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A fun 100 minutes of tricks and good looking people having fun

Paul Peterson

Paul Peterson

So, the summer rolls on and to my way of thinking, there are already two films that haven’t performed at the level they were expected to.
I think the Man of Steel is well below projections. It’s a good film.
I actually enjoyed the first two hours of it but really despised the final 20. Still it didn’t capture the public’s imagination – probably because it wasn’t so much a reinvention of the character a la Dark Knight, but just a retelling.
Then there’s The Lone Ranger. That’s a giant Disney oops.
Big names attached behind the scenes Jerry Bruckheimer produced, Gore (Pirates of the Caribbean) Verbinski directs and it stars a tricked out Johnny Depp as Tonto channelling his inner ventriloquist dummy-meets-the-Walking-Dead circa Little Big Man.
It has been ravaged by the critics and not exactly embraced by the public. I remember thinking  when I heard the budget had gone  north of  a quarter of a billion dollars that this had to be a typo. It’s a guy with a gun and a horse
Where’s that money going?
Down the drain apparently.

Speaking of where’s the money going and don’t you love those naturally occurring seques? This week I watched Now You See Me starring a lot of stars – Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fischer, Woody Harrelson, Jessie Eisenberg,  Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman to name but a few.
It’s a heist film. Oceans 11 for the slight of hand crowd. It’s busy. Too busy really.
I like the concept of a band of magicians acting as Robin Hoods and striving to keep magic alive. Well, I like the Robin Hood component.
The cast is great and I think this Eisenberg kid has big star written all over him. He was great in a couple of little pictures and then shone in Social Network. I think he owns the screen in this film and that’s not easy given his role and his supporting cast.

So this band of magician thieves is up to no good and we’re told the story through the eyes of the investigating cop who’s wise to their shenanigans but is always at least one step behind. Something bigs a foot and we know it’s going to involve more money than Cineplex makes on popcorn on a Saturday (that’s a lot by the way).
Here’s the thing.
We are constantly told what’s really going on.
There’s no mystery except perhaps who the mysterious ringleader of this band of modern merrymen is.
I can’t go into a lot of details without spoiling the film, but there’s too many actors, too many reveals and not enough mystery.
Although, in truth I didn’t know who the secret leader was.
There’s a superfluous lady cop who contributes to the ending in a way I can’t reveal and …
Oh, never mind.

No one gets  sawed in half and we’re all happy in the end. Despite its gigantic flaws, I liked the film enough to rent it sometime to fill in the gaps. It’s a fun 100 minutes of tricks and good looking people having fun.
Oh, hell no.
How would I rate it. Think of a number between 1 and 1000.
Go lower.
As always, other opinions are welcome, but wrong. That’s it for this week. The cheque’s in the mail and I’m outta here. Paul.

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