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Cherry Valley speed hump construction begins as petition grows to 500 signatures

Amid a petition with almost 500 signatures, complaints on social media, calls and emails to the new council, six speed humps are to be installed in Cherry Valley Dec. 7.

The municipality states a contractor will be installing the humps in three locations on County Road 10 in the village throughout the day and possibly into the evening.

County council approved the Traffic Advisory Committee’s recommendation for the installation of speed humps in Cherry Valley in 2021.

It has already enacted the recommendation to reduce the speed limit to 40km/h from County Road 18 intersection to 1.1 km northerly.

On the petition Kim Traviss states she drives the road daily. “Many times with young horses in a livestock trailer already doing their best to keep their balance. I’m cautious even over a manhole in Picton. These animals are not buckled safely in a cushioned seat on luxury shocks. The added stress over bumps on a main highway is ridiculous and not at all needed. I haven’t noticed any new signs near the school or past the stop sign? Are the kids in these areas not the concern?”

David Raistrick’s comments also reflect many of those on social meeting stating “This is just a crazy idea. It will cause immense damage to farm equipment which is often many many times in weight and will need to gently crawl over the speed jumps then full power (which will be noisy for those living in the village) to re-gain momentum.”

He calls the move environmentally weak as it increases fuel usage, more noise for residents and damage to equipment.

“Let’s just forget about emergency vehicles. This is a main thoroughfare. People need to get used to that. Don’t buy a house in a main road then moan. The 40km/h new speed limit is crazy enough, but a series of speed bumps is just ill conceived.”

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  1. Dave H says:

    Speed bumps are not nearly as bad as some of the pot holes here in the county

  2. ADJ says:

    Ok SM We will agree to disagree! Heavy and legally loaded gravel/sand dump trucks from Cherry Valley somehow damage the undercarriage in crossing these bumps. First they will not travel any farther but should and will call OPP or County road verify the damage. Speed has nothing to do with it in this case. Tractors and grain wagons same story.Athol councillors phone must be ringing all hours of the day. Can’t wait to see the traffic buildup extending from Woodrows corner to the Valley come tourist season.Your example of Toronto traffic is not even comparable to that stretch of roadway here in the County.

  3. SM says:

    Sorry ADJ but reality doesn’t back up your argument. Toronto has speed cameras in problem areas. They have street signs that warn that there is a camera. They announce where the cameras will be placed. Even the map app Waze will tell you there is a speed camera ahead. Yet in one month two individuals were ticketed for speeding in the same location: 10 times each. At another location another two individuals also racked up multiple tickets.
    As well if your vehicle has damage from going over a speed hump, be prepared to prove that you were not speeding or your vehicle was not overloaded.

  4. Susan says:

    Council acted upon demands from Cherry Valley residents and the the Traffic Advisory Committee. Athol councillor pushed and supported this. So why the surprise?

  5. ADJ says:

    SM,, on the contrary if photo radar is posted as being present much like any street/highway sign, vehicles will slow down. Those that don’t will pay now or later it doesn’t matter.However they will remember the next time they approach the area. Once the vehicle is through the built up zone they can exceed the speed limit if they wish. Who said it was locals that were causing this problem. Traffic to and from Quinte Isle use this route. Wait and see if County is not billed for a repair to broken spring or suspension.

  6. SM says:

    CV Resident: I would think that the County has considered what will need to be done to ensure that the snow can be removed from the area without damage to the plow, truck and roadway.
    ADJ: Photo radar won’t slow the traffic. Locals will know where it is and will speed up once they have passed the unit. Those from away will get a ticket in the mail well after the event. Really how will it ensure people adhere to the speed limit.
    From the Automated Speed Enforcement website:
    “Will municipalities benefit from the profit generated by ASE?
    ASE isn’t about profit. Even if there was a surplus of revenue over expenses, those funds could be reinvested into the program or other safety initiatives. The reality is that municipalities will likely be operating at a loss in terms of the ASE program.”

  7. SS says:

    I am a County resident and drive through Cherry Valley every day.

    Before the bumps were put in I drove around 40 through the new speed zone. Some people I recognized as fellow residents tailgated me and often gestured at me in what did not seem friendly ways.

    Now I slow down to 15-20 over each of the 6 humps because I have take it easy on my 10 year old car. In between the humps i don’t really get up to 40.

    But I must say all this added only about a minute to my overall journey, and frankly I consider it a minute’s peace. Cherry Valley is a lovely place. I hope the residents are not mad at the way I drive through now.

  8. Michelle says:

    Athol residents requested this. That is what drove this.

  9. Dana Vader says:

    We spend good money to build and repair our roads to keep them smooth as possible for our vehicles then some fool comes along and builds bumps in the road.

  10. CV Resident says:

    SM: The county has 2 types of plow trucks, town and rural. On rural roads the snow plows use one way plows on the trucks meaning they don’t angle or “trip” when they hit something. I have seen a rural snow plow truck hit a manhole cover in town resulting in significant damage to the truck and plow. I don’t think council will approve a town truck for the valley at $100,000+. These speed bumps are something the plow drivers should not have to worry about, they have enough to look at while keeping the roads clear.

  11. ADJ says:

    Photo Radar is fully self operating without any police officer present. It’ sometimes mounted on a lamp post or a sign post . Nobody notices or pays attention. but when the speeding ticket with a picture of your license plate comes in the mail,,,you had better pay attention!

  12. John says:

    I used to live in Milford, now in Europe, where speed bumps are 30kph limits in most villages are the norm, I know this stretch of highway very well. If I lived in Cherry Valley I’d want something to slow traffic.

  13. Emily says:

    This has been in the works for a couple of years. People had tons of time to voice opposition.

  14. CountyProud says:

    As I recall, there was a small group of residents in Cherry Valley asking the County to look at ways to slow down traffic and associated noise, (County called them traffic calming measures) especially during the busy tourist season. I doubt many of the residents are thrilled by the turtle looking bumps either. Basically now we will drive around Cherry Valley through Milford to get to and from Picton especially if the truck is loaded with grain and other heavy supplies. I have to believe there were other more appropriate measures that could have been taken.

  15. SM says:

    Nobody ‘likes’ speed bumps because they actually do what they are designed to do: make you slow down. It would seem that speed limit signs did not have the desired effect. Photo radar and a police presence come with a cost. If people driving through had exhibited some personal responsibility, there would be no need to take steps to enforce the speed limit. By the way, Toronto, the place everyone likes to mock when it comes to snow, has somehow figured out how to plow streets that have speed bumps.

  16. ADJ says:

    Go with photo RADAR!! Get rid of these humps and make a few bucks off the speeders.

  17. Earl Daniel Munroe says:

    Please make it make sense. I don’t even use this road so where are the parties that think this is good response to slow traffic. From the comments I see; the local residence are not in favour of this.

  18. CV resident says:

    Bruce, I would say not, it wasn’t snowing at the time so they never thought of snow plows. (farm equipment or emergency vehicles). I’ve watched vehicles drive around them on the sidewalks, not safe at all.

  19. Paul D Cole says:

    Driving over one of these “speed bumps” at around 30 km per hour felt like I was being launch over the grand canyon like Evil Knevil. Driving over one of those things at 40 km per hour I don’t doubt someone could lose control of their vehicle I wonder if The County considered this and the possibility of liability.

  20. Bruce Nicholson says:

    Did the Traffic Advisory Committee and Council give any thoughts to snow removal over these foothills ?

  21. Debra Marshall says:

    Living on the south shore of east lake, and travelling through Cherry Valley to Picton I see the traffic on a daily basis. For those of us with small economy cars that are low to the ground, the speed limit of 40 is wishful thinking….to get over the speed bumps without bottoming out you have to come to a virtual stop and not go any faster than 20 km at most. Speed enforcement should have been stationed on that whole stretch of road to catch the daily commuters that whip by in the morning in excess of 100 km per hour. Can’t wait to see the big hay wagons driving over those speed bumps come next fall or the big trailers heading to the Outlet in summer. Then we will be getting complaints about the back up of traffic. but for those of us on the south side perhaps it will have benefits and people will start taking Cty Rd 11 again!

  22. David Thomas says:

    I drive through Cherry Valley all the time and the new, 40 km/hr limit is surely enough to keep people safe. Instead of traffic humps, put in a solar-powered speed sign to remind folks to slow down. I find people are generally respectful of the speed limit.

  23. Bruce Nicholson says:

    This is utter nonsense.

  24. Gary says:

    This makes no sense and 40 km an hr for that long a stretch is wishful thinking. Try driving 40 km an hr for that long. In contrast Paul St in Picton where school kids from kindergarten up walk everyday the speed is 50km from Main to Queen!

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