reduce their black bag garbage and the cost of garbage tags. The green bin will accept meat and bones, fat and grease, diapers, kitty litter, dog poop bags etc. not everything can be composted in your garden composter.

  22. Doris Lane says:

    Another waste of time and money by the Council.
    I have my own composter so I can have the fertilizer that it makes formy own garden

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