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Add Zookeeper to your guilty pleasures

Sometimes I amaze even myself when it comes to the new levels to which I’ll sink when it comes to entertainment.
I mean I still think Beavis and Butthead are funny and now we can add Zookeeper to my guilty pleasures.
It stars Kevin James, who, if nothing else, has no shame and is ready and in fact apparently eager to put himself in the most embarrassing situations. In Zookeeper he plays a zookeeper. Never saw that coming eh?
The twist here is that the animals talk to him and as it turns out, give him advice. Dating advice. It ranges from the monkey who suggests he throw poop at her to the very sophisticated lioness, voiced by Cher, who suggests that in order to make the super model who’s mildly interested in him more interested, he should take the other zookeeper lady he’s been working with for a while to his brother’s wedding.
There are a whole bunch of things wrong with that sentence besides its length. First of all – Cher? Was Phyllis Diller busy? OK then, the zookeeper is almost dating a super model. That happens. All you have to do is wish it when you blow out the candles on the cake. In other credible news, fairies pay good money for funky teeth.
Pictures at 11.
Now, if you have even passed by this column in contempt you know that I have an issue with Hollywood’s inevitable love theory. It’s a simple formula. A boy and a girl work in close proximity never thinking about the other as a possible love connection until fate has them pretend to be a couple. Oops I did it again.
I hate that stuff.  It is to romance as Clark Kent’s glasses are to disguises.
But I digress.
So, what is it about this movie that amuses me?
Well, some of the characters are funny. There is that sense of what’s coming next asd not in a good sense of the word.
There are some funny scenes. Kevin James is an ok actor. He seems sincere. There’s a very funny scene where he takes his buddy – who just happens to be a gorilla – out to TGIF and they make a night of it. The scene is won by the gorilla who likes his moment of mediocre dining, but I thought the scene was clever.
The funny asian guy from the Hangover movies is here as a zookeeper, and he’s almost unrecognizable with his blow dryed hair. He’s weird again but keeps it contained within the parameters of the zoo.
The interaction between the animals is amusing, especially when they don’t let the crows offer advice because they’re not a zoo animal.
There are all these muddied plot twists, including his brother’s wedding which doesn’t really seem to be all that important, and then there’s the big night out with his fake date which includes them swinging around the room dancing in some kind of weird curtain choreography.
I still liked it. Can’t fully find out why yet but I know it’s in there.
Ya, wisecracking animals trip to ‘Thank God It’s Friday’, ummm…
Ok it’s not long. Thats a good thing.
I liked the movie primarily because it was exactly what a summer movie should be: Silly Fun. This is Dr. Doolittle without the PHd. I like talking animals and there is a consistent thread to the animals and their advice and how they act. The elephant has diet issues, the king of the jungle is henpecked and of course the monkey well, that’s a furry tude if ever there was one.
The kids loved it and the parents can suffer through it. I think that’s pretty good. So what if it’s unbelievable and predictable all at once?
As I like to say to the ladies, ‘lower your expectations’ and I’ve got a shot. A little lower. Lower still. Ok, now we’re in business.
It’s a mildly humorous comedy and it works for me.
As always, other opinions are welcome, but wrong. That’s it for this week. The cheque’s in the mail and I’m outta here. Paul

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