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The Devil and the Deep Red/Blue Sea

The Devil and the Deep Red/Blue Sea

A New Year is upon us and, if human nature is still the guiding factor, we will repeat all of the mistakes we have made in the past, and then make up excuses for why we are not getting any smarter with age. If there’s a God in Heaven, I hope the debt-building disasters and […]

If ya don’t got it, don’t spend it

We left off last time talking about the Out-Of-Control County Budget. I have more to say on that subject. Keep in mind that the County does not pay me to give keen observations, thoughtful advice and possible solutions. Sure, they’ll give a consultant $10,000 to say, “Beats me,”  or “Yes, we have examined it thoroughly, […]

A tip-off to the mayoral candidates

You may have noticed an absence in columns in the last while. That’s because, like you, I¹m pretty much just just standing in the County and saying: “Wow! How stupid is that?! … Wait, here’s something even more unbelievable!” Then the Church started to come down, and the absolute extreme, end-of the-universe, ” I can’t […]

Dodger will bark about his travels

Dodger will bark about his travels

My buddy Dave was reading me a survey from USA Today that ranked 80 breeds of dogs according to their intelligence. About two minutes into the discussion I started to get ticked off.  Ranked #1 was a border collie, #2 was a poodle and # 3 was a German Shepherd.  See my name is Dodger […]

Concerned citizens group opposes new radio station in PEC

Concerned citizens group opposes new radio station in PEC

The Concerned Citizens of Prince Edward County has filed a submission to the CRTC opposing an application from a group from the GTA to establish a commercial radio station in the County. “We oppose the application in its present form because it offers few benefits to County residents and businesses,” said Gary Mooney, member of […]

A Shotgun Blast of Opinions

I know what you’ve been thinking – Where is Steve in the midst of all the chaos going on right now? The answer is – putting together the Summer issue of County Magazine. So now I have a whole pile of things to say, and not enough room to say it. Let me start with […]

Lesson Number One in County Politics

In my first column, I talked about how Canada has become a nation of whiners and complainers who, in the absence of real problems like wars and natural disasters, choose to be horrified that someone has placed the Bay Leaves over by the Marjoram on the spice rack, instead of its proper alphabetical placement between […]

Steve Campbell - Oh! Canada! What's Become of You?

Steve Campbell – Oh! Canada! What’s Become of You?

As usual, I did manage to get away for a blissful week of vacation, in the middle of our Spring turmoil at County Magazine. This year we managed to find a great price on Montego Bay, Jamaica, which has long been out of reach price-wise. But, according to the local Jamaican papers, the economic downturn, […]

On Zen and Road Construction

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but there has been some construction going on on Picton’s Main Street. It seems rather minor, really, with only the main artery into downtown becoming completely impassable. Most of us – who own helicopters and ultra-light aircraft – have had no problem finding their way to the […]

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