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Bay of Quinte Conservative candidate calls national convention ‘positive’ experience

Bay of Quinte Conservative candidate with federal party leader Andrew Scheer

The issue of party unity unfolded at the Conservative party national convention this weekend in Halifax as leader Andrew Scheer faced his former rival for top job and delegates who want to ban abortion.

Bay of Quinte Conservative candidate Tim Durkin was on the scene among 3,000 delegates. He stated it was a positive experience.

“The great thing about the party is you get to discuss a wide range of issues, whether it be social policy, the economy, immigration, energy, and everything in between,” said Durkin. “It was a really great learning experience as we head into the 2019 election.”

The convention opened on the heels of MP Maxime Bernier quitting the federal party and vowing to start his own after dismissing Scheer and the Conservatives as “intellecutally and morally corrupt”.

Scheer stated he firm about leaving the abortion debate closed saying the divisive social issue would divide the caucus and Canadians.

The party has decided its path to government will focus on economic issues.

Durkin said policy will focus on eliminating the Carbon Tax and get energy from western, to eastern Canada.

“Working towards getting natural resources to market so we are not relying on importing from other countries, eliminating penalties for charities or faith groups who hold certain values and beliefs, and looking at free trade will be a focus.”

With the federal election still more than a year away, Durkin says the party will “focus on policy, not personal.”

“One of the good things about the Conservatives is they are a big tent party, and even though there are many diverse opinions, all discussion was done with respect for differences of opinion.”

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  1. Dennis Fox says:

    If Durkin truly believes that having the Conservatives debate age old issues is a positive experience, then we all are in need of help – far more than he can provide. The delegates almost swung the vote to support an anti-abortion policy, they also want to reopen the immigration/refugee question (who are they trying to please, Donald Trump?) and he thinks it is just dandy that the Tories don’t want to penalize charities – something that Steven Harper original brought in. Remember it was Harper who attacked the charitable status of the David Suzuki Foundation. Durkin also wants to “look at free trade” – UH?

    Sorry, but Maxine Bernier has obviously stolen the show this week. Not that I agree with Maxine about much – but he may be right when he said that the Conservative party has no vision for Canada!

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