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Terry Sprague launches ‘Naked in the Sand’

Terry-Sprague-Naked-in-the-SandThe County’s favourite naturalist – Terry Sprague – invites you to help celebrate his birthday by attending the launch of his new book ‘Naked in the Sand’ at Books and Company, in Picton, Sunday, Dec. 20 from 1-3p.m.

The book culls stories from his work over the years at his own Nature Stuff Tours, Quinte Conservation, the Prince Edward Region Conservation Authority and Sandbanks Provincial Park.

Though he has officially retired, he said he will never retire completely and continues to write daily birding reports on his website and will continue some tours.

“I will still be at my keyboard daily, furiously writing something, and accepting requests now and then for private hikes and tours, and continuing to offer my services as a guest speaker,” he said. “My work has always been my life. And what better way to enjoy retirement than continuing to do the things I love? Someone once said that nature begins as an interest, becomes a hobby, continues as an avocation, takes over as an obsession, and in its last stages is an incurable disease.”

Some excerpts from his new book:

Quinte Conservation: Rounding the corner, I could see a couple people on the dock and one person was lying prone on the deck. As our party of kayakers got closer to the dock, we realized that it was a young lady on the dock and she appeared to be as naked as the day she was born, soaking up what little sun had managed to make its way on this side of the landing. …..her pale buttocks reflected conspicuously in the binoculars. When she saw that we were pointed in her direction, intent on landing at the dock and beach, her partner quickly covered her up with a large bath towel. When we got close enough to be heard, I hollered, “Sorry, but we’re coming in! I am in agony with my back and need to reach shore quickly!”

I somehow winched myself out of the kayak and recovered within five minutes. Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but notice the remaining half dozen kayakers in our party, bobbing up and down like corks in the waves on all sides of the dock. The unfortunate sunbather, who earlier had been in a very tranquil world with no one around, was now surrounded on all sides by ogling kayakers! The focus of their attention seemed to be on the leading edge of the towel that separated her from total nudity, as it began to flap more aggressively in the increasing wind!

Sandbanks Provincial Park: Suddenly, she spied me leaning against the tree with my camera and started coming toward me. As she came closer, I became acutely aware that she wasn’t wearing a bikini, but rather, a thong. As she turned to speak to someone, it was then that I noticed that the rear part of the thong was so thin, that it disappeared entirely between her buttocks. As she continued toward me I also noticed that neither had she been a stranger to depilatory creams. Such skimpy swimwear I had never before noticed at Sandbanks, but then, I was never inclined to seek approval from my supervisor either to do a detailed beach census and analysis. In a soft, sultry voice, she purred, “Excuse me, would you have a light?” I smoked cigarettes back then when I could slip one in without the public seeing me. I fumbled around in my pocket anxiously for the book of matches as she leaned forward in my direction. My first match spluttered and went out when my nervous fingers smothered it like a candle snuffer. She moved in even closer, her long, flowing hair, now directly in front of my face. As the next match flared to life, I just about set her hair on fire! Graciously though, she thanked me for the light and returned to the set. Taking a long deep sigh, I tried to regain my composure. I decided it was time to call it a day.

Prince Edward Region Conservation Authority: Wanting to throw some humour into the evening one year, we offered a Sleeping Around the County package. The generous package included overnight accommodations at several well know B & B’s. There was also a gift basket of local food products. Draped seductively over the entire package was a silk negligee, and not to be outdone, was a smaller item standing proudly near the base of the items on display – a box of condoms! One lady during the auction pulled me aside and wanted to know who was responsible for the package. Sensing disapproval, I replied that it had been a cooperative effort by the Dinner Committee, based on a few items that had been donated that we felt would make an attractive package. “Well, I think it’s offensive!” she hollered above the noise of the evening. “We’re not a bunch of teenagers here tonight, you know!” Some of us must have had vestiges of libido left in us though as the package ended up being a hot item and enjoyed enthusiastic bidding from several who really wanted it.


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  1. …and, so many stories I couldn’t publish!

  2. Cheryl Anderson says:

    Just finished reading this book – it is Terry’s best yet! – had me chuckling throughout. Highly recommended!

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