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wpd Canada hires arborists to help design line down Maypul Layn

White-Pines-Banner---2.001-1wpd Jason answers questionsAs part of the planning process for the White Pine Windfarm interconnection route, wpd has designed the underground routing for the section of the line along Maypul Layn Road, with input from Certified Arborists, that is not expected to have a negative impact on surrounding trees.

“We know residents along Maypul Layn and in the community are concerned about the impact our line installation will have on the trees,” said Ian MacRae, President of wpd Canada. “That’s why we felt it was important to work with experts to determine the best underground routing for our line that would not have a negative impact on those trees.”

wpd engaged Certified Arborists to assess the trees and vegetated area along Maypul Layn. These arborists identified tree species types along the road, and provided an overall assessment of each tree’s health. The arborists identified and assessed vegetated areas and trees adjacent to the road and. Using the tree inventory and information regarding the location and characteristics of tree rooting systems, wpd designed the interconnection line down the road. The arborists then assessed the design based upon their findings, and have confirmed that the line design and routing will not compromise the health or stability of the trees. wpd will employ installation techniques such as trenching or directional drilling, depending on root structure identified.

wpd Canada is based in Mississauga and employs a growing number of Canadian professionals active in wind energy project development in Ontario, British Columbia and other Canadian provinces. wpd Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of wpd Europe, a green energy company active in 20 countries around the globe and Germany’s market leader in wind energy. wpd worldwide employs over 860 professionals and has installed more than 1,500 wind turbines totalling a capacity of over 2.5 GW.

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  1. martha bradford says:

    This road does not have an easement – the only place for the line is down the centre. My great uncle planted the maple trees when he moved to this area in 1908. For the record, wind power (ie a working windmill for watering cattle) is located on this small country road.

  2. Jack says:

    Mark, I’am not positive about this but in Picton at least I think the county owns the first either 34 or 36 ft. of land from the centre of the roadway into your property or at least has the right of way to that land.

  3. Mark says:

    I don’t know how they are going to install an underground line on this forced road when land owners own right up to the shoulder of the road. Are they going down the middle of the road or have all land owners consented?

  4. fed up says:

    Some can never be satisfied.

  5. Donna says:

    Yes, I do. If nothing else, it’s good business practice.

  6. Sue3 says:

    Trying to satisfy everyone’s concerns??
    Do you really believe they care?

    Renee is correct – it’s propaganda.

  7. Donna says:

    No, it’s wind developers trying to satisfy everyone’s concerns.

  8. Renee says:

    wpd paid advertisement – this isn’t news, it’s propaganda.

  9. Donna says:

    What about the entire tree lines that farmers are razing in order to expand their fields? Or the ones that Hydro prunes so severely for the hydro lines? Or all the roadside trees that the County bushwhacks on a regular basis? Who is fighting for those trees?

  10. Garth Manning says:

    This is a paid advertisement and like anything emanating from the wind industry should be treated with a large dose of suspicion and disbelief. wpd Canada has been told to select a different route and leave Maypul Layn alone because of the iconic maple trees and because the shoulders, fences and trees are owned by the adjoining owners, not by the municipality. I believe the municipality does have a say in where any lines go under any road surface. wpd gives every impression of not wishing to work with the County, indeed of totally disregarding it. Not only that, but it’s completely premature as it does not have its approval to proceed yet from the Ministry. Remember Gilead which held a Community Liaison Meeting before the Tribunal brought down its Ostrander Point decision (and told Gilead to get lost, thankfully).

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