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Candidates from inside the Big Top at Loyalist Humane

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A Sheltered Life – stories as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. (Photographs by Alan R. Capon)

(If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome. The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.)

Happy Autumn, Everyone,

Spitty Riley

Spitty Riley

This week I have very sad news to report. Spitty Riley, one of our long-term residents who was a ring leader in many of the shenanigans at our shelter, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Her passing was unexpected. She was found dead in her crate one morning after apparently being in perfect health the day before.
Best known as Queen of the Ferals, Spitty was one of the most beautiful cats ever to reside at the Loyalist Humane Society. She was highly independent and resisted all of Mrs. Moffat’s attempts to domesticate her. She and Hissy Missy ruled the feral room and gained a wide reputation for their prickly natures.
We will all miss Spitty very much and our sympathies go out to Franco who was a special friend. He and Spitty plotted many a caper together and were very alike in some ways.

Now, on to cheerier matters. Torte, who is always thinking of new ideas for our recreation committee was enthralled by one of our book club presentations about an little circus elephant named Dumbo and came up with a brilliant plan for a special event at our shelter. She suggested that we form our very own circus. Torte pointed out that Saylor would be the perfect ringmaster and Zeke would be a natural as the daring young cat on the flying trapeze (he has a pilot’s licence). Then, thinking out loud, she said, “And I could be – – -” and before she could finish her sentence, Franco chimed in “The Fat Lady”.

Crawford has taken on the role of our strong man and Barnum (aka Barney) and Bailey are the owners of our circus. Madame R is our fortune teller and our juggler is Cruiser. Our high wire walker is Grease Monkey and Moey and Caruso are our clowns. Hooty has star billing as our four-eared cat and Bobbitt is our tail-less cat.

Franco has insisted upon being our snake charmer, a role for which he is well-suited and Bernice and Geisha are our dancing girls.

Every circus needs a tent but our little troupe of performers could not find one anywhere. Then Franco hot-wired Mrs. M’s Escape and recruited Steak, Crawford and a few more of the boys to help him find our own Big Top. They drove to Sandbanks Park and came back a few hours later with a fine tent indeed. By great coincidence, a police report made the following day noted the theft of a tent from a campsite rented by three spinsters on summer vacation at the Outlet campgrounds.

We are all very excited about our first circus performance. Allow me to introduce you to our stars. Thanks to Olwen Cox for supplying some of the photographs of circus cats Saylor, Torte, Hooty and Madame R.

Madame-R-fortune-tellerMadame R – The Fortune Teller

Torte-fat-ladyTorte – The Fat Lady

Saylor,-the-ringmasterSaylor – The Ring Master

Zeke – daring young cat on the flying trapeze

Hooty four ears catHooty – star billing as our four-eared cat

CrawfordCrawford – The Strong Man

CruiserCruiser – Our Juggler

Grease-MonkeyGrease Monkey – The High Wire Walker

CarusoCaruso – one of our clowns

BobbittBobbit – the tail-less cat


Franco – The Snake Charmer

PatchesIf the Name Fits – Here’s Patches all stitched up like Frankenstein. Her coat was very matted and when she was shaved there were large sores on her skin. They were debrided and stitched and she was left looking like a patchwork quilt. However she is now recovering nicely and promises to be a real beauty when her fur grows back. Gilles Robert photo


Hi Ya!
Wait’ll I tell ya what happened here the other day. Mrs. M. got a call from the Etobicoke Humane Society to say that they had read on A Sheltered Life about all of the rug rats flooding our shelter this season.

kittens on the way They did not have any kittens at all and were wondering if they could have some of ours. Since they are a no-kill shelter Mrs. M. said we had a few to spare. Ten of our cutest bundles of fluff were chosen to find new lives in the big city and a man from the Etobicoke Humane Society came all the way down here to pick ’em up.

I tried my best to get him to take Liza along as a chaperon but he said she was a pretty old bit o’ fluff. Bet that bit of news singed her whiskers.


‘Scuse me but I gotta run. Cruiser just told me the police is here lookin’ for a tent. Now why would they come here?? What would cats do with a tent?

From the Desk of Liza
Exciting news! The Picton Ultimate Road Rally will take place this weekend (Saturday, Oct. 4th). Registration takes place at Loch Sloy Business Park. This event is being held to raise money for the Loyalist Humane Society. We at the shelter are very grateful. Word has it that Franco is taking part in this fun weekend, if he can steal Mrs. M’s Escape.

I am happy to report that Masquerade, Angel, Genesis and Mrs. Hough have all found their forever homes. We are very happy for them and wish them well.

On a sad note, Cupid, Rosie, Contessa, and Noire have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We will all miss our old friends.

-Until next time,
* * *
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About the Author: Maggie Haylock is a freelance writer and former newspaper reporter who has co-authored several books with her husband, Alan Capon.

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