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Agility testing rates PEC firefighter candidates

Eighteen candidates for volunteer firefighting positions in Prince Edward County are being put through preliminary paces.

The Prince Edward County Fire Department will be hiring 16 new volunteers June 1.

More than 70 volunteer applications were received over the past couple of months. The district chiefs reviewed applicants and interviewed individuals of interest. From these, 20 individuals were invited to the first Pre-Hire Agility Testing session Saturday, May 12.

The 18 attended  were put through eight drills and rated on their performance. There were 11 PEC Trainer Facilitators running the drills and rating the candidates. The results of the morning session will assist the district chiefs in their hiring decisions.

The Agility Test descriptions:

Balance Beam Walk. Walk to the end of a 12-foot beam placed on the floor. Without leaving the beam, turn around and walk back. (Wearing an SCBA – not on air)

Hose Hoist. With a hand over hand method, pull to the top of the hose tower, one length of bundled two and one half inch fire hose. Once at the top, lower the bundle with the hand under hand method. The bundle must be kept under control at all times. (Wearing an SBA -not on air)

Ladder Climb. Wearing a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (not on air), in a smooth and consistent manner, climb to the top of the raised ladder, transition onto the roof, transition back onto the ladder and return to the ground in a smooth and continuous manner.

Manual Dexterity. After being demonstrated, assemble a two and one half inch (2) inch fire hose, a one and one half inch (1) fire hose and a nozzle to a gated wye.

Stair Climb. Wearing a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (not on air), climb and descend the equivalent of five (5) flights of stairs while carrying a bundled length of one and one half inch (1) fire hose on the shoulder. The candidate may not stop at any time during the ascent or descent.

Search and Rescue. Wearing a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus with the face piece filled with wax paper, the candidate will enter a room and search for a table, a piece of 2 x 2″ wood, a hand saw and attempt to cut the 2′ section into 2 one foot  sections of wood bringing one piece back out with them upon completion.

Charged Hose Advance. The candidate will advance three sections of a charged one and one half inch (1) fire hose, seventy five feet (75) in a forward direction then seventy five feet (75) around a bend in a different direction.

Dry Hose Drag. The candidate will drag three (3) lengths of hi – vol hose a distance of one hundred feet (100).

Photos courtesy of Prince Edward County Fire Department




For more information contact:
Prince Edward County Fire Chief – Scott Manlow
Prince Edward County Deputy Fire Chief – Robert Rutter
Picton Fire Hall – Ross Street

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