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Active COVID-19 high-risk setting case load drops to 39

MAY 31: Hastings Prince Edward Public Health reported 35 new high-risk setting cases for an active case load of 39. There are four outbreaks ongoing.

There are 20 people in hospital related to the virus. None require intensive care.

MAY 26: There were 19 new high-risk setting COVID-19 cases recorded since May 24 for a total of 83 cases. There are still 21 people in hospital, one in intensive care. Seven outbreaks are ongoing.


MAY 24: Hastings Prince Edward Public Health has reported one more death related to COVID-19, bringing the total since the pandemic began to 60.

There are 21 people in hospital related to the virus with one person requiring intensive care.

There were 46 new, and now 88 active high-risk setting cases reported. Outbreaks are also down, now at six, with the last reported on May 17.

A walk-in COVID-19 vaccination clinic will take place at the Prince Edward Community Centre (PECC, 375 Picton Main Street) on Tuesday, May 31, noon – 6 p.m.
People aged 5 and over who are eligible for their first, second, third, or fourth dose of the vaccine can book an appointment or walk into the Picton clinic.

MAY 19: Two people have died with COVID-19 related issues this past week in Hastings Prince Edward counties. There have now been 59 deaths related to the virus since the pandemic began two years ago. There are 16 people in hospital with the virus, two of which require intensive care.

The public health dashboard reports 96 new high-risk setting cases and a total of 104 active high-risk setting cases. There are now seven outbreaks in high-risk settings (none in Prince Edward County).

Data is now reported on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Data was not available Tuesday due to technical problems.

MAY 17: Due to technical issues, the COVID-19 dashboard will not be updated today as per the regular schedule. The next anticipated update will occur on Thursday, May 19, 2022.

MAY 12: COVID-19 indicators for high-risk settings are down throughout Hastings Prince Edward counties – including hospitalizations, now 26, from 34 on Tuesday. There are no people requiring intensive care related to the virus.

The number of high-risk setting cases is now at 141 from 174. There were 51 new cases since Tuesday.

There are now 11 outbreaks continuing, down from 13 on Tuesday.

MAY 10: Hastings Prince Edward Public Health reports two deaths related to COVID-19 – now 57 deaths since the pandemic began. There are 34 people in hospital and one requires intensive care.

There were 100 new high-risk setting cases reported Tuesday, for 174 active high-risk setting cases. There are 13 high-risk setting outbreaks ongoing.

Reporting on the HPEPH dashboard is now updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

A walk-in COVID-19 vaccination clinic is set for the Prince Edward Community Centre (PECC, 375 Picton Main Street) on Tuesday, May 17 from noon to 6 pm.

People aged five and over who are eligible for their first, second, third, or fourth dose of the vaccine can come to the Picton vaccine clinic.

You can receive a fourth dose (booster) at a recommended interval of five months (140 days) after your third dose if you are:
60 years old or older
A First Nation, Inuit and Métis individual aged 18 and over or a non-Indigenous household member aged 18 and over.

MAY 5: Hastings Prince Edward Public Health recorded one death related to COVID-19 – now 55 deaths recorded since the pandemic began.

Hospitalizations have dropped to 32 from 40 on Wednesday. There are four people requiring intensive care.

There were 56 new high-risk setting cases, but the active high-risk setting cases have dropped to 274, from 357 Wednesday.

MAY 3: Hospitalizations related to COVID-19 have soared to 40, from 31 April 29 in Hastings Prince Edward counties. There are three people requiring intensive care.
There were 123 new high-risk setting cases but the overall case load dropped to 357, from 468. One outbreak has resolved, leaving 13 ongoing.

MAY 2: Starting this week, in alignment with other public health units in the province, the Hastings Prince Edward Public Health COVID-19 dashboard is only being updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Maureen Hyland, HPEPH communications specialist, said in a news release this morning that case information will also be removed from the outbreaks table, as counts are no longer accurate due to the changes in limited testing to high-risk settings only.

Daily case numbers in the province are considered a drastic under count of how many positive tests are actually occurring in the province.

Ontario’s COVID-19 hospital admissions inched upward Monday, but no new deaths were linked to the virus. The Ministry of Health reports 1,432 positive cases in hospital with 211 people requiring intensive care. The province’s COVID-linked death toll stands at 12,842.

As of last report for Hastings Prince Edward, April 29, active high-risk setting COVID-19 cases have dropped; hospitalizations rose to 31, from 23 and one more death has been recorded (Now 54 since the pandemic began). Four people were requiring intensive care.

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health recorded 93 new and 468 high-risk setting cases on April 29.

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  1. Gary says:

    With the rather quick waning of vaccines and the fact that the virus lessens significantly in the summer, it may be wise to get the 2nd booster in the fall prior to our winter surge.

  2. SS says:

    I agree that the info flow seems to be getting less clear and predictable, not more, which is not what one would expect. I follow the Ontario Science Table dashboard, here:

    The things that I focus on are the hospitalization and ICU numbers. Because those are what could potentially displace all sorts of non-COVID procedures, which have been greatly displaced over the past couple of years.

    As far as myself personally, I have 3 Pfizer and 1 Moderna jabs, and continue to wear an N95 mask when in public. I may do that permanently. Although I do not fear COVID like I once did, I am no rush to get it, or to pass it on to anyone else.

    Research into COVID (and other such diseases that will almost certainly come along at some stage) is certainly not going to stop, regardless of what politicians say. And I am hoping the bright young minds that are coming up through the scientific community will discover new and great things, and also use their voices to drown out politically-motivated blarney.

  3. B Wilder says:

    If one looks at today’s numbers (May3) on the health unit dashboard, one will see that hospitalizations are now at the same level as this past January. The graph indicates a peak in January with a drop and then a smaller peak in March with a larger drop and now a continuing increase in hospitalizations. If one looks at the recorded deaths, one will find a breakdown that indicates 44 of the 54 deaths in our area are in people over 70 with 6 more in the 60 to 69 group. From this information it is clear that infections are high and increasing. It is also clear that it is one’s best interest to wear a mask and avoid crowds, particularly if one is over the age of 60. As well it does not take much to figure out that one should take a booster if one is available. You are on your own to take care of your health. If one chooses to treat the pandemic as if it is over, then one should be prepared to accept whatever consequence there may be from that.

  4. Dennis Fox says:

    I don’t know who to trust and what to believe when it comes to making decisions around COVID. If anyone read Dr. Burley’s letter in this past week’s Gazette, he explains the reasons for this confusion – mostly politics and the lack of reporting and ongoing testing. He explains that hospitals are still bursting with patients and that hospital staff are getting sick too, with many absent. Our healthcare system is still under huge stress.

    The numbers in Ontario are still significant – today we have about 1500 people in hospital, with hundreds in ICU. The province of Saskatchewan has more people in hospital now than ever before. The premiers of Ontario and Quebec no longer want to talk about numbers because they are either in or will be going into elections soon – that gives me no comfort at all!

    In other words the public are being purposely left in the dark – making good decisions next to impossible. Now here in PEC, we are told that reporting will be limited to two days a week. We are being told that our COVID numbers are inaccurate because of the lack of testing results – and that the Provincial numbers for positive tests results are drastically under counted!

    The idea that is being promoted, at this time, is that the pandemic is over – which is simply not true. Yes more people are less sick – because of the vaccine, not because the virus has gone away. Now we hear that many members of the public are not bothering to get the booster. Don’t be surprised if we are back into high numbers again by the end of the summer – my question is why?

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