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George’s excellent adventure the talk of the shelter

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A Sheltered Life – stories as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. (Photographs by Alan R. Capon)

(If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome.  The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.)
* * *

Hello, All,

It’s Liza coming to you live from the laundry room of the Loyalist Humane Society. Have you heard the latest? One of our former residents, a tiger cat named George has just returned from an excellent adventure. He is the talk of the shelter, for all of us had given him up for dead. But let me start at the beginning of this incredible story.

It was nearly a year ago that cat lovers George and Dorothy Bongard brought a small, stray tabby cat to our shelter. He was promptly named George, after his rescuer Mr. Bongard. A handsome little chap, our George was soon adopted and all of us were very happy for him. Sadly, he was in his new home on Cumberland Street for only a short time, before escaping through a patio door. His new owner was terribly upset and for weeks placed newspaper advertisements seeking news of him.

As time passed and George was not found, all of us assumed the worst. Then, a few days ago, Mrs. Moffatt received a call from Dorothy Bongard. A cat that looked a lot like George had arrived in her yard and she asked to bring it to our shelter. Of course, Mrs. Moffatt said yes and the look-alike cat was delivered here. The next day, Mrs. Bongard called to say she had not been able to sleep a wink, thinking about the stray she and her husband had rescued. She told Mrs. Moffatt that she wanted to adopt him. George’s original owner was devastated, when he disappeared but after hearing no word of him for weeks, she had adopted another cat.

To make a long story short, when a veterinarian compared a photograph of George to this stray and closely examined the stripe pattern, he pronounced them one and the same cat. After months on the lam, our George had found his way back to the Bongard home.

Girlfriend - Senior Correspondent Bless my fur and whiskers, says Girlfriend, who has just discovered that someone is sleeping in her bed. An impish black face is peering from behind A Sheltered Life's new correspondent

A cheer went up here at the shelter when we learned that George was alive and well and living in his new forever home. Mrs. Bongard has brought in lots of pictures of her new cat, snoozing on the sofa and acting very much as if he owned the place. What a story George would have to tell his grandchildren, if only Mrs. Moffatt had not sent him off for that operation last year.
My new assistant, Girlfriend, has come up with a brilliant idea. It has been quiet here at the shelter in recent weeks and she says we need to create a little excitement. She has suggested that we hold a fashion show highlighted by a contest to name Miss Loyalist 2012. Next week, some of our most glamorous residents will take to the catwalk, to model an impressive collection of fur coats.

Girlfriend has been preening a lot of late and her coat is gradually improving, but the poor dear still looks as if she had been attacked by moths. I have suggested that she take on the important role of commentator for our fashion show, instead of becoming a model.

In the meantime, meet some of our residents:

This dapper gentleman is earnestly seeking new lodgings with a family who will appreciate his good looks and gentle demeanor. He would also consider a forever home with a senior citizen.

Charles Fox
It’s Charles Fox at your service. A striking tiger and white kitten, he is approximately six months old and would make a fine addition to any household.

Meet Fawn, a pretty peach tabby who dreams of finding her forever home. If you have been thinking of a new addition to your family, why not come and see her? Her gentle disposition makes her a favourite with everyone at the shelter.

Mama Malachowski  
Obviously, this savvy tabby has read the Drummond Report and is urging her fellow felines to save on the shelter’s hydro bill by turning off some of the lights. Put her to work for you. By making her a member of your household you can be certain that hydro usage will be carefully monitored.

Pretty Boy – this week’s centrefold
When reminded that he had already been a centrefold for A Sheltered Life, Pretty Boy just purred, ” I can’t help it if I’m beautiful.” One of the most striking cats ever to grace the shelter, he is somewhat retiring and like film star Greta Garbo has been overheard to say, “I vant to be alone.” Pretty Boy is back by popular demand, once again strutting his stuff as this week’s centrefold. Don’t expect him to follow you home for he enjoys superstar status here and is in no hurry to leave.

Fawn and Autumn
Friends Fawn and Autumn share a quiet moment. Autumn is a senior cat who enjoys being noticed and would be happy in a starring role as best friend to a senior citizen. This pale orange tabby is gentle and loving and would enjoy spending quiet evenings by the fire, curled up with a good book. His favourite read is rumoured to be Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.

Smokey Blue
This young cat, like many of our shelter residents, is eagerly awaiting the day when she will be chosen for a forever home. She is quick to point out that gray goes with everything and she would look fetching on almost any sofa.

A flashily marked tortoiseshell  or “tortie”, Reece is under two years of age. Young and restless, she is urgently seeking a family of her own. If you would like to introduce a shot of colour into your home decor, she is your girl.

Round Robin
This gentleman in a pin-striped suit can best be described in a single word – needy. He’s blown his chances at adoption more than once by seeking too much attention. He hugs perfect strangers without blinking an eye. If you feel lonely and neglected, look no further. Round Robin is guaranteed to make you feel wanted and loved. A true blue pal he’ll always have a hug for you.

Shelter manager Anne Moffatt has sunshine on her shoulders whenever Zeke is in the room. The shelter’s resident aviator, he flies through the air to land on the shoulders of the unsuspecting, at every opportunity. Although some may find his behaviour rather startling, his friends here know it is just his way of showing affection.

PawNotes From the Desk of Liza:
Once again a call has gone out for volunteers. If you can spare two or three hours a week to volunteer at our shelter, you can make a real difference in our lives.

Did I tell you that two of our newest volunteers, Natalie and Henry Willis, are launching a new business called Humble Bread at their country home on Wilson Road? Henry is the Chief Baking Officer. This enterprising young couple has repurposed the barn on their property as a bakeshop and plan to bake 1,000 loaves of naturally leavened bread a week. It will be sold at farmers’ markets in Toronto and to local restaurateurs.

Natalie and Henry say they have found their forever home in Prince Edward County. They told us that the county felt right for their new enterprise because everyone here is interested in the slow food movement (have these people ever watched our Hoover eat dinner?)

We are delighted to have this pleasant young couple as volunteers at our shelter. They also maintain our web page. All of us hope that their new business will be a resounding success.

On a sad note, one of our long-time residents, Billy Stilts, has crossed the rainbow bridge. We will miss him.

Stirling, who posed as a female cat named Lily, and for a time enjoyed his own harem, is now auditioning for a forever home, at Robyn’s Nest. This sly trickster was outed when one of his galpals delivered a litter of kittens. He is now unmasked and has been neutered to prevent any further unfortunate incidents.

Butter, the beautiful cat who came to us with her four kittens, has raised her delightful little family and now has moved to her new home at The Westwind. We wish her well and promise her a case of sardines if she will leak the news that another Westwind resident, Princess Pishy Puss, was never a society girl as she is so fond of saying. She once called our shelter home and was a Humane Society cat.

Off to get ready for the fashion show. The striking red and white fur that I am to model seems a little tight, so I have booked a fitting.

-Until next week.

* * *

Valentine candidates for your affection

Liza - reporting from the laundry room.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

It’s Liza, ace reporter for Loyalist Live coming to you from the laundry room of the Loyalist Humane Society. Exciting news this week – a new correspondent will join me in bringing you all the news from our shelter. Please welcome Girlfriend, one of our senior residents who spends most of her time eavesdropping on conversations in our reception area, aka the laundry room. She has just handed me a this interesting scoop.

Girlfriend - senior correspondent

Remember Butter and the Four Pats? The youngsters, Pittypat, Pattycake, Patsy and Patrice, are now ready to go their separate ways and Butter will soon be on her way to The Westwind. She’s found her forever home. Other former residents of our shelter, now living at this Picton address include Princess Pishy Puss and Princess.

Another big story around here this week is the completion of an important construction project that has been under way, in our cattery. One of our volunteers brought her friend to the shelter and her friend brought her husband, who is very handy with a hammer. Before you know it, he was putting deep shelves under all of the windows in our dormitories. They were an instant hit. Now, everyone wants a turn at looking out the windows. We are very grateful to our carpenter friend.

If you didn’t find your Valentine among the residents of our shelter who appeared on Countylive last week, you may want to follow me for an introduction to still more candidates for your affection.

Penny – This week’s centrefold
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest cat of all? It’s Penny, of course, a gorgeous girl who’s not telling her age, but we have it on good authority that she is “mature”. This long-haired lovely arrived at our shelter with siblings Sally and Jessie. All three were “scaredy cats”. Penny was a hold-out for a long time, but is now becoming friendly. Just tell her she’s beautiful and she’ll follow you home.

Second-hand Rose
Second-hand Rose was rescued by a very kind-hearted woman who first saw her at a farm barn. Concerned for her welfare she came back the next day to ask if she could have her, then brought her to us. Rose was thin and her coat was matted and full of burrs, but after after coming into care at our shelter, she began to blossom. This lovely little redhead has a sweet disposition and would make an ideal family pet or a new best friend for a senior.

This handsome black and white cat readily confesses that he is looking for love. Have a cookie with your milk. Bring Oreo home with you today.

Bite Me
His mother told him that cleanliness was next to godliness, so Bite Me bathes regularly. This gray and white cat is always well-groomed and would be the perfect addition to any family room.

A stray who was live-trapped and brought to our shelter, recently, Pinky is not Mr. Personality. However, we are all helping him to adjust to his new home and soon he will discover that there is nothing to fear. A handsome tiger and white cat, all he needs is a second chance with a patient owner who will give him the time he needs to adjust.

Carly, who is fond of telling everyone that she’s a polydactyl (translation, she has extra toes), caused a bit of a stir when she first came to us. She delivered a litter of kittens 15 minutes after her arrival. She has now been neutered and is ready to begin a new life with a family of her own. Carly, who is approximately three years of age, has a friendly disposition and loves to brag about her extra toes.

Hortense is our mystery woman. She’s no spring chicken and from a few things that she has let drop, it would seem that she once led a very colourful life. She would be the purrfect companion for a senior citizen.

Valley Girl
Pregnant and trapped, Valley Girl came to our shelter after being rescued from a garage on Valley Road. She is now awaiting the birth of her kittens. Once she has raised her family, she will be in search of her forever home.

If you liked Oreo, you’ll love Cookie, another dapper gentleman who goes well with milk. Right now Cookie is dreaming of finding his Valentine.

PawNotes From the Desk of Liza:
Two of our residents, Carrot Muffin and Sunday found their forever homes, last week. Another of our shelter cats, Four Corners, is now appearing live at Pet Valu.

On a sad note, one of our senior shelter cats, Scruffy, has crossed The Rainbow Bridge. We miss him.

Bad news for Harley. He lost his job. This very large black cat is now out of work for the second time. He came to us several months ago, because he was doing his job too well. A crack mouser, he was constantly bringing his owner live mice. It was not long before he found another job in rodent control but has been fired for reasons unknown. He returned to our shelter, recently. Harley the Hit Cat is once again offering his services to anyone in need of a first-rate mouser who is handsome, to boot.

Just a reminder – donations of canned food are needed here at the shelter. Please don’t forget us on Valentine’s Day.

Brad Kitt and The Great Imposter among those looking for love in time for Valentine’s Day

GIRLFRIEND - Resident Cougar Her teeth may come out at night, but this does not stop Girlfriend from dreaming about Franco, who lives in the laundry room. She's found her forever home with us and is a great favourite with visitors. As you can see from her photo, she must have been a great beauty in her day.


Hello, All:
    It’s Liza reporting live from the laundry room of the Loyalist Humane Society. Things have been quiet here, of late, but it’s been far from dull. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air, and, consequently, I have plenty of gossip to share with you, this week. It seems we have a cougar in our midst. That Girlfriend, who’s 12 if she’s a day, has a big crush on Franco. I found out, only because she sometimes talks in her sleep. I must admit, she is looking quite perky of late and no doubt was a beauty in her day, but Franco is at least seven years her junior. Of course, if Girlfriend could persuade him to move in with her (she thinks she has her own condo, but she’s actually in the old folks’ home), then Mrs. Moffat would be forced to stop trying to pair me up with Franco the Freeloader.

All of the girls at the shelter are talking about Peeping Tom, who was caught peeking in windows. He has a perfect, tiny black heart on the end of his nose. Obviously, he was looking for love, when apprehended.

Since I am the shelter’s official spokescat, it was suggested that I might organize a Lonely Hearts page for Valentine’s Day to showcase some of our bachelors and bachelorettes. Follow me, for a preview of some of our most eligible residents. They are all eager to make your acquaintance and, who knows, it could be love at first sight.

Duke is dreaming of how wonderful it would be to find his forever family. Handsomely attired in a black and white leisure suit, he would add style to any home.

Our very own Brad Kitt, this striking, red tabby is looking for love. He’s one of the handsomest fellows at our shelter and purrsonable, too.

A tiger and white cat with an air of maturity, Chips is seeking a home with a family who will appreciate his quiet nature. He enjoys long naps, meaningful conversations, and romantic evenings by the fire.

ELLY MAE – This week’s centrefold
Young, beautiful and ready for fun. This describes our beautiful Miss Elly Mae. Always ready for a good time, this young lady is hoping to find her forever family, in time for Valentine’s Day.

STIRLING- The Great Imposter
Stirling was living the Canadian cat’s dream, until one of his gal pals was observed to be in a delicate condition. Masquerading as a female cat named Lily, he was residing with a cat lover in Stirling who owned several unspayed females that were kept indoors. Overjoyed to have been mistaken for a female, “Lily” found himself with his very own harem. Life was beautiful, until his benefactress realized that one of her young charges was preggers and looked around for the culprit. Thanks to our Mrs. M., “Lily” escaped being tarred and feathered. He came to our shelter a few weeks ago and is now called Stirling. While he is hoping for a forever home, he glumly confides that it is unlikely to compare with the life he enjoyed as a girl named Lily.

Peeping Tom is quick to insist that he is not a pervert. While it is true that he was taken into custody after he was observed peering into people’s windows, he was not spying on these folks. He was merely trying to get a glimpse of what forever homes looked like inside. He dreams of having a family of his own one day. With a tiny black heart on the end of his nose, Tom would be the purrfect Valentine. N.B. Mrs. M. is not really trying to strangle our resident Romeo. He refused to show off his nose for the camera, so she volunteered to help him pose. He can be a little shy, sometimes.

This lovely gray tabby is eagerly seeking a family of her own. She would be the ideal Valentine for a senior citizen.

Take a walk on the wild side with Pretty Boy, who likes nothing better than long naps in his wing chair, snuggled on his leopard-print blanket. This senior cat is one of the handsomest bachelors in our shelter.

Our resident odd couple, these two cats bonded on the day they met and have been sleeping together ever since. One is rarely seen without the other. Their special song is rumoured to be “I’ve Got You Babe.” The friendship and loyalty shared by this twosome is a fine example of what Valentine’s Day is all about.

These tiny kittens are the darlings of our shelter. Everyone loves them and enjoys watching their antics.

Found wandering near Picton Manor nursing home, Miss Manners is a friendly little cat who would dearly love a home of her own. As her name suggests, she is prim and proper and would be an ideal family cat or best friend to a senior citizen.

LORD BUFFINGTON – who was at the spa when the photographs for this page were taken. Our mystery cat, Lord Buffington, was found wandering at Prince Edward Heights. This young, buff-coloured tabby has been neutered and is very friendly, It would seem that he was once a family pet. He is handsome and well-mannered. Mrs.M. says it would be very easy to fall in love with him.

PawNotes from the Desk of Liza:
I almost forgot to mention that Benton and Muffy found their forever homes, last week, They were adopted together. They are the best of friends and we were all happy to hear that they were not separated.

Sadly, Webster, who was adopted shortly before Christmas, did not remain in his new home. He is with us once again and is still hoping to find a forever home.

I heard through the grapevine that a stray cat has turned up at the home of my ghostwriter. He is a young tiger and white male, who has been named Sponge Bob, because he is always begging a meal. He’s very skittish and efforts to catch him have failed, so far.

Don’t forget – if you are lonely and searching for love on Valentine’s Day, we’d love to see you at our shelter. You could find your soul mate among our many residents.

-Until next week,

Thanks to community for making Christmas merry at the Shelter

Merry Christmas, Everyone,
It’s Liza, reporting from the laundry room at the Loyalist Humane Society and I can’t wait to tell you the latest. This week I made two personal appearances, in the same day, with our shelter manager Mrs. Moffatt. Last Sunday evening, I donned my festive red harness to accompany her to Angelo’s restaurant in Picton where we accepted a $583. donation to our shelter. Our benefactress was Anna Stellatos who bought and decorated two beautiful Christmas trees, in memory of her dog, Nikki, for silent auction at her restaurant. The winning bid was placed by George (Lolly) Wilkinson who is Prince Edward County’s canine control officer. I posed for photographs with Mr. Wilkinson, his wife, Karen and Mrs. Stellatos and was a big hit, for everyone was surprised to see a cat representing the shelter. I received several compliments on my good manners.

Of course, I was expecting to dine at Angelo’s and was trying to decide whether to order fish and chips or the tilapia fish, when Mrs. Moffat told me was time to leave. She reminded me that I had another personal appearance in Bloomfield, in just a few minutes time. I had almost forgotten that we had been invited to go Christmas carolling. My social calendar is full these days.

In recent weeks, I have appeared at the Loyalist Humane Society’s annual yard sale, Picton Fair, the Bloomfield United Church Craft Sale and now, Angelo’s. In addition to my public appearances, I also have my own blog on County Live. I’m always proud to represent our shelter and act as a spokescat for its residents.

In other news, Webster has found his forever home, just in time for Christmas. Onyx also was adopted this month.

A newcomer named Peeping Tom arrived at the shelter last week. He was brought to us by a gentleman who said he had been prowling in his neighbourhood and peering into people’s windows, hence his name.

On a sad note, we said goodbye to Sally and dear Old Smokey. Both have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss them for both were residents here for some time.

A job opening has just been posted at the LHS. A volunteer is urgently needed to manage our website. Anna, the woman who has been doing this important work, broke her foot recently and can no longer carry out this important assignment. We really appreciate all that she has done for us. In addition to managing our website, she adopted two of our shelter residents, Ruby and Doug.

Mrs. Moffatt says someone now is needed to take photos of our residents and post them on our website. We have a computer available for this job.

Community support for the LHS has been strong, in recent times. Our bake sale at the Armoury Mall raised nearly $2,000. (some cash donations also were received) and the Dec. 17 Christmas concert given by Lorain Sine and Friends raised $2,295

All of us here at the shelter are counting the sleeps until Christmas Eve. The holidays are a special time here. Our own Mrs. M. spends a good part of Christmas Day with us and serves wet food to all of the cats. She also distributes toys to everyone. On Boxing Day, we have a turkey dinner. Although many of our residents did not get a forever home for Christmas, they have a special place here with us and the holidays will be merry for them thanks to generous community support and the dedication of our shelter manager and all of the volunteers.

Let me tell you about a few of our residents who would welcome an invitation to join you and your family for the holidays.

Peeping Tom – This handsome black and white cat about town was brought to our shelter by a man who reported that he had been caught peeking in the windows of the houses on his street. While a good lawyer might have gotten him off with probation, it was agreed that it might be best for all concerned if he skipped town. Tom was neutered by a previous owner but no one has inquired about him since he came into residence here. He is a friendly young cat who would very much like a family of his own.

Autumn never leaves. A beautiful buff-coloured tabby with a sweet disposition he has yet to find his forever home. He enjoys being petted and would make a fine best friend for a senior citizen. He would thrive with plenty of one-on-one attention.

Callie – This Week’s Centrefold
‘Twas the night before Christmas and with visions of catnip mice dancing in her head, Callie has snuggled down to sleep while waiting for Santa Claus. This friendly little calico is a mature cat who would very much like to find her forever home. Her distinctive colouring ensures that she will be a stand-out in any crowd.

A black and white cat with a checkered past, Stirling came to our shelter from Stirling, where else. It seems he had been passing himself off to his owner as a female cat named Lily. His benefactress had several unspayed female cats and began to suspect that something was amiss, when one of them presented her with a litter of kittens. Stirling’s deception was revealed and he has joined us here. Approximately 18 months of age, he has now been neutered and is awaiting his forever home.

Charlie, whose nickname is Pester Puss, is described by our Mrs.Moffatt as “very friendly”. This may be a polite way of saying that he’s an interfering busybody. He would be the purrfect cat for someone who wants a new best friend who believes in togetherness. Charlie should be an only cat as he sometimes has relationship issues with his peers.

Once again, it’s Christmas and Woody is still without a forever home, This mature tiger and white cat is both movie star handsome and friendly. He would be a good fit in any household. If you can make his dream come true come and see him during the holidays.

Two-year-old Flame has a distinctive “tiger tail”. This pretty tabby cat has a calico tip at the end of her tail. Alone for the holidays, she is snuggling in her basket, with her toy. If you have room on your sofa, she would much prefer to cuddle with you and be your new best friend.

Roslin came to our shelter in a delicate condition and gave birth to a litter of kittens. She has seen the error of her ways and is now spayed and searching for a forever home. She’s a relative newcomer to Prince Edward County, since she came from – wait for it – Roslin.

Smokey Blue
Formerly from Cherry Valley, this small gray cat was suffering from a flea allergy when she came to our shelter. Prompt treatment took care of this problem and she is now ready for adoption. A young cat, she would fit well in any household.

A fluffy blue-gray tabby, Bat Cat is rather shy by day, but at night becomes an action hero. He’s looking for a quiet home with an owner who understands that it’s important not to blow his cover. With patience and understanding, he will thrive and would make an ideal pet for a senior citizen willing to play Robin.

Pawnotes from the desk of Liza
All of us here at the shelter are excited about Christmas. Only five more sleeps until the jolly old elf comes down the chimney. His rather unorthodox method of arrival always gives Hissy Missy and Spitty Riley fits. Last year, Spitty flew straight up in the air and scared the jolly old elf half to death. Hissy swore at him and it did not sound like Bah! Humbug either. These two feral cats may not believe in Santa Claus but they are sure to be first in line at the Christmas dinner table.

Our own Mrs. Moffatt will be spending most of Christmas Day with us. She gives all of us wet food and there are new toys for everyone, with the possible exception of Hissy Missy who said “gosh darn”. On Boxing Day, we will have turkey.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year. So many people have been supportive of our shelter and many of our residents have found forever homes. Some people might think that a shelter like ours is a sad place but that’s just not so. All of us are happy here. We have one another and, of course, Mrs. M. and all of the terrific volunteers who come to tidy our rooms, pet us and play with us. In fact, we are like one big family.

The Loyalist Humane Society is a place of new beginnings. Just think, once I was a homeless cat with no prospects. Then, I was brought to the shelter where I received veterinary care, lots of good food and plenty of love. Today, I am the shelter’s official greeter and I have my own blog. I am also in growing demand for public appearances. What more could a girl ask?

Merry Christmas, Everyone!
– Liza

Dear Santa: Please bring me a forever home

Liza sporting her gay apparel

Liza with dishpan paws

Merry Christmas, Everyone!
It’s Liza here, reporting from the laundry room at the Loyalist Humane Society. A lot has been happening at our shelter, in recent days, so perhaps I should start with the bad news first, then end with the happy stories. Although many kind-hearted people voted daily for our submission to the Aviva Community Fund contest (a proposal for shelter renovations), we did not win a place in the semi-finals. This was disappointing news for all of us but, still, it is heartwarming to know that so many people cared and took the time to vote for us.

On a sad note, Picton Pumpkin, a beloved resident of our shelter, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was a special needs cat who had been with us for some time. We will miss her.

The happy news here, this week, is that our Mother of the Year, Pawmaw has found a wonderful forever home with a kind woman who operates a Wellington bed and breakfast. She reports that our Pawmaw settled in right away. All of us cheered when we heard the news, for this exceptional cat lovingly played foster mom to ten or more orphan kittens who arrived at our shelter this year. We will miss her but we are happy that she now has a family of her very own and just in time for Christmas, too!

Tilty the Sailorman (aka Sailor) has been drinking again, but Mrs. Moffatt does not mind in the least. After a single shot of a special nutritious brew, this little black kitten began to eat everything in sight. An ear infection impaired Tilty’s balance and caused his head to tip to one side. This made it difficult for him to eat and Mrs. M. was very worried for him. Our good friend Dr. Steve came to the rescue and Tilty is now elbowing everyone aside at the dinner table. Now ready for adoption, this friendly little fellow whose nickname is The Purring Machine, has pencilled “a Forever Home” at the top of his Christmas wish list.

I have recently undertaken additional duties at the shelter. I am now lending Mrs. M. a paw with the dishes. While some would call it drudgery, I enjoy paddling in the bubbles made by the dish soap. Sometimes, I nag that lie-about Franco until he picks up a dish towel and dries the plates.

With Christmas just two weeks away, many of our shelter cats are posting letters to Santa. Most of them begin with the words “Dear Santa, please bring me a forever home with a caring family who will love me and take care of me”. If you have been thinking of a seasonal job as Santa’s helper, I’d like to tell you about some of our residents who would love to go to a forever home with you, in time for the holidays.

Brewster – This Week’s Centrefold
Brewster is a stand-out. Of the 250 kittens who have come into care here, in the past two years, he is the only one to model a solid gray suit. If you are dreaming of a fur coat for Christmas, stop by to see him. It will be love at first sight.

Mornin’ came to us last year after she and several members of her gang were caught dumpster diving at the West Lake Terrace nursing home. With her were partners in crime “Noon” and “Nighty Night Night”. This young tabby cat feels she has paid her debt to society and it’s time for parole. She would be an ideal family pet or a loyal companion for a senior citizen. Just don’t trust her to take out the trash.

Described by our own Mrs. M. as “the nicest cat in the world”, Buddy does not have a mean bone in his body. He was brought here as a stray and quickly endeared himself to all of our volunteers. He’s a handsome lad who would make the perfect companion for an older person or members of a young family. Nice guys do not deserve to finish last. Buddy has earned a loving forever home.

She can play hard to get, but once you win Mattie’s heart she is loving and happy to snuggle. This long-haired lovely is four years old and would thrive in a quiet household.

A debonair gentleman in a pin-striped suit, Crawford is very friendly but don’t try any of that snuggly stuff with him. While he enjoys being petted and expresses his pleasure with a rumbling purr, don’t insist on holding him tight. He thinks that’s sissy stuff for kittens. A macho cat who is big and handsome, Crawford has lots of character. Pay him a visit and hear him purr.

Hoover came to us with a rumble in his voice. He sounded like a vacuum cleaner, hence his name. His appetite also may have been a factor in his appellation. A sleek, gray and white cat he would be an asset to your living room carpet.

Boom came to our shelter, when his elderly owner moved away. This pale orange tabby is movie star handsome and has lots of character. He is approximately two years of age and looking for a new home, perhaps with another senior citizen. With his looks, he is sure to find a forever home soon.

When a kind person donated some chairs for the “family room” in our shelter, Blake was one of the first to snooze-test the upholstery. This purrsonable tiger cat would be an addition to any family or could be the perfect best friend for a senior citizen. He’d love to test drive one of your chairs.

Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy has curled up for a long winter’s nap, in the new wing chair in the family room. However, this mature cat would not mind in the least if his sleep were to be interrupted with a message that he has found a forever family. A rather private purrson, he would prefer a quiet home where he would receive lots of individual attention.

Mrs. Clean (aka Cougar)
This tiger puss enjoys spending time in the laundry tub. She says it is a cool, quiet place where she does some of her best thinking. However, her thinking place does have one shortfall. She is forced to make a run for it on washdays. Dressed in a no-nonsense. pin-striped business suit, Mrs. Clean also has a fun-loving side and would like nothing better than to chase catnip mice at your house.

Pawnotes from the Desk of Liza
Our recent holiday dinner in Wellington was a real success. The food was delicious and approximately 55 people came to the Wellington Town Hall to enjoy a festive meal.

Don’t forget the benefit concert for the LHS that will be given by Lorain Sine and Friends at Picton United Church on Saturday, Dec. 17. It’s a great way to get into the Christmas spirit and all proceeds will go to our shelter.

If all of the cats here had a Christmas wish it would be for a forever home with a loving family. You could play Santa by adopting one of them but please remember it is not fair to bring a new pet into your home, just in time for Christmas Eve. It’s best to choose a quieter time, before or after the holidays, so that your new best friend can adjust to his or her new environment.

If you are unable to adopt a cat, there are many other important ways you can make Christmas merrier for those of us at the shelter.Volunteers are always needed as are cleaning supplies and donations of cat food and litter. A donation to our shelter could be a special way of remembering a beloved cat or dog that once shared your life, but now has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I am being very good, in hopes that Santa will fill my stocking with cat treats. To get into the spirit of the season, I’m wearing the festive sweater that a very thoughtful woman knitted especially for me.

Did I tell you that the members of the Consecon TOPS group donated $100. to our shelter to make our Christmas merry? When I tried on my new sweater, Franco suggested I might give thought to joining TOPS, for I looked a little plumpish. Please, dear Santa, give Franco a forever home soon, preferably at the North Pole.

-Until next week,

Shelter’s senior cats deserve happy retirements

Hi, Everyone,
It’s Liza, reporting from the laundry room at the Loyalist Humane Society. A lot has happened here since my last update on the comings and goings at our shelter. First, I want to report some news that really stinks. Our own Mrs. Moffatt was “skunked” during a rescue attempt.

Mrs. M. was trying to trap some barn cats that had been left homeless when their owners moved. Mrs. Katt was not about to be seduced with hand-fed tidbits, so it became necessary to employ a live trap. When our shelter manager checked the trap the morning after setting it, initially, it seemed that she had succeeded in her mission. On closer inspection, she realized that she had captured a black and white “kitty”, who was highly annoyed and threatening to sue.

It was not the first time that Mrs. M. accidentally had trapped a skunk and she was well aware that she needed to proceed with caution. Two previous false arrests had ended peacefully, with the skunks skittering off, with no hard feelings. However skunk number three was bent on revenge. When Mrs. M. released him or her, said skunk released a little something of its own and it was not Chanel No. 5.

Poor Mrs. M. reeked and is still trying to get rid of the offensive odor left on her jacket. However, despite this unhappy incident, she is smiling, for she finally managed to live-trap that mother cat who had been so elusive.

Several of our residents found their forever homes last week, including Sneakers, the beautiful, long-haired puss who has been posing in the window of Robyn’s Nest, in Picton. Dear little Maude also was adopted. Her sweet, gentle, nature made her the perfect pet for the young family who wanted a cat for their children. Maude loved all of the attention from the youngsters and is sure to thrive in her new home. Mrs. M. says it was the perfect match.

Inky was adopted, too, but was brought back to the shelter because he was “too laid back.” I plan to give him a stern lecture. After all, who wants a cat that lies around all day like a glassy-eyed plush toy? That lad needs a Dale Carnegie course to make him dynamic.

A delightful little family arrived on our doorstep last week. Mrs. Katt and her litter of four kittens were brought here by a kind gentleman who was worried about their welfare, now that winter is just around the corner. The kittens are real beauties and Mom Katt is a looker, as well.

With Christmas just a month away, you may be looking for help in trimming your tree. Why not enlist the aid of one of our shelter cats, who would love to join you for the holidays? Cats are wonderful companions on cold winter nights, for they are the perfect lap warmers. Let me tell you about some of our little elves who would be happy to lend a paw, in decking the halls for Christmas.

Girlfriend (aka Bugsy)
“Bugsy” is a senior cat who came to our shelter covered in fleas. Her coat was matted with blood, as a result of flea bites. She had licked off most of the fur on her back legs, in a futile attempt to rid herself of these pests. This poor cat was terribly thin and very anemic. Mrs. M. “de-bugged” her and our good friend, Dr. Steve, treated her for her other health issues. Today, she is flea-free and has gained weight. The future is looking much brighter for Bugsy and, now, we all want to see her find her forever home. She is a quiet, affectionate cat who would enjoy snuggling on a warm lap. We think she would be an ideal pet for a senior citizen. Add love and hear her purr!

Dumpling was rescued from the Milford waste transfer station where she was dumpster diving. She has always insisted that it was all a terrible mistake. She is really a society cat and was on a scavenger hunt with a few well-to-do friends when someone mistook her for a homeless person. A fiery red-head with a sweet disposition, Dumpling would love a home of her own for Christmas.

Rescued from Matthie Road, Webster is a handsome, young gentleman in a black velvet suit. Elegantly dressed for a New Year’s Eve party, he would be happy to join in the holiday festivities at your home, this year. A feline Denzel Washington he is friendly, and available.

Lance – This Week’s Centrefold
Dreaming of a white Christmas? Why not invite Lance to come home with you for the holidays? In his elegant white velvet suit he would be the perfect decorative touch in any living room. It is also believed that he may possess a high degree of expertise in tree trimming and can reach the top branches with no problem at all.

Jack is a spunky lad who knows what it is to work for a living. He is reputed to be an excellent mouser. He came to us after losing his job as chief of security in a farm barn. The barn was being torn down, an unfortunate situation which left Jack unemployed. Word has it that he would be happy to retrain as a house cat, with the job title of Rodent Control Manager.

Remember Blake? He was one of our centrefolds, last summer. This gray tabby cat is both personable and handsome. He also has lots of character. He is a little disappointed that no one seems to have recognized his many fine qualities. If you are searching for a new friend, come and visit the cat in the grey flannel suit. He’s a purrfect gentleman.

Pretty Boy
He’s handsome, mature, and looking for love. An older man with that certain savoir faire, Pretty Boy seems to have been overlooked in favour of more youthful cats. Far from being an old fogy, he has a great deal to offer. Certainly, he is one of the most attractive males in our shelter. Come out and see him some time.

All of us here agree that Portia should be in show business. Whenever visitors tour the shelter, looking to adopt, she hurries to audition. Mrs. M. says although she tries very hard, but no one seems to notice her. Portia wears her heart on her sleeve and is eager to find her forever home. If you could make her dreams come true, by giving her a starring role in your life, we would all be very happy for her.

Breyer looks just like a tempting scoop of Tiger Tail ice cream. This beautiful calico cat came to us with her kittens, only last week. Her children all promise to be beauties, just like their mom. If you are thinking of adopting a kitten, these end-of-season charmers will soon be seeking their forever homes.

Ophelia has just returned to us after eight happy years in what turned out to be an almost forever home. Changes in her owner’s household made it impossible for her to remain with her family any longer, so she was returned to us. Adopted from the LHS as a two-year-old, Ophelia has re-joined us and is once again available for adoption. At 10 years of age, she is the ideal choice for a senior citizen. Through our Seniors for Seniors program, she could be the poster cat for The Best Things in Life are Free. A beautiful cat with a great deal to offer, Ophelia is hoping for someone who understands that age is just a number.

Chatty Catty
She arrived with four kittens. A talkative gal with lots of colourful tales to tell, she is ready to find her forever home.

Doggone It!
I almost forgot to mention that this week there are two dogs available for adoption through Canine Control. I decided to give them a mention because I know they need forever homes, too.

is an all-black dog believed to be a Brittany Spaniel.  He is approximately one to two years old and weighs 30 lbs.  He is very friendly and playful with people and other dogs.  He is being neutered this week.

is a black and white dog approximately two years old. She weighs 50lbs. Pepper is friendly with people and enjoys going for walks and playing with her toys. She is being spayed this week.

Paw-Notes from the desk of Liza:
Ophelia’s arrival at our shelter has reminded me that we have many “Old Souls” here who deserve forever homes. Just because they are getting on in years does not mean that they would not make good pets. Often, they are the ideal choice for older persons or individuals in search of quiet, undemanding cats that do not climb the drapes. One of our beloved seniors, Otis, found his forever home in his golden years and is now thriving. He has gained weight and a new outlook on life. Girlfriend (Bugsy), Pretty Boy, Ophelia and many other senior cats in our shelter, also, deserve happy retirements with families who love them. If you are thinking of adopting a cat, give thought to an “old soul”. Many of these golden oldies are still spry and could make wonderful companions.

Mrs. M. tells me that we have a new volunteer who is coming to us after reading my blog. She wants to work with our senior cats. I know they will be grateful and will welcome her visits. There is something very beautiful about old souls and it’s sad that people do not always see it.

Until next week,

Last chance to vote for humane society fundraising project under way

Hello, Everyone. It’s Liza from the laundry room at the Loyalist Humane Society, with some very exciting news. I have decided to get my licence. As you know, I greatly enjoy motoring and often go for weekend drives with our own Mrs. Moffatt. Last week, it occurred to me that if I only I had a licence, I could be a huge help to her. I could drive some of our shelter cats to their veterinary appointments and save Mrs. M. lots of time. Of course, if I am going to become a driver, I will need my own car, which is why I am inspecting our visitors’ vehicles. This week, I checked out a sporty, yellow Ford Focus guaranteed to make its driver a stand-out in any parking lot. Just as I was about to inspect its interior, to check for a CD player, Mrs.M. saw me and gave me a lecture about leaving pawprints on the hood. I told her to think of them as autographs and huffed off.

Just as I was returning to the laundry room, I spotted a very interesting sight and trotted off to grab my camera. I was successful in photographing Franco lying down on the job as an official Humane Society greeter. Then, he headed for the bushes where I snapped another shot of him with some weed. Perhaps now Mrs. M. will understand why I have no interest in a relationship with this loafer.

Once again, there has been lots of activity at our shelter. Preggers, the little tortoiseshell polydachtyl  (a fifty-cent word for ‘has extra toes’) was adopted. She raised her little family while she was with us and had now been “fixed”. No one will be calling her “Preggers” again.

Three tiger kittens arrived here this week and one of them already has been adopted. I’m sure the others will soon find their forever homes, for they are fine looking youngsters, I must say, even if I am no fan of rug rats.

Two small red and white kittens who were found in a local dump recently found a safe home with us. I expect they will enjoy chatting with our Dumpling who is always eager to relate tales from her days at the Milford waste transfer station.

Little Sailor, the fuzzy black kitten whose ear infection caused nerve damage and left him with a quizzical tilt to his head, went to the Bloomfield Craft Fair with Mrs. M. last weekend. Lots of people stopped to see him, but no one adopted him. One of the sweetest kittens at our shelter, he needs a forever home with a family who will love him for his friendly disposition and quirky expression. Sailor has a fine singing voice and would dearly love a forever home with a caring family of his own.

Of course, he is not the only one in search of a family. There are many exceptional cats and kittens at our shelter, just waiting for visitors to notice them. Let me tell you about some of them.

The Lone Ranger (Ranger) and Silver
Always ready for adventure, these lively kittens are eagerly waiting for homes of their own. If you need help in decorating your Christmas tree, look no further, for this pair would be happy to lend a paw.

Our own jungle cat, Tarzan, is a handsome grey and white puss who would be the purrfect family cat or best friend for a senior. Has patchwork quilt, will travel.

Penny – This Week’s Centrefold
A Penny for your thoughts. This beautiful long-haired tabby came to the shelter with her sisters, Sally and Jessie. She’s the family beauty, with her long silky hair and beautiful eyes. Penny often daydreams of a forever home, as do her sisters who are also handsome cats. You could make their dreams come true.


Lucy and Desi – Two small red and white kittens who were found in a local dump recently found a safe home with us. I expect they will enjoy chatting with our Dumpling who is always eager to relate tales from her days at the Milford waste transfer station.

The “Fraidy Cats”
Feral cats Dar and Uncle Westlake  were brought to our shelter when a kind woman became concerned for their fate, the “Fraidies” have their own room. Mrs. M. says that, originally, there was only a lounge chair in it and when she stepped inside she found a pyramid of frightened cats cowering beneath it. Today, the Fraidy Cat room is a happy place. Caring volunteers have hung art work on the walls and placed a silk ficus tree in one corner. It took time, but slowly many of the Fraidies have learned to trust humans and some of them are now ready for adoption. Dar, above is a big tiger and white fellow with a large white spot on his nose. He is now one of the friendliest cats you could wish to meet and would very much like to find a home of his own.

Uncle Westlake, who is also an occupant of the Fraidy Cat room, was found dumpster diving at West Lake Terrace nursing home. He came to the shelter with a broken arm which has now mended, leaving him with a slight limp. He’s eager to find a forever home. Could you give his story a happy ending?

Paw-notes from the desk of Liza:
Autumn, the lovely pale orange cat who was recently adopted, seemed unhappy in his new home. His owner reported that he was refusing to eat. She grew concerned for him and returned him to the shelter. She then adopted Jumper, who was featured in A Sheltered Life, last week. Of course, all of us were happy to see Autumn again, but sad that he did not adapt in his new home.

PawMaw, the surrogate mother who raised 12 orphan kittens at the shelter this year, is still waiting for her forever home. Mrs. M. says she shows no interest in wandering far afield, never complains, and does not even like wet food. She is the perfect cat and would make the ideal pet for a senior.

Sheba has gone to Global Pets in Belleville, where she is hoping to find her forever home. We are excited that this pet store is now showcasing our residents.

A harvest dinner featuring ham, turkey, scalloped potatoes and mashed potatoes will be held at the Wellington Town Hall on Saturday, Nov. 26 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., with proceeds to our shelter. There will be homemade pies for dessert, too. Tickets are $15. per person.

Don’t forget that voting in the Aviva Community Fund competition resumes today. Please let your mice roar. Click them each day to vote for us in this final round.
The Loyalist Humane Society enters the third round of voting today at noon. Although the Society had great support in rounds one and two, the idea did not get enough votes to automatically move to the semi-final round. Anyone, anywhere, who has an email address can vote for the project once a day, every day until Nov. 30.  This is the last chance to qualify for the semi-final round in December.

Many little hearts are counting on you.

Until next week,

Aviva competition win would ease shelter overcrowding

Hello, everyone, it’s Liza reporting from the laundry room at the Loyalist Humane Society. Our annual fall moving day took place this week and now all of the cats and kittens who were being housed in the reception area, which is unheated, have been relocated to our main buildings for the winter months. How wonderful it would be if we could win that Aviva competition. Renovations would then take place in the building presently used as a reception area and a heating system could be installed in it. This would make moving day history.

Everyone is settling in well, after the big move. Just as I suspected, Mrs. Moffatt was hoping that Franco could bunk with me. She keeps inventing clever plots designed to bring us together. Now that Franco is an official greeter, he’s getting a swelled head. He is definitely not my type and if he thinks he is going to share my favourite napping places, this winter, he is sadly mistaken. I often tell him so, in no uncertain terms, but it is very difficult to insult him. He takes no notice of anything I say and seems to think I’m flirting with him. He is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, if you know what I mean.

The arrival of Kicky Icky prompted great excitement, a couple of weeks ago. She is a beautiful seal-point Siamese cat who was living in a barn before she came to us. Let me tell you about her and some of the other cats who are searching for hearths of their own to warm this winter.

Kicky – Kicky Icky (who says she prefers to be known as Kiki) is a four-year-old seal-point Siamese with beautiful blue eyes and a sweet disposition. She’s four years old and has a trait seldom found in females. Mrs. M. says she is not vocal. While some Siamese cats have loud voices, Kicky, never howls. She just bats those baby blues and looks innocent.

Furby – A dapper black and white cat, Furby had what was believed to be an ear infection when he arrived here. A veterinary examination revealed that, instead, he had tufts of hair obstructing his ears. A little careful barbering and he was as good as new. He’s mature cat with a friendly disposition, who would like a forever home for Christmas.

The Tabby Trio – Hettie, Hortense, and Jessie always head for the hottest place in town – the heater in their room at the Loyalist Humane Society. Jessie is a very shy cat but Hortense is always ready to make new friends.

Sally – A mature cat who would love to find a quiet home with a senior citizen, Sally still has lots of love to give. She would be the ideal companion for an older person in search of a lap warmer.

Tipsy – Tipsy has a reputation as quite a drinker and is always eager to know what’s on tap. The second she hears a faucet running, she’s there to tip a glass. If you’re searching for a drinking buddy, look no further.

Jumper and Cougar – Cougar’s mother, Ruby, was adopted recently and now, she, too, is looking for a forever home. Her friend, Jumper would also like a family of his own.

Woody – This Week’s Centrefold – A handsome tiger and white cat with personality plus, Woody has climbed to the top of the ladder. It is not known if he has a plan for coming down again. One of the most likeable cats at the shelter he would be the perfect family pet or could bring smiles to a senior citizen.

Harness – Found in Picton, wearing a too-tight harness, this lovely grey tabby was once someone’s pet. However, no one ever claimed him and he is still at our shelter waiting for a home of his own. Harness is friendly, but can be a bit of a bully with other cats. He would thrive as an “only cat” and is not suitable for a multi-cat household.

Crawford – A mature tiger cat who loves attention, Crawford would be a decorative touch in any home. A large cat who has lots of character, he is eager for a family of his own. His striking good looks make him a stand-out here at the shelter.

Paw-notes from the desk of Liza:
Lots of visitors are coming to our shelter, these days and several of our residents have found their forever homes, among them Miner and Autumn. Miner, a lovely black and white cat, was adopted by a senior whose beloved pet had recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Frankie, our little red-headed mischief, also was adopted recently. Rumour has it that one or two of our other residents also will be leaving us soon. We couldn’t be happier for them. Now, if only someone would adopt Franco.

Don’t forget to vote for us in the Aviva Community Fund competition. We would be very grateful for your support.

Until next week,

Shelter’s official greeter fears she’ll be replaced

It’s Liza, here in the laundry room at the Loyalist Humane Society and let me tell you, right now, I am under considerable stress. After being steadily employed, for some months now, as the shelter’s official greeter (I prefer the title Head of Human Resources), I am worried about losing my job. When that interloper Franco failed to find himself a home and I refused to hook up with him, Mrs. Moffatt decided that he should become gainfully employed. She paroled him to the shelter yard and informed me that he was going to become an official greeter, too. Of course, he has no job experience whatever.

The most important thing a greeter needs to have is a good opening line. I always start off with, “Hello, I’m Liza. Welcome to the Loyalist Humane Society, May I give you a tour?” Franco, who was a street person before coming to our shelter, actually strolled up to a visitor the other day and said, “Hey Dude, what’s shakin’.” I was certain he would be fired on the spot, but Mrs. M. says he just needs a little work experience. Franco just smirked and told me that I am not “hip”. Now, I’m very worried about my job for that rascal has our shelter manager wrapped around his grubby litte paw.

But, on to the latest news from the LHS.There were 15 new arrivals (cats and kittens) at our shelter last week and approximately 15 more will be coming this week. All were living in a farm barn but became too big a responsibility for the farmer, since population explosions kept occurring with great regularity. These newcomers have been dubbed the “Ickys”. There are Mickey, Ricky, Dickey, Tricky, Kicky, Licky, Sticky, to name a few. All will be vaccinated, neutered and treated for fleas, before being placed up for adoption. Arriving with the Icky family was a Siamese cat who is very beautiful. Her past is a mystery.

Of course, in addition to the Ickys we have many beautiful cats and kittens here who are longing for forever homes. Let me tell you about a few of them.

FRANCO – Franco, the bothersome cat who is trying to steal my job, was a street person who begged his meals from homeowners at Prince Edward Heights. Someone brought him here, in hopes that he would find a home of his own. He’s handsome, mature, very purrsonable and a real thorn in my side. He’s getting far too much attention, in my opinion. He would be the ideal family cat or the perfect pet for a senior citizen.

PAWMAW – Pawmaw is a special cat. Brought to the shelter with her kittens in tow, she had a badly injured forepaw. She has a very sweet nature and when orphaned kittens were brought to the LHS she adopted them as her own. A wonderful surrogate mother, she fostered a total of 12 little foundlings this year,most of whom have now been adopted. Today, she’s an empty nester. Her paw is healing nicely and she’s looking for a home of her own. A pretty cat with a fiery orange coat that’s the perfect costume for Hallowe’en, she would be a good fit in any household.

PRICELESS – Svelte, sleek and available are all words that describe Priceless. This beautiful black cat would like nothing more than to haunt a home of her own on Hallowe’en Night. A young cat who came to the shelter this summer, she is sweet-natured and affectionate.

DUMPLING – Dumpling, our dumpster diver, who was caught searching for eats at the Milford waste transfer station, is a mature cat whose flaming red coat makes her a standout. She is eagerly seeking a home of her own and insists that the dumpster diving incident was all a lark.

SPITTY RILEY – This week’s centrefold
Spitty Riley, a calico cat who resides in the feral cat room here, is not a candidate for adoption. To describe her as a free spirit would be an understatement. However, since she is one of the most beautiful cats ever to come here, she is deserving of special mention. Caught off-guard by our photographer, she bolted the instant the shutter clicked and dived into a hooded cat bed occupied by another shelter sweetheart called Hissy Missy. Spitty and Hissy have found their forever homes here and despite their somewhat anti-social behaviour and both are wanted and loved. That’s what makes the LHS so special. There is always enough love to go around.

PUMPKIN and CHEETAH – Two handsome cats who are somewhat aloof, this pair would add a decorative touch to any household. If you would like to add Martha Stewart flair to your living room consider these beauties.

PICTON PUMPKIN – Picton Pumpkin is a special needs cat in need of a special owner with a loving heart. She was left in a crate outside the LHS some months ago and it was later discovered that she is diabetic. She requires a special diet food and must receive a shot, twice each day. A beautiful, long-haired red cat, who is five years old, she could be the ideal companion for the right person. Giving this sweet-natured cat a second chance at life could be a very rewarding experience.

VICKY – Although she is quick to point out that she is not a member of the newly arrived Icky family, (imagine being called Vicky Icky!) this tiger puss is just as pretty as any of them. A friendly,mature cat she would be ideal for a senior citizen.

PUNKIN HEAD – A pert little red and white cat, Punkin is eagerly seeking a family of her own. She would prefer it if it came complete with a large pet mattress similar to the one she enjoys here at our shelter.

TYGER – This tabby on a tower would be a good fit in any household. With more stripes that a barber’s pole he’s handsomely dressed for all occasions.

COUGAR – Cougar’s mom, Ruby, who recently found her forever home, is a real beauty and has passed her good looks on to her young daughter. To add a decorative touch to your home, adopt this attractive tabby cat whose sweet disposition makes her a shelter favourite.

DICKENS – exploring the tree branch in his playroom.

Paw-notes from the desk of Liza:
There’s a big Christmas bake sale and craft sale coming at the Armoury Mall on Dec. 9, with all proceeds to the LHS. This will provide a great opportunity to do a little Christmas shopping and sample some delicious treats.
Shelter supporter Kathy Terpstra organized two special events to benefit our shelter recently, a marathon run and a night of special entertainment and mini-spa pampering at the Bloomfield Town Hall. All of us here at the shelter appreciate her generosity.
Word has it that another shelter friend, Lorain Sine, is planning her usual Christmas concert, an annual fundraiser for the LHS. She is an amazing singer, so don’t miss it. It’s sure to put you in the holiday spirit.
Although it is early, I have already begun my letter to Santa Cat. All I want for Christmas is a forever home for Franco, so that my job will once again be secure.
Until next week,

Your vote will help Loyalist Humane Society in the second round

It’s Liza here, reporting from the laundry room at the Loyalist Humane Society. My worst suspicions have been confirmed. Mrs. Moffat is determinedly playing matchmaker. She is desperate to hook me up with Franco. Last week, she sat me down beside his crate and suggested that we chat. I ignored him but he did not seem to notice. Then, can you believe it, she actually brought him into my laundry room. I refused to say a word to him, but he didn’t seem offended in the least. In fact, I think he was ignoring me. Surely, Mrs. M. can see that we have absolutely nothing in common. If you ask me, that Franco is just looking for warm digs for the winter and has his eye on the top of the dryer, where I often nap. And speaking of naps, someone snapped a rather unflattering photo of me, just as I was awakening from my beauty sleep. It’s impossible to have any privacy around here!

Everyone here at the shelter is still very excited about the Aviva Community Fund contest. If we were to win, there would be major upgrades to the present reception area which is now used only seasonally. We urgently need your votes to move on to Round Two of this competition. Please go to and vote for us, every day from now until Oct. 19.

Good news here last week. One of our new arrivals, a delightful tiger kitten named Trudy Tripp, went to the Bloomfield United Church Craft Fair last Saturday and was adopted! With her winsome ways, she was bound to find her forever home quickly. Grey Owl, a handsome gray cat, also found a home of his own.

Remember Emma, the deaf calico cat that was found doing the dog paddle in a swimming pool? She’s been adopted by the family of Ashley, our new co-op student, and is doing well in her new home. We are all very happy for her.

There are still lots of wonderful cats and kittens here who are available for adoption. Let me tell you a little about them.

This tiny tiger kitten (she weighs just 10.3 ounces) is one of Paw-Maw’s foster children, the twelfth one as a matter of fact. When she is adopted, Paw-Maw, finally, will become an empty nester.

Princess, a gorgeous peach tabby, has been at the shelter for some time. If you’re looking for a fabulous fur coat to make the neighbours jealous, this gal is it. Initially, a little shy with strangers, she quickly responds to affection. She is eagerly waiting for the day when she will find her forever home.

This colourful calico cat has a rather unusual name, which cannot be readily explained. However, her beauty is no secret. Beautifully marked, she is a striking cat who would add distinction to any home. Come up and see her sometime.

This little black kitten, who is almost three months old, developed an inner ear infection that has affected his balance. He staggers a little, like a drunken sailor, and his head is cocked to one side giving him a permanent “what say?” expression. Our veterinarian says it could take up to a year for him to face the world head on, once again. His prognosis is a little uncertain, but he is a plucky little fellow with a lot of love to give to the family willing to take a chance on him. Like all kittens, he loves to run and play, even if he does stagger a little at times.

A marble tabby, Mama is a favourite here at the shelter. Just three years old, she arrived here with eight kittens in tow. Most of them have been adopted and Mama is now spayed. A very friendly cat, she is ready to begin a new life with her forever family.

A tabby and white lad with a very impressive physique, Pretty Boy’s name says it all. He’s one of the handsomest cats at our shelter. His friendly nature makes him a favourite with all of our volunteers.

Lily is a friendly tiger cat who would very much like to find her forever home. If you are searching for an affectionate companion with whom to share long winter evenings, she could be the one.

Mrs. Moffat describes Woody as “a lovely cat”. Just a year old, he is handsome and friendly. He is earnestly seeking a hearth to call his own.

Autumn is still searching for his forever family. A beautiful, mature cat who would be an ideal companion for a senior, he is friendly and available. He’s been at our shelter for some time, which is a mystery considering his good looks.

Paw-Notes from the desk of Liza: A harvest supper is still being planned this fall. Stay tuned for the date, place, and time.
Bugsy, the cat who came to our shelter covered in flea bites, has been debugged and is now progressing well. She’s a friendly sort and seems very grateful for what has been done for her here.
Please remember to VOTE for the Loyalist Humane Society in the Aviva Community Fund competition. It takes only a few moments and it could make such a big difference in our lives.

Cast your votes for Loyalist Humane Society Aviva fundraiser

Hello, it’s Liza reporting from the laundry room at the Loyalist Humane Society. The big news of the day is the Aviva Community Fund competition, in which the LHS is a contestant. If we are winners, it would mean major upgrades to one of our outbuildings. Now used only seasonally, it would be extensively renovated to become our new, heated, reception area complete with storage facilities for our records. To stand a chance of winning, we need as many votes as possible. Please go to and cast your vote for us, each day from now until Oct. 19. We urgently need your support.

As I mentioned last week, Mrs. Moffatt is trying to hook me up with that handsome black and white cat about town named Franco. It was definitely not love at first sight and I have done my best to tell Mrs. M. that he is just not my type. The way Franco lounges around his crate all day, just watching the world go by, I seriously doubt he will ever amount to anything. However, our shelter manager is determined that we will be a match. I have made several rather insulting remarks to Franco regarding his lack of initiative, but he just ignores my attempts to give him the brush-off. I am worried about Mrs. M.’s refusal to recognize my disinterest in him. I think she is entertaining the ill-conceived notion that we might co-habit in the laundry room, this winter. Personally, I think she is planning to write the script for a spicy feline soap opera to be titled As The Washer Churns.

There were two new arrivals at our shelter this week, a mad-cap little tiger tabby named Trudy Trip and a sweet-natured black and white cat named Bugsy, who brought a few house guests with her. Let me tell you about them and a few of our other newcomers.
Nine, Ten and Eleven
All were fostered by PawMaw and numbered accordingly. Two have found their forever homes, but one of these sweet little numbers is still searching for a family to love.

A pretty black and white long-haired cat, Bugsy had been fending for herself for some time. A kind woman who noticed her roaming her street saw that she needed help and brought her to our shelter. This poor, homeless cat was travelling with a flea circus and had become very ill. She was suffering from anemia caused by hundreds of flea bites and had licked most of the fur from her back legs, in a desperate attempt to find relief from the itching that resulted from them. When Bugsy arrived here, she was shivering and Mrs. M. Tucked her up in a crate with a hot water bottle. Her flea infestation has been treated and she is now resting comfortably. One day soon, she will be ready for her forever home. This mature cat has a very sweet disposition and would fit well in any household.

A one-year-old tiger and white cat, poor Charles was “running everywhere” when he came to us, if you catch my drift. He has now been treated for his unfortunate problem and soon will be seeking his forever family. An active, sweet-natured cat he is very grateful that things have slowed down for him at last.

This Week’s Centrefold – Trudy Tripp

This little tiger tabby, who is about four months old, was brought to us as a stray. She quickly demonstrated that she is no ordinary cat. Trudy is very people-oriented and is not about to lose sight of Mrs. M. She climbs her leg for attention and loves to purr and cuddle. If you are seeking a long-term relationship with a loyal friend and companion, look no further. Our own Miss Trudy Tripp is waiting for your call.


Gray and Cloudy with friends
These two gray kittens were brought to us by a caring family who rescued them along with their mother and two siblings. They have decided to keep Mom Cat and this week brought her youngsters to our shelter to seek their forever homes. There are very few solid gray cats here, so they are a stand-out among the kittens who are with us this fall. If you are searching for a cat of a different colour, why not come to see this handsome pair?

N.B. Because you may be wondering about the identity of the individual whose hands, arms, shoulders, feet, and legs frequently appear in our adoption profile photos, it’s our own Mrs. Moffat. Never one to seek the limelight she always puts our shelter residents front and centre during photo ops. While you may never see her face, these photos of her helping hands give you a great picture of Mrs. M. who is always there for us.

Paw-notes From the Desk of Liza:
I am excited to report that the recent Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie campaign has raised an amazing $2,990 for the LHS. As Mrs. M. has said “that’s a lot of cookies in a week”. Our sincere thanks goes out to all who made this event possible, including the “cookie monsters” who munched their way to this astounding total.

The harvest supper that I mentioned last week, will be held in November. All of us here at the shelter are looking forward to this special event.

Zoe Katt has found her forever home, which includes a playroom for her five kittens. Luckily, it comes complete with an emergency exit which she often uses when they play with their toy duck, Quackers.

Word has it that Zoe, the stray cat who is now in care with her five kittens, has been adopted by her foster family, along with her entire brood. Happy in her new home, she thought everything was just ducky, until the arrival of “Quackers”. Her foster mom bought a cute little felt duck toy at the pet store that has a motion-activated tape inside him. Every time one of Zoe’s kittens bats him, Quackers says “quack, quack, quack, quack.” The kittens are very taken with their little duck friend who can be heard quacking merrily in their playroom, all day long. Mom Katt does not share their enthusiasm for their flat-footed pal, whose constant quacking is getting on her nerves. There is a rumour that Quackers may soon fly the coop.
Until next week,

Another important ‘election’ supports Loyalist Humane Society

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated” -Gandi.

Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. Alan R. Capon photo

by Margaret Haylock Capon
Allow me to introduce myself to any Countylive readers who may not know who I am. My name is Liza and I am the official greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society (LHS) on Talbot Street. (Click here for my usual blog on the comings and goings at the shelter)
However, a very important “election” is about to take place and all of the cats here at our shelter urgently need your votes. Let me explain.

The W.H. Williamson and Company Insurance Ltd. kindly is sponsoring us in the Aviva Community Fund Contest for Charities. Aviva has pledged one million dollars to support community initiatives, such as improved shelter facilities for the LHS. Contestants submit their ideas on the Aviva web site and visitors to the site are asked to vote for their favourite ideas so they can advance through to the competition’s final round. At this stage, they are evaluated by an independent judge.
How can you help?

Round one is from Oct. 3 to Oct. 19. Each person who registers with an email address gets 15 votes for each of the three initial rounds and the semi finals. You can also tell all of your friends to vote, too. It’s a Canada-wide competition, so people do not have to live in Prince Edward County, in order to support us. You can also share on Facebook and Twitter.

Why do we need your support? The LHS recently acquired property on the outskirts of town. This site has buildings on it, three of which are now used as part of our shelter program. However, there is a large building close to the others that now serves as an animal reception area with storage space. When animals first come to the LHS they are brought here to be examined, documented and kept until they can be released into the general population. This building is usable only for three seasons of the year, as it is not heated, there are no washing facilities, and it is poorly lit. To bring it up to adequate standards, new windows, lighting, doors, insulation, heating, plumbing and other repairs
are needed. There is also an area in the building that could be used as an office. Presently, our records and supplies are stored in the homes of various volunteers. Our hope is that, if we become winners in this competition, we can refurbish this building and make it a clean, energy-efficient place where animals can be received, our volunteers can work, and our records can be housed. To realize our dream, we need YOUR help. Your votes can make all the difference.

For anyone who may be wondering who we are, let me bring you up to speed. The LHS was incorporated in 1999. In 2001 we had just 10 members. We have now grown to a paid membership of 400. Our objectives are to prevent cruelty to animals through the operation of a shelter for pets in need, fostering and adoption services for abandoned and stray animals, investigation of animal abuse or cruelty, establishment of a spay/neuter program and education of the public in pet care. We provide food, shelter, medical care, and often spay or neuter new animals. We are an organization that runs ENTIRELY with volunteers. There are no paid employees. We receive no funding from any source, except for individual donations and sponsors. We raise money through yard sales, bake sales, tag days, concerts, dinners, teen dances, aluminum can drives, liquor bottle collections, and many donations from animal lovers in our community.

All animals in our care are spayed or neutered as part of our intake process. We serve the Municipality of Prince Edward County. Unfortunately, because this area is a summer home for vacationers, we find it is a dumping place for animals who are unwanted when the summer is over. Therefore, we are not only solving local problems, but also those created by people from out-of-town. We have rescued cats, dogs, rabbits, pot-bellied pigs and horses. Our motto is “Please help those who cannot help themselves.”

Please visit and register to vote for us on this site. You can also register through your Facebook accounty and vote directly from the Aviva Community Fund Facebook page at

We need your votes to win. There are approximately 250 cats and kittens (including moi) here at the shelter who need your support. Let’s show them we care. We’re from Prince Edward County. Hear us roar!

Adoptions always a red-letter day

Hello, it’s Liza here and I must confess that I’m feeling a little lonely. My significant other, Zeke, has lost interest in me. His head has been turned by one of those “cougars’ in the seniors’ room. He’s not been paying any attention to me, at all. Mrs. Moffat noticed that I seemed a little depressed and thought she knew just what was needed to perk me up. Enter Franco, a sleek black and white fellow who used to panhandle at Prince Edward Heights. Mrs. M. told me he was handsome, worldly, and available and she thought we should hook up. She arranged for us to meet and I fear that I may have been rather impolite. I huffed off before that slick con artist could bore me with tales of his bachelor days. Never one to give up, Mrs. M. plans to arrange a second “date” for us. She has assured me that our friendship would be strictly platonic. Maybe I should give Franco a chance. Who knows, it might make Zeke jealous.

There was some good news at the shelter, this week. Buckwheat, a handsome black cat who has been with us for some weeks, found his forever home. So did last week’s centrefold, a foxy, long-haired gray tabby named Ruby. It’s always a red-letter day here when one of our residents is adopted. Many of our cats and kittens are still waiting for that special someone who will choose them. Let me tell you about some of them.


The sweetheart of our shelter, little Shoo-Fly was orphaned when her mother was struck by a car. She’s had more than her share of problems, in her short life, but she is now thriving and is ready for a home of her own. This spunky black and white kitten is four months old and promises to be a very pretty young lady.

Moo-Moo and Maui
Trailer park youngsters, who were brought to our shelter when campers began to leave at the end of the season, this pair would be an addition to any household. Maui is a handsome tiger tabby in a tux. His white bib makes him a stand-out in any crowd. Moo-Moo, is rather miffed at being identified with a cow and is investigating the process required to change her name.

The Grey Sisters
Two beautiful grey kittens between six and eight weeks of age these sisters are new arrivals at our shelter. Playful and pretty, they are in search of a forever home.

Spook and Ghostbuster
These two brothers came to our shelter, just in time for Hallowe’en. Spook is jet black, while Ghostbuster is a vivid orange. Soon, it will be their night to howl.

This Week’s Centrefold – Franco
Meet Franco, the handsome cat that Mrs. M. is proposing as my new main squeeze. He’s mature, dignified, and has a friendly disposition. He’s been with us for some time and deserves a family of his own to love him for the purrsonable puss that he is.

Congratulations to Buckwheat who found his forever home this week. We wish him all the best as he sets off on his new adventure.

Purrfectly Content
Zoe, who is now in foster care,shares some quiet time with her five kittens. The rug rats are named Dickens, Albert, Mary Grace, Kat and KopyKat  (the latter two are identical in appearance and their original names of Plain Jane and Violet have been abandoned.

Crazy for Crazy Pants
Zoe’s kittens enjoy playtime in their Crazy Pants – brightly striped clown pants with a lining that crackles and is lightly impregnated with catnip.

Paw-notes from the desk of Liza: Remember Doren? He’s the super friendly cat who is forever putting the bite on people. This unfortunate habit was not winning him any friends, until a new volunteer came to our shelter. She actually likes this toothsome little devil. Perhaps Doren will now smile more and nip less.

This year, approximately 125 kittens have come into care at our shelter. Many have found loving homes, while others are still waiting for families of their own. Mrs. M. says the public has responded very generously to requests for kitten food. Their kindness has made a big difference in getting these little rug rats off to a proper start.

This week, rumours of an upcoming harvest supper in Wellington are circulating at the shelter, The date for this fundraiser has not been set, as yet, but the meal will include turkey, ham, and scalloped potatoes.

Volunteers and supporters making everybody smile!

A dog named Furby McFluff was tagging with his owners outside the Picton Post Office. It's the second time he has lent a paw to our cause.

Hello from the laundry room. It’s me, Liza, with lots of good news from the shelter. We’re all excited about the impressive total raised during our Tag Day last Friday. Volunteers tagging in Picton and Wellington collected $3,000. Everyone was very generous and their donations will make a big difference to all of us here. A dog named Furby McFluff was tagging with his owners outside the Picton Post Office. It’s the second time he has lent a paw to our cause. Two of our former shelter cats, Gatsby and Beyonce live with him and have told him all about the shelter. Furby came from the Quinte Humane Society and knows how much community support means to us, so he decided to do his his part.

There have been several newcomers here, in the past few days. As the official greeter for the Loyalist Humane Society (LHS), I would like to welcome Sneakers, Meow, Wild, and Wilder. Priceless and her kitten, Doodlebug, are new here, too.

All of the shelter kittens who were available for adoption at Robyn’s Nest and Pet Valu this month have found their forever homes, so Mrs. Moffatt sent off five more of the little rug rats to Pet Valu and two to Robyn’s Nest. If you’re thinking of adopting, be sure to stop in to say hello to them.

Of course, we have some outstanding cats and kittens right here at the shelter. Let me tell you about some of them.

This pretty little tortoiseshell miss is approximately two years old. Her friends describe her as “conflicted”. Some days she is as friendly as can be. Other times, she is a little grouch. She’s looking for a family of her own who will help her to be a happy cat, all the time.

This tiny tiger kitten came to the shelter with his mother, Priceless. An only child, he’s lonely and looking for love. In a few weeks, he will be ready to go to his forever home. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone adopted both Priceless and the Doodlebug?

Cats like Buckwheat don’t come along every day. He’s young, handsome, smart, gentle, and personable. He’d be an ideal family cat or a wonderful companion for a senior.

This handsome tiger tabby is a cat-of-the world, who is earnestly seeking a forever home where he will be appreciated for his good looks and winning ways. While he is hopeless at golf, he plays a lively game of cat and mouse.

This large gray cat has a gentle disposition and is certainly no slouch in the looks department. With his sweet temperament, he would make an ideal family cat or the purrfect best friend for a senior.

Ruby is a real gem. A tiger tabby with gold undertones, her luxurious fur coat is as soft as velvet. Obviously a lady of refinement, she is currently in search of a forever home where she would be appreciated for her special qualities. Unlike Princess Pishy Puss, Ruby does not have attitude.

Strike gold with Autumn, a mature tiger tabby with a handsome, tawny coat. He’s a mature cat with a gentle disposition and he’d very much like to find his forever home.

Talk about friendly, Portia almost beat me out for my job as LHS’s official greeter. Her resume certainly  was impressive. Mrs. M. says whenever someone comes to choose a cat, Portia is always runs to the head of the line. She’s pretty and purrsonable, too.



Our friend Paul Massey, owner of Tim Hortons Picton, says there are plenty of reasons to smile as the restaurant's annual Smile Cookie program continues until Sept. 25 in support of the Loyalist Humane Society. Patrons can purchae a special smiling chocolate chip cookie for $1 plus tax - with all proceeds donated to the shelter.


Pawnotes from the desk of Liza: Mrs. M. is getting some much-needed help here at the shelter, these days. A co-op student named Ashley is going to be here each weekday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., until January. All of us here would like to welcome her.

Shoo-fly, the tiny kitten who got off to such a rocky start, after losing her mother this summer, is now thriving. She will soon be ready for her forever home and all of us here hope it will be a special one.

That’s all the news from the LHS for this week. I’m off to pay a visit to a new cat named Sneakers who has just come to us from Oshawa. I’m told that this long-haired beauty is a Tabby Tortie. Her owner could not keep her any longer and drove her all the way here to us because we are a no-kill shelter.


Supporting Friday’s Tag Day shows you care

Hello, again, it’s Liza here. My very first personal appearance was a smashing success. Mrs. Moffat took me to Picton Fair to help her staff the Loyalist Humane Society booth. My fans recognized me at once and made a huge fuss over me. Some of them told me that they read my blog on Countylive. I was enjoying my 15 minutes of fame, when suddenly overcome by all the excitement of being a celebra-cat, Mrs. Moffat said I fell asleep on her lap, totally oblivious to my surroundings.
It’s been an exciting week here at the shelter. An honest-to-goodness film star named Bela Lugosi moved in, complete with his Goji berries. Apparently, like a lot of Hollywood folks, he has his idiosyncrasies. Mrs. M. says he eats two berries a day. Since I am something of a star myself, I thought Mr. Lugosi and I would have a lot in common. He is incredibly handsome – pure black with penetrating green eyes. Word has it that he is part Himalayan. He tells me that he was born with just one hind leg, but this has not slowed him down in the least. I tried to talk to him about getting into show business, but he advised me to keep my day job at the shelter. He starred in a series of horror films, but says that fame was fleeting. Now, he is down on his luck and waiting at the LHS for a lead role in a story with a happy ending. He has asked me to tell everyone about him in my next blog, because he desperately wants a forever home.

Meet Bela Lugosi
This incredibly handsome, long-haired (he’s part Himalayan) black cat was born with only one hind leg, but has adjusted well to his handicap and has good mobility. Just two years old, he is in need of a caring owner who will devote time to grooming his luxurious ebony coat. Mr.Lugosi is very friendly and health conscious, too. He eats Goji berries. If you are in search of a unique cat with star quality, come and visit him at the LHS.

Buckwheat gives new meaning to the words “laid back”. A friendly stray who was found on Big Island, this relaxed puss would be an addition to any household. If you are in search of an affectionate family cat look no further. He’s good-natured and good to go.

Mrs. Black’s Brood
Mrs. Black arrived at the shelter in a delicate condition. Mr. Black’s identity appears to be a closely guarded secret. A smart puss who is well aware that black cats are among the last to be adopted, she gave birth to five tiger and white kittens. Just two days old, already they are receiving lots of ooohs and aaahs here. In a few weeks time, they will be ready for adoption.

Sylvester is growing a little tired of all of those Tweetie bird jokes that come his way. He’s looking for a forever home in which there are no annoying little canaries to sing “I thought I saw a puddy cat, sneaking up on me.” Just two years old, he would be an ideal family cat or the perfect best friend for a senior citizen.

This Week’s Centrefold
This week’s centrefold is Wesley, (shown far right) who has come a long way from his dumpster diving days at West Lake Terrace Nursing Home. He once ran with a gang that made daring night raids on the dumpsters. When a trap was set for these looters, he and his friends were captured and brought to the shelter. Now enjoying a well balanced diet, Wesley has gained weight and cuts an impressive figure when sunning himself on the patio. Young and handsome with a roguish gleam in his eye, he’s looking for a family to call his own.

McSquinty’s view of the world may be a little skewed, but he is a lovable cat with lots of personality. He’s beginning to feel a little dejected because visitors often overlook tabby cats. He’d like a chance to prove that he could be a wonderful friend and companion. If you’re looking for a new best friend, just ask for him. He’s the cat’s pyjamas.

This young, red-headed cat-about-town thought he had it made. A shelter visitor chose him and he was very excited about going to his new forever home. Then the caller changed her mind. Frankie is once more seeking someone to love. A friendly cat who would be an excellent choice for a young family or a senior citizen, he is still available.

This Friday, (Sept. 16) the Loyalist Humane Society will be holding its annual Tag Day in Picton and Wellington. Your support would be greatly appreciated.
Poor PawMaw is looking a little puzzled these days. She arrived at the shelter with a badly mangled forepaw and two small kittens in tow. Because, Mrs.M. has had orphaned kittens brought to the shelter on several occasions, she decided to give PawMaw a babysitting job. This sweet-natured red tabby has now fostered 11 kittens. She is perplexed, however. Always before, her kittens grew up and left home. Now, the little rug rats just keep coming. Mrs.M. says the kittens she is currently nursing will be her last foster family. She has been an excellent nanny, while recovering from a nasty injury to her paw. We hope she will soon find her forever home with a family who will love her for her gentle nature.

Amelia, the grey and white cat who came to us from Ameliasburgh, has found her forever home. So have Dougie, Kindling, and Buttercup.
Cremesicle and Snickers have moved to “the old folks home”, an area in our shelter for senior cats. Here they receive special care and lots of love from volunteer Lynn Webber.

Mrs. M. reports that approximately 100 kittens came into care this season. She’s pleased and grateful that so many kind-hearted people brought kitten food to the shelter for them. Their generosity has made all the difference for these little foundlings.

Until next week,
– Liza

Find out more about the Loyalist Humane Society at the Picton Fair

From the desk of Liza:

It’s official. Mrs.Moffatt says she is taking me to Picton Fair. This is exciting news, indeed. I’ve never been to a fair and neither have any of the other cats here at the shelter. Silly Zeke (my spouse) thought I said I was going off to an affair, but he calmed down when I explain it was “a” fair.

Naturally, I want to look my best for this big event, but who gets all the attention around here? That pesky Princess Pishy Puss is still in the limelight, a real feat since she recently moved to her forever home. Rumour has it that she has summoned Mrs. M., because she needs a pedicure and wants her to do her nails. Of course, no one thought to ask if I would like my nails done for my personal appearance at the fair.

But enough of me. Wait ’til I tell you all the good news from the Loyalist Humane Society (LHS), Remember that beautiful black cat who was found in a dumpster near the docks in Picton Harbour? She’s found her forever home and so have three of the kittens who were at Pet Valu last week. Of course our goal here is to find forever homes for all of our residents, so I’m going to tell you about some of the special cats who are waiting to meet you.

Pallet Puss
Pallet Puss (Pal for short) is a handsome, tiger and white cat, about two years of age, who was found with a friend, hiding among some wooden pallets at Prince Edward Heights.

This pretty little Calico cat is still waiting for her forever family. Has wicker basket, will travel.

Captain Black
A mature cat, Captain is friendly and easygoing. Because most people overlook black cats, when adopting, he has been at the shelter for some time. He’s looking for that certain someone who will appreciate his suave good looks and sleek ebony coat.

Major Moggie
In England, cats are known as “moggies”. Our own Major Moggie does have a bit of an accent, although he has never been “over the pond.” A mature cat, he would be purrfect for a senior.

The handsomest cat in the shelter is still here, waiting for that special someone. Even Princess Pishy Puss was smitten by his good looks.

General Lee
This distinguished tiger and white fellow is one of our senior cats. Now retired, he is looking for a loving family who will patiently listen to his war stories. The rest of the cats at the shelter say he has already meowed their ears off.

Antonia – This Week’s Centrefold
A real glamour puss, Antonia is a striking black and white cat who is very friendly. This young miss would be a good fit in any household.

Toffee is the cat lover’s eye candy. A pretty puss with a friendly disposition she would be the ideal companion for a senior. She’s as sweet as her name implies and is eagerly seeking a forever home.

Shoo-Fly and Orange Julius
If it weren’t for bad luck, Shoo-Fly would have no luck at all. Orphaned when her mother was struck by a car, she was the runt of her litter. When she came to the LHS it was discovered that a nasty rodent bot fly had deposited larvae in her neck. After she had been de-bugged, it seemed that the worst was over. Then, she developed an eye infection. Mrs. M. nursed her around the clock and now she is now recovering well. This little kitten’s will to survive is inspirational and she deserves a special family who will love her for her courage.
Orange Julius is Shoo-Fly’s best friend. Mrs.M. says that when he was born, he looked like a little old man – a Benjamin Button, if you recall that movie. Now, he is slowly turning into Brad Pitt. Like Shoo-Fly, he’s looking for a forever home.

Sissy and Lily (no photos available)
Loving homes are urgently needed for this pair. Allergies forced their owner to surrender these beautiful, declawed cats to the LHS. Sissy is a four-year old, solid grey female, while six-year-old Lily is a tortoiseshell cat. Because they have been declawed, they cannot be placed among the other cats here. They need loving, indoor homes and would consider it purrfect if they could be adopted, together.

Paw Notes:
Just a reminder that on Sept. 16, the LHS will be holding its annual Tag Day in Picton and Wellington.
Don`t forget to look for me at Picton Fair. I`ll be at the LHS booth with Mrs. Moffat. I`m quite the cat about town, these days. Last weekend, Mrs. M. took me to Campbellford to visit her mother. Unlike most cats, I enjoy motoring. Besides, even Miss Pishy Puss never had her own chauffeur.

See you at the Fair.

Zoe with her new kittens.

* * *

Tiger cats always the last to find forever homes

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

-William Blake

Hello, it’s me, Liza, waxing poetic. Although I’m not a big fan of poetry, I’ve always liked these lines. Of course, I know that Mr. Blake was referring to jungle tigers, but I think his words also could apply to some of the cats here at the Loyalist Humane Society. We have lots of tiger tabbies at our shelter and, sometimes, I don’t think our visitors realize just how special they are. They consider them plain and unremarkable, but nothing could be further from the truth. Sadly, tiger cats and black cats are always the last to find forever homes. This week, I want to tell you about some of our very own “tygers”, but first a word about Amelia the un-tiger.

This fluffy grey and white puss was found in Ameliasburgh, hence her name. Young and purrsonable she is very affectionate and would like to make your acquaintance. She’s definitely not a tiger cat, but I think this girl has real potential.

Now, let’s hear our tigers roar – – – –
This Week’s CentrefoldMaude
Maude is one of the sweetest cats at our shelter, but time after time she has been overlooked. She has a sleek coat, a pert little face, and a long tail with a curious bump on its end. She been’s waiting for her forever home for a long time. If you’re looking for a true blue friend who will give you unconditional love, just call and ask Mrs. Moffatt for Maude.

This sleek tiger temptress arrived at the shelter after giving birth to a litter of kittens. Now that they’ve grown up and left home Morrin is ready to begin a new life. She has been spayed and is eagerly awaiting placement in a loving home. If you are in search of a new best friend, stop by to see her.

The Three Amigos
Originally members of The Consecon Five (which later became Six, when another littermate was discovered), The Three Amigos have decided to strike out on their own. Tails held high, Domingo, Carreras (Cary for short) and Pavarotti are working on their new act, which promises to be the cat’s meow.

This fluffy tiger miss is tired of hearing that blondes have more fun. She can chase a ball or bat a catnip mouse with the best of them. Pretty, playful, and ready for love, she’s looking for someone who can see her inner beauty.

A friendly tiger tabby, Jessie would very much like a forever home. He’s handsome, athletic, and very dapper. He says that white spot on his tummy is really a hanky in his breast pocket.

Bite Me’s Brother
He may not be a tiger cat but, nonetheless, this boy has star quality, Bite Me’s Brother enjoys playing peek-a-boo in his tunnel and would like to move his toy box to your family room. How did he get his unusual name? When questioned, he said, “Don’t ask.”

A pretty puss with distinctive striping, Tigger enjoys afternoon naps in her basket. She would be the ideal companion for a senior.

Although she’s not a tiger cat, Devree often has been overlooked, too. She arrived at our shelter with some kittens in tow and they quickly found homes. Sadly, Devree has not yet found her forever home. This black and white charmer could be purrfect for you.

Tripp and his brothers, Dizzy and Tipsy, were born with a neurological problem that causes them to stagger slightly when they walk. Despite their peculiar gait they move freely and do not seem to notice that they cannot always walk a straight line. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some kind person decided to adopt all three of them?

Paw Notes: Last Friday’s big yard sale at the LHS raised more than $1300! None of the merchandise was priced. People just chose the items they wanted and left a donation with our friend Gail. Of course, Gail and Mrs. M. never could have pulled it off without my help. As official greeter for the LHS, I was nearly run off my paws, while trying to welcome everyone to the sale. Afterwards, I took a long nap in the laundry room.

A postcard from Princess Pishy Puss arrived in our mailbox, this week. She has a forever home now and could not resist telling us all about it. Her new owner cooks chicken for her every day and she has her own special place for napping – a sunny bay window. She says she is finally receiving the adulation she so richly deserves. Talk about being catty! I’ve a good mind to hire a private detective to get the lowdown on this little minx. I’m willing to bet there is at least one litter of kittens in her past and probably  “daddy” came from the wrong side of the tracks. Princess, indeed!

On Sept. 16, the Loyalist Humane Society will hold its annual Tag Day. Our volunteers will be staffing donation boxes at several locations. Please stop to say hello. Your generous support makes all the difference for us.

There is also a Cookie Campaign coming soon. I’ll tell you more about it later.

The next big event on our calendar is Picton Fair. Through the grapevine, I heard that Mrs.Moffatt might take me along to staff our booth (I thought she’d never ask). There was also the suggestion that I could give autographs. I’d be pawsitively delighted to meet my fans.

Until next week,
– Liza

Resident diva and the dumpster diver among those who found forever homes

It’s Liza here, with the latest scoop from the Loyalist Humane Society. Our resident diva, Princess Pishy Puss has found her forever home! It took her forever to do it, too, but at last she’s on her way. Her luggage has been sent to her new address and Her Royal Highness has left the building.

Our dumpster diver, Dumpling, also was adopted, last week. A kind lady who had lost her cat came by in search of a new friend and chose the cat who was caught in a raid at the Milford Waste Transfer Station.

George, a handsome brown tabby, found a forever home, too, but got off on the wrong paw with his new owner. He discovered a loose screen in one of the patio doors and escaped into the backyard. It was fenced but he “went over the wall” and is now missing in action in the area of Pitt Street, in Picton. Wanted posters have been circulated and there is an APB out on the fugitive. That striped suit of his should have been the first clue that he might try to escape.

Our little Thumbelina, the tabby kitten with the extra toes, Golden Dragon, and Leechee also found homes.

Mrs. M. is delighted that so many of the rug rats who were at the shelter have found homes this month. Adoption fees were waived, during a special, one-time only offer, to help these kittens find families of their own.

There are still three little kittens here who urgently need caring homes. They were born with a neurological disorder that has affected their co-ordination, so sometimes they stagger and stumble. They still have lots of love to give and would very much like forever homes. Their names are Tipsy, Dizzy and Tripp.

As usual, I have volunteered to put in a few good words for some of our resident cats who very much want families of their own. Let me tell you about them.

Bonnie and Clyde
Two against the world, this little brother and sister are the off-spring of a feral cat (Mrs. M. says feral means “wild”) named Farrah. A very protective mother she now reluctantly accepts help from Mrs. M. and shelter volunteers. This week, her rug rats were taken outside for a romp in the grass. Mrs. M. actually suggested that I might like to babysit. I swiftly disabused her of that notion with a hiss that made Farrah sound like Miss Congeniality.

This Week’s Centrefold: Blake
This is Blake, holidaying at our very own Hallowell Hilton. He spends part of each day on the patio here at the LHS, catching some rays and showing off his abs. He’s not a bit shy about telling everyone what an addition he would be to any household. He’s a mature cat with plenty of swag.

Agatha Christie
What’s in a name? This tiger tabby is a mystery cat. She was found here at the shelter one morning and Mrs. M. at first thought she was a feral cat. After taking a closer look, she realized that Agatha had been declawed. Obviously, she had once been someone’s much-loved pet. No one has come forward to claim her and she is looking for a new, in-door home.

This tiger and white lad is young, handsome, and available. If you enjoy spending fall evenings in front of the fire, give him a call. He’s very purrsonable.

A resourceful cat, when Burrton found himself homeless, he did not cower under a bush meowing about his fate. Instead, he marched straight up to the shelter and told Mrs. M. he had nowhere to go. His sleek black coat was matted with burrs when he arrived, hence his name.  He’s now a popular cat-about-the-shelter, but he would leave it all behind in exchange for a forever home.

Ruby, a two-year-old, fluffy, tiger tabby, is every bit as pretty as Miss Pishy Puss, but she never puts on airs. She’s a favourite with everyone here at the shelter and would be an addition to any household. She’d make the perfect family cat.

Cougar came to the LHS with her mother, Ruby, and sister, Daisy, when she was just a kitten. This sleek little tiger tabby is eager to find her forever home with a family who will love her for her sweet disposition.

Paw-Notes: There is happy/sad news this week about one of our senior cats, Otis. At last, after years of being overlooked he has been adopted and, finally, has his forever home. Sadly,he was recently diagnosed with a mass near his liver. His new owner has provided him with a room of his own, complete with sofa and three sunny windows. His food is warmed before each meal and he’s groomed daily. Mrs. M. says it is a wonderful retirement for a fine old gentleman. We all love Otis and wish him the best in his golden years.

There will be big doings here at the shelter on Friday, Aug, 26. We’re having a Yard Sale from 9 a.m, to 2 p.m. There will be lots of “bargoons” so don’t miss out!

Picton Fair is just around the corner (September 9, 10, 11) and there is great excitement at the shelter. Mrs. M. is going to be there with our booth. Some of the cats here are going with her. I’ve been doing my best to convince her that I should go along, too, even if I am not available for adoption. After all, I am the official Spokescat for the LHS. I have my fans, you know.

Back next week with a report on our yard sale.

– Liza

Kittens under a car, an unadvertised special from Home Hardware

It’s Liza, here, with some sad news from the Loyalist Humane Society. Phoebe, the first cat to come to our shelter has crossed The Rainbow Bridge. For many cats here, the shelter is a sanctuary where they will be loved and cared for, until that red-letter day when they find their forever homes. When Phoebe came into care, more than 12 years ago, I’m sure she was hopeful that she would soon be chosen by one of our visiting families. Sadly, no one showed any interest in her.

Year after year, she remained at the shelter, until she became as much a part of it as our dear friend, Gail, and our own Mrs. Moffat. A sweet little tortoiseshell cat, she was a favourite among our volunteers. Phoebe never found her forever home, but still she had a loving family. When it was her time, she found a quiet place, in a cupboard, to spend her final hours. She was not alone, on her last night, for when Mrs.M. found her the following morning, Ringtail was sitting quietly beside her. He had stayed with her until she reached the Rainbow Bridge.

While it’s sad to think that Phoebe never found a family of her own, it’s a great comfort to know that she spent her life in a loving home. When she first arrived, she was suffering from a serious back injury. She immediately received treatment for it and was nursed back to health. She enjoyed attention from all of the volunteers at the shelter and Mrs. M. gave her lots of love. Of course, she also had lots of company, since our shelter is always bursting at the seams with cats and kittens.

We will all miss Phoebe who was able to live a long life among caring friends, through the efforts of the folks here at the shelter. She may not have found a forever home, but she will always be remembered with love by her extended family here at the LHS.

Now, on to happier news. There have been more new arrivals at the shelter, during the past week. Mrs.M. says she has never seen so many kittens! In an effort to place them all in loving homes, the LHS is making a special offer this month. All adoption charges will be waived and these cute little bundles of fluff will offered free of charge. However, a small donation would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve promised to lend Mrs. M. a paw in finding families for these little purring machines and also for some of our older residents. Let me tell you about them.

This Week’s Centrefold – Doug
Described by Mrs. M. as “just a sweetie” Doug is much like the girl who is always a bridesmaid, but never a bride. This friendly little cat is greatly admired by visitors to the shelter, but no one adopts him. A beautiful little gray and white cat who very much wants a family of his own, he’s still living in the dormitory at LHS. It’s time for this special little fellow to catch the bridal bouquet.

Remember this cute little orphan who was featured last week? She’s still looking for a home and would be delighted to make your acquaintance, if you are in need of a lap-warmer with a fine singing voice.

Homer and Bogo
There was an unadvertised special at Picton Home Hardware last week. A store employee discovered these two kittens under her car. Mrs.Moffat says apparently they were part of a “buy one, get one free” offer. This brother and sister are described as being “very vocal”, as well as seriously cute. The Home Hardware worker who found the pair kindly has volunteered to foster them, until forever homes can be found.

These little kittens were singing the blues, after their mother was live-trapped, recently. A feral cat she had successfully evaded capture on previous occasions. The offspring of her various romantic liaisons have found their way to the shelter in the past. This year, it was decided the time had come for her to settle down. When live-trapped, she was separated from her five kittens. When the trap was checked, she was found lying with her tummy against the wire so that her babies could nurse. Now, they are safe and sound at the shelter. Their mother has been taken to hospital to be spayed. Night life as she knew it has now come to a grinding halt.

A young stray who was live-trapped and brought to the shelter, George quickly earned a reputation as “just the sweetest cat”. A handsome brown tabby, he’s looking for someone to love. Could you be his perfect match?

There is no job security these days. Just ask Harley who was recently fired for – wait for it – doing his job too well. This suave, sixteen-pound chief of security was a crack mouser. Often, he brought home two mice or moles a day. There was just one problem. Harley did not believe in violence and never killed his prey. His original owner was not impressed by the steady stream of live rodents that he was bringing to her feet. Clearly, it was time to arrange for his severance pay.
Although Harley is a talented hit-cat, he would also do well at a desk job – possibly, warming an office chair in a cozy den. Perhaps you would like to meet him.

A fiery redhead, Dumpling is still trying to live down the embarrassment of being caught dumpster diving at the Milford Waste Transfer Station. This pretty orange tabby insists it was all a lark. In exchange for a forever home, she is willing to tell her life story and the truth behind her madcap adventure in the Milford dump – er, Waste Transfer Station.

Mrs. Moffatt says Ringtail is no ordinary cat. A feline Brad Pitt, he has it all (except for Angelina Jolie). Handsome, youthful, gentle, and affectionate he’s searching for someone who will appreciate him for his finer qualities. Cats of his calibre are rare. Ringtail is eager for a home of his own and is now accepting resumes.

Although she’s no spring chicken, Tortellini could be the ideal companion for a senior. This mature tortoiseshell cat has been there, done that and has the T-shirt. If you are seeking a quiet companion with whom to share the golden years, come and meet her.

A pretty Calico, Parfait is a friendly, mature, cat who would be delighted to relocate her kitty basket to your family room. She would be purr-fect for a senior citizen.

Herbert Hoover
A mature cat with a friendly disposition, Herbert hoovers kibble, whenever Mrs.M. isn’t looking. A firm believer in postprandial naps, he then climbs up on his tower to watch the world go by. Give him man-sized breakfasts and his own windowsill and he’ll be your friend for life.

IN CLOSING: Mrs. Moffatt says a big yard sale is tentatively scheduled at the LHS on August 26, 27. To ensure its success the donation of quality items is needed. No “junque” please. If you would like to donate something for our sale, please call Gail at 613-476-4951 or Anne at 613-847-3243. We would be very grateful for your support.
Finally, the shelter would appreciate the donation of cat and kitten food. Canned food is required for our old cats and for those who are ill. With all of the kittens now in care, there is a big demand for tinned food for them.

Until next week,

Kindling of kittens joins clowder of cats

Hello again, it’s Liza reporting from the laundry room at the LHS (Loyalist Humane Society) . It’s been an eventful week here, with lots of new arrivals. The nursery is bursting at the seams. Five orphaned kittens were brought to Mrs. Moffat, the other day, by a kind family who came to their rescue, after their mother died. One of these poor little mites was not doing well and there was great concern for it. Mrs. M. soon found the problem – larva from a rodent bot fly was embedded in its neck. Following its removal, our little newcomer quickly rallied. He has not yet been named, but I think he should be called Shoo-fly.

There was great excitement when the Kindling kittens arrived at the shelter the other day. Their mother had cleverly made a snug little home for them in a wood box outside a cottage on Wilson Road. When the cottage owners discovered this pretty little calico cat and her family, they brought them to our shelter. Mrs. M. says a group of kittens is called a “kindling” and, since these youngsters had been living in a box intended for kindling wood, what better name for them than the Kindling kittens? Mrs. M, also told me that a group of cats is known as a “clowder”. A clowder of cats and a kindling of kittens – that pretty much describes the LHS.

“SHOO-FLY” and one of the Kindling kittens

“Shoo-fly” and Kindling Kitten have had more than their share of troubles for ones so young. Small wonder that both of them had a good cry, the other day. Now, they’re feeling much better about things and soon will be ready for their forever homes. Can you give their stories a happy ending?

All of us at the LHS were happy for Maximus, when he found his forever home last week. This handsome orange and white fellow is off to start a new life with a family of his own.

Mrs. Moffat is smiling a lot, this week. First Maximus found a home and then a load of empty pop cans that was taken to Napanee for recycling raised $1,200. for the shelter. Everyone here is grateful to Larry Hennessy for so kindly volunteering to transport the cans with his truck and horse trailer. It helps a lot when people save their pop cans for us.

It’s been a long, rainy day and I’ve spent most of my time here in the laundry room, snoozing with Zeke. It seems to have cleared up out there, now, so I think I’ll wander down to visit Kindling and the Kindling kittens in the nursery. I like to personally welcome all of the new arrivals. It’s part of my job description as the LHS’s official greeter. But just before I go, I’d like to tell you about a few more of the residents you’ll find in the clowder of cats at LHS.

– Liza

This foxy pair of grey tabbies (that’s Tabitha on the left) look enough alike to be twins, but they’re not related. If you’re looking for double the fun, this delightful twosome would love to hear from you.

Nighty Night Night
This little black cat is urgently searching for a good hairdresser. Currently sporting a look that can best be described as “bed head”, with a little TLC she could be a striking beauty. A feral kitten, she slowly learned to trust, after being brought to the shelter. Now, she’s hoping for a forever home, preferably one with styling gel and a blow dryer.

Lily’s a girl who likes to keep people guessing. A pretty Calico cat she’s a purrfect lady when introductions are being made. However, after the initial exchange of pleasantries, she asserts her independence and tends to get a little huffy. She needs an understanding owner, willing to adjust to her mood swings.

Dumpster Diver
Sometimes, black cats have the worst luck. This friendly black puss was found in a dumpster near the docks at Picton Harbour, by a couple of boaters searching for their black cat who had jumped ship. They rescued the pretty little scavenger and brought her to the LHS. During a subsequent visit to the veterinarian, it was discovered that dumpster cat had already been spayed. It’s apparent that this lovable little puss was someone’s much-loved pet. Wouldn’t it be grand if she could be reunited with her original owner?

Anona Miss
A fetching girl in Calico, Anona Miss is a mature cat who would very much like to grace a hearth of her own. She would be the ideal companion for a senior.

A mature tabby whose looks are as distinctive as his name, this handsome cat would be an addition to any household. He’s waiting for that special someone who will appreciate his finer qualities and welcome him into their home.


Do they remember when they were dearly loved?

Centrefold of the Week - Our Own Lynn Webber with Resident Glamour Puss, Liza

Lynn has been volunteering at the LHS shelter for approximately a year. She has chosen to work with the senior cats and often wonders if they can remember a time when they had forever homes and were dearly loved. To make sure they don’t feel left out, she gives them lots of attention and treasures their company. She says it makes her day when “golden oldies”, such as Oogy, who has been at the shelter for more than a decade, come to greet her. That’s me, Liza, sharing a moment with Lynn, who’s the cat’s meow in my book.

Never a dull moment at the LHS shelter! This week, two orphaned kittens and an orange tabby named PawMaw, who arrived here with two youngsters of her own in tow, are being given a second chance at life. It all started when Mrs. Moffat received a call from a concerned couple who had found a badly injured mother cat who was nursing two kittens. Her forepaw had been mangled and it seemed unlikely that she would survive. Her rescuers said if the LHS shelter would accept the kittens, they would assume responsibility for having their mother humanely released from her pain.

Mrs. Moffatt quickly agreed to take the kittens into care and volunteered to make a place for their mother, too. PawMaw, as the mother cat has been named, was taken to a veterinarian and remains under her doctor’s care. Although she still unable to put weight on her forepaw, she is now resting comfortably at the shelter and caring for her young family.

Just when it seemed that all the excitement was over, Mrs. Moffatt received a call from a lady who had found two orphaned kittens on her farm. Our kind-hearted shelter manager took these orphans into care, then asked PawMaw to babysit. This sweet-tempered cat accepted the motherless kittens, immediately, and is nursing them with her own offspring. What a beautiful little family!

That little minx, “Preggers”, had a surprise for Mrs. Moffat, this week – five surprises, actually. She gave birth to four coal black kittens and, apparently, as an afterthought, delivered an orange one. It’s starting to look a lot like Halloween, in the nursery here.

Have you heard the latest on Princess Pishy Puss? Mrs. Moffatt took her to the craft show at Bloomfield United Church last Saturday, in hopes of finding her a home. Diva Cat was not amused and made no secret of her displeasure. Unfortunatel, no one showed the slightest interest in taking our Princess home with them. However, all was not lost. A lady who came to the craft show told Mrs. Moffatt that she was interested in adopting a black cat. Mrs. M. then invited her to come and meet all of the wonderful black cats at our shelter and, soon afterward, our Mona found her forever home. Princess Pishy Puss now is sulking. She cannot understand why the lady did not recognize royalty when she saw it. Could it be that she suspected our Pishy, with all of her airs, could be “a royal pain.”

Mrs. Moffatt is smiling a lot these days, because readers of County Weekly News and Countylive have been bringing kitten food and other much-needed supplies to the shelter. She also has several new volunteers, including a lady who generously has offered to act as our webmaster. This is as good as it gets!

Stay tuned for more news from the shelter and all the latest on The Perils of Princess Pishy Puss. Rumour has it that Mrs. M. is planning to post her profile on an internet dating site.

Back again, soon,

Beyonce, aka Julie, a beautiful tiger tabby, who was recently adopted, relaxes in her new forever home. Her owners immediately her recognized star quality and chose a name to reflect it. Obviously, Beyonce is still a little confused about her career path. Her  disturbing fondness for lying beside the microwave suggests that she is cooking up a plan to become the feline Martha Stewart.

Sweet Pea, a tortoise-shell kitten who has the distinction of having extra toes. Described as being “very laidback” she’s eager to find her forever home.

Oogy – aka Old Orange Guy – has called the LHS shelter home for more than a decade. He has been here for so long that no one can remember the circumstances of his arrival. A dignified old gentleman who is declawed, he would be the ideal match for a senior in search of a quiet companion with whom to share the golden years.

When Cremesicle arrived at the shelter, it seemed certain that his stay would be short. Handsome and purrsonable he was sure to be adopted, quickly. Mysteriously, he was overlooked, time after time. Mrs. Moffatt says she does not know why he has not yet found his forever home. He’s still searching for that special someone who will whisper those magic words, “Would you like to come home with me?”

These little black kittens insist that they are innocent, but they’re still doing time at the LHS. Mrs. Moffatt says many people are superstitious when it comes to black cats. Like the “little black dress” in every discerning woman’s closet, black cats are elegant, sophisticated and purrfect for every occasion. If you are willing to post bail for one of these wrongfully convicted kittens, please contact the shelter at once. Your reward will be a handsome best friend with a black coat guaranteed never go out of style.

A striking grey and white tabby, Chips spends his days, watching the world go by from his windowsill perch at LHS. Ready for adventure, he is eager to find a family of his own, with whom to share life on the other side of the glass.

Described by Mrs. Moffat as “very vocal and very sweet” Buddy Boots is a dapper gentleman with four white socks, which give him the appearance of wearing spats. Misfortune befell him when he first came to the shelter. Another resident apparently took exception to something that he said (remember he is very vocal). A fight ensued and Mr. Boots lost the tip of his ear during the altercation. He thinks this war wound gives him a rakish look and never tires of telling shelter visitors “you should see the other guy”. If you are looking for a cat with character, who is a good conversationalist, Buddy Boots could be your purrfect match.

Bachelor’s story is a sad one. He once had a loving home, but his elderly owner died. The maintenance man in the apartment building was very kind and cared for him for a month afterwards, but he could not keep him. Bachelor was brought to the shelter, where he is waiting for a a new family. Can you give his story a happy ending?

* * *

Cat mom insisted she was not homeless


It’s Liza reporting, from the laundry room, at the Loyalist Humane Society (LHS). Everything came out in the wash this week, when the real story behind the arrival of that new cat, Dari Bar, was finally revealed. Dari Bar came to the shelter as an unwed mother, with a litter of kittens in tow. She kept insisting that she was not homeless. She had been brought to the shelter by mistake. No one believed her for a minute. Then, unbelievably, a lady called to say that she was telling the truth.

It seems that Dari Bar was dearly loved. When she suddenly disappeared, her owner was very upset. A a short time later, she mentioned to a man in her neighbourhood that her cat was missing. He told her a white cat had come to his place and given birth to a litter of kittens. Thinking she was a stray, he had taken her and her offspring to a cat shelter. He could not remember its name. The lady found the LHS by going on the internet. She came to take Dari Bar home, right away, and also took all of her kittens. It was a happy day for all of us at the LHS.

This week, I want to put in a good word for a few of the special residents at our shelter. Some are seniors, while others have special needs. All of them agree that it would be purr-fect if someone came to take them home, for they still have a great deal to offer. I also would like to make a pitch for a few members of the younger set here. I’d also like to introduce a new feature – The Loyalist Humane Society’s Weekly Centrefold.


A black and white feline hunk, with chubby cheeks and a white ring encircling his tail, Ringtail, is Mrs. Moffatt’s pick of the litter, for this week’s centrefold. Described as “huggable”, this handsome young cat is Mr.Purrsonality. Visit him at the LHS. He’d love to meet you.

Dark gray with white markings, Snickers is a mature cat who has spent the past year at LHS. Oral problems necessitated the removal of all of his teeth. Now in good health, he is ready for his forever home. Because his teeth have been extracted, he requires wet cat food, rather than kibble. Mrs. Moffat says he is very friendly and is guaranteed not to bite.

Nicknamed The Purring Machine, Frankie is a handsome red and white tabby who came to LHS after falling on hard times. Abandoned in an empty house, he was rescued by LHS. He is approximately seven months old and is eagerly seeking a forever home.

This young, female, tiger tabby was rescued by a kind family living on the Ridge Road and taken to the LHS. While she appreciates her home at the shelter, she would very much like to find a family of her own.

Described by Mrs. Moffatt as “a real sweetie”, Buttercup is rather vain. Before agreeing to be photographed, this little red and white puss insisted on washing her paws. She emphasized that this was important, since she had been told that shelter cats should always put their best foot forward.

Mrs. Moffat says Emma’s forever family will need to understand that she is “a little odd”. She came to the shelter after being caught skinny-dipping in a swimming pool. A man called LHS to report “a crazy cat” in his pool. Her rescuers fished her out with a net and brought to the shelter. Here it was discovered that she was deaf. Emma, who is believed to be part Siamese, sometimes runs around in circles, when she feels stressed. She has spent a year at the shelter and is waiting for a home of her own, with a caring family who will love her for her eccentricities. Truly a special cat, she is white with calico facial markings.

ZEKE (with friend who likes to be included in all photographs of Zeke)
If you recall, Zeke and I had a secret romance and Mrs. Moffat insisted that we get married. Although I’m fond of him, I’m tired of being tied down. I would be happy to see my spouse find his forever home. Zeke is a black and white charmer with a very short tail. Looks are not everything and despite his tail of woe, he is still a handsome devil. A well-meaning matchmaker here once tried to pair me off with a guy named Oliver, but he could not hold a candle to Zeke. I cleaned his clocks and pinned him behind the washing machine. I haven’t seen him since.

Some might say that Reese is no beauty, but she has character and would blossom in a forever home. A mature cat, she is hopeful that someone will appreciate her special qualities and give her the chance she deserves.

The poster puss for a bad hair day, Smokey needs an understanding owner who will love her for her inner beauty. Because her fur was very matted, when she arrived at the shelter, she was shaved. Unfortunately, her coat has not yet grown back. While she does not look her best, at present, her sweet disposition makes her picture purr-fect.

Like John “The Duke” Wayne, this big black and white cat knows how to handle himself in a fight. For this reason, he might be happiest in a home where he is the only cat. He is people-friendly and would be a handsome addition to any hearth.

Mrs. Moffatt reports that eight kittens were adopted last week and one of the shelter’s senior cats also found a forever home.

Also, I have it on good authority that Princess Pishy Puss, whose profile was posted last week, will be making a personal appearance at the Bloomfield United Church Craft Fair, this Saturday (July 30). Mrs. Moffatt is hoping it will lead to a forever home for our resident diva. Miss Pishy Puss’s comment? She was overheard to say, “We are NOT amused.”

It’s time for me to saunter over to the laundry room, to see if Mrs. Moffatt needs any help. I’m always glad to lend a paw. I’ll be back soon with more news from the shelter.


* * *

Inside the Talbot Street Cat House…

My name is Liza and, today, I live a sheltered life at the Loyalist Humane Society (LHS), but life was not always just a bowl of Tender Vittles. Before meeting our shelter manager, Mrs. Moffat, I was a street person. Although living paw to mouth, I was content with my lot, until the day I became very sick. A friendly puss, who sometimes escaped to the wrong side of the tracks, when her owner wasn’t looking, said I should come home with her. She was sure her human would not mind. Unfortunately, he did. He said I might make her sick, too.

He was a kind man, however. Instead of just shooing me away from his doorstep, he took me to the animal hospital, where they told him about the LHS. He immediately drove me to this shelter, where I met Mrs. Moffat for the first time. I was too ill to remember much about my early days there. I was taken to a veterinarian who gave me antibiotics. Mrs. Moffat later told me that organisms had attacked my red blood cells and I was “deathly sick” when I came to her. I weighed just four pounds, nine ounces, when I arrived at the LHS. Because I was so small, my eyes looked huge, so they named me Liza for the singer, Liza Minelli. She has big eyes, too.

With Mrs. Moffat to nurse me, I soon began to feel a lot better. My appetite improved and after a few weeks my weight tripled. As it drew closer to the time when I could be integrated with all of the other cats at the LHS, a problem developed. Accustomed to having my freedom, I resented the idea of living in a dormitory. I made my displeasure clear and Mrs. Moffat quickly realized that I needed my own space. She offered me a job as a trusty and official LHS greeter. My duties would include giving her assistance as needed and extending a friendly paw to all shelter visitors.

I was permitted to spend much of my time outdoors, under Mrs. Moffat’s watchful eye. When I felt the need for privacy, I would make my way to a small building that houses the shelter’s laundry facilities and a few of its special cats. It was here that I met Zeke. We began a flirtation and one thing led to another.

Zeke and I both knew that LHS was a no-kill and a no hanky-panky shelter. All of the mature cats in its care are spayed or neutered, shortly after their arrival. Of course, this is no barrier to living happily ever after with the mate of one’s choice.

Because we wanted to keep our relationship under wraps, Zeke and I met secretly in the laundry room. No one guessed that we were seeing one another, until the fateful day when we snuck away to cuddle on top of the dryer. We must have dozed off, for the next thing we knew some busybody burst into the room with a camera and snapped a picture of us, snoozing side by side. Now, the good conduct committee had proof that we were sleeping together.
Mrs. Moffat insisted on a wedding and now she tells everyone that Zeke and I are married. Little does she know that I have been flirting outrageously with Bachelor, when her back is turned.

Much as all of us enjoy life here at the shelter, what every cat wants most is a forever home with a family of his or her own. Mrs. Moffat says I am a keeper and she has already adopted me. She depends on me to keep the shelter running smoothly. She says we both have the same goal. Because I do not like other cats, with the possible exception of my “husband” Zeke, I would be delighted to see everyone else here adopted. Mrs. Moffat wants homes for everybody too, because she loves all of the shelter cats and kittens and wants families for them.
I thought I would help her out by telling you about a few of the special cats at LHS who are waiting for forever homes.




Franco was once the neighbourhood rake. He was the Mayor of Prince Edward Heights, where everyone knew him, everyone fed him, but no one wanted him. For four or five years he was a happy wanderer, without a care in the world. However, it became apparent that it was time for him to settle down. A caring gentleman brought him to the shelter, where he was treated for a respiratory infection. Handsome and debonair he’s now ready to curl up by the fire, in a home of his own. Mrs. Moffat says he has character and deserves a comfortable retirement.

A gentleman of advancing years, Otis has waited patiently for someone to offer him a quiet home in which to spend his golden years. A perfect gentleman, this beautiful, long-haired tiger tabby still turns heads. He’s very popular with shelter visitors but has yet to find his forever home. He would be the ideal companion for a senior citizen. The shelter offers a Seniors for Seniors program in which senior citizens are matched with older feline residents, at no charge. Could Otis be your perfect match?


A gray tiger tabby, McSquinty may have a slightly different view of the world, but he’s well worth a second look. Everyone at LHS agrees that his squint gives him character.



Thumbelina with Anne Moffat, volunteer shelter manager.

She may be just eight weeks old, but tiger tabby kitten, Thumbelina, already knows it’s important to capitalize on her assets. She may be only half the size of her littermates, but she is the only kitten in her family with extra toes. Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, she does not let her diminutive size hold her back. She’s a big little kitty, who just may grow up to be the cat’s pyjamas.

Princess Pishy Puss

As her name implies, Princess Pishy Puss is the resident diva. Because of her striking beauty, this long-haired, light brown tabby has been adopted four times. Each time, she was returned to the shelter. Mrs. Moffat says she was brought back once, because she fought with her new owner’s cat. Another owner returned her because her fiance was allergic to cats. A third adopter whisked Miss Pishy Puss back to the LHS because she reportedly shed too much.All of this little diva’s former owners were very sad to give her up, because she is a special cat.

Although she may not be for everyone, Mrs. Moffat says Princess Pishy Puss would thrive in a home where she is the only cat. If you can give her the royal treatment, she’d love to meet you.

* * *

If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome.  The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.

Adoption Days are being held, regularly, at Pet Value, the Picton Animal Hospital and other locations. Look for them and stop to say hello to some of the beautiful cats and kittens from the LHS. A new forever friend may follow you home.

It’s time for me to pussyfoot outside, for a car just pulled into the driveway and, as the official LHS greeter, it’s my job to say hello. I’ll be back soon to tell you about more shelter cats who are waiting for families of their own.


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About the Author: Maggie Haylock is a freelance writer and former newspaper reporter who has co-authored several books with her husband, Alan Capon.

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  1. Jacquie says:

    I love your column. We take care of many stray cats and have many of our own. I’m like Linda, we wish we could take them all in. With everyone’s help and donations I know even if they don’t have there forever home the Loyalist Humane Society takes great care of each and everyone of them. Merry X-mas!!

  2. Linda Austin says:

    We are the lucky owners of two wonderful County cats who found their forever home with us and this column is one of my absolute favourites but its so hard to read it each time because by the time I get to the end I am terribly sad that I can’t adopt them all! Hoping Santa is especially good this year!

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