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Traffic calming signs stolen from Cherry Valley

Prince Edward OPP are looking for information regarding traffic calming signs believed to be stolen.

Recently, silhouette signs, similar to the ones in the photo, have been installed in areas where there were traffic concerns as part of the Quinte Region Traffic Coalition which focuses on local initiatives to increase safety on local roadways. The coalition is comprised of member partners, including Prince Edward County.

Sometime since the beginning of November, these signs were stolen from around the community safety zone in Cherry Valley.

The intention of these signs was to remind drivers there are children in the area and to drive accordingly.

The OPP is asking anyone with information to please report it by calling 1-888-310-1122. Should you wish to remain anonymous you can call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-222-8477.

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  1. SS says:

    @Mark — Just to clarify that my post below was not to say that Cherry Valley would take precedence over any location in County, Picton or otherwise.

    The Cherry Valley reference was an example, because it was referred to by other posters.

    Potential locations for speed cameras are best determined by Council, in turn influenced by citizen input.

    Wherever you live — if you have a speeder issue in your neighbourhood, write to Council to express your concerns.

  2. Mark Woodward says:

    I fail to see why Cherry Valley or Bloomfield would take precedent over any Picton street.

  3. SS says:

    A speed limit’s purpose is to proclaim to motorists that they need to stay within the limit.

    That limit is determined by municipal Council, according to the OPP.

    A limit sign without enforcement, basically is no limit at all.

    Enforcement by OPP officers is not possible except for extremely limited time periods in a limited number of locations.

    Speed cameras work, because they attach financial consequences to people’s decision to speed. See the article below for more on this topic:

    If you are a motorist and think the limit needs to be changed, talk to Council. They are the ones who set the limits.

    And if want to exceed the limit, then accept the consequences.

    Consider these numbers for a moment.

    In Cherry Valley, the 80 km/hr limit sign is near 1456 County Rd 10.

    Between there and the 60 km/hr limit sign near 1824 County Rd 10, the limit is 40 km/hr, having been reduced some time ago from 50 km/hr.

    The distance between those two limit signs is 1.8 km.

    Not including the stop signs (which you must stop at regardless of the limit), it takes 2.7 minutes to cover this distance at 40 km/hr and 2.16 minutes at 50 km/hr.

    So if you respect the limit, it takes you 32.4 seconds longer to cover that distance at the reduced rate of 40 km/hr instead of 50 km/hr like it was before.

    If that 32.4 seconds is crucially important to you in making this trip, suggest you contact your Councillor, ask for the limit to be put back to 50 km/hr, and give your reasons.

    32.4 seconds.


    People who speed in 40 km/hr zones likely speed in any zone.

    If they do, they should accept the consequences.

    Limit signs only deliver consequences if enforcement is present.

    Speed cameras are present 7 x 24.

    OPP officers can hardly ever be present.

    Speed cameras work, they more than pay for themselves, and they achieve the goal of reduced accidents and better quality of life for residents of the areas where speed zones are located.

  4. Angus Ross says:

    Cost to install a camera is around $70,000 with a similar amount in annual costs. They are popping up in municipalities all over Ontario and should at least be worth a pilot project in Cherry Valley and Bloomfield.

  5. Kevin says:

    Cameras only fine the vehicle’s owner, not the driver. It’s simple, don’t take what doesn’t belong to you and obey the speed limit.

  6. Clyde says:

    I wonder if the thief really liked the forms and thought they were cute, or whether the thief hated them as much as I do. Like David Harrington said, install speed cameras, and set the speed in Cherry Valley back to 50. The problem was enforcement, not that 50kph was too fast in and of itself. Speed cameras will resolve speeding just fine.

  7. Chuck says:

    Certainly have traffic calming on Lake St just outside of Picton. A lot of under carriage damage on vehicles.

  8. David Harrington says:

    Install speed cameras

    great source of income too

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