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Cherry Valley speed humps, all-way stops and speed reductions before council

UPDATED: Long-awaited speed humps for Cherry Valley and all-way stop signs in Picton were approved, and one referred, during Committee of the Whole meeting Thursday (though are not finalized until a council meeting).

The Traffic Advisory Committee recommendations for all-way stops at Barker and Johnson streets and speed humps and signs at Cherry Valley were passed. Discussion for Church and Owen streets has been referred to a later date.

Cherry Valley traffic calming measures  include six speed humps, signs and posts be installed on County Road 10 and that radar recorder kits be purchased. It is also proposed to lower the speed limit to 40km from 50km on County Road 18, north 1.1km; and on County Road 10 from 50km zone north 500m from 80km to 60km.

The installation of seven community safety zone signs at the all-way stops is anticipated to cost $1,113 and two all-way (three-way) stop intersections at $9,500 each. This is not currently budgeted but council could choose to pre-approve for the 2022 budget.

The installation of six speed humps and the two radar recorder kits is estimated to cost between $26,000 to $32,000. The budget for the project pilot was $35,000.

Councillors will also be looking a several recommendations for the 2022 budget including speed limit reductions and signs and line painting.

UPDATED: Speed reductions being considered for County Road 4  and Chuckery Hill were carried. Discussion will continue in the fall for Salmon Point Road, Swamp College Road, the Massassauga Rednersville school zone,  Gilead Road and Smokes Point Road.



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  1. Dave Thomas says:

    How bizarre. I find almost everyone obeys the 50 km/hr limit in Cherry Valley, at least north of the T-junction. Six speed bumps is massive overkill. Honestly, Cherry Valley residents will likely detest them shortly after installation.

  2. Terry Kewley says:

    Speed bumps cause more problems than they cure. If you have ever been in the back of an ambulance you will know how rough they can be on a smooth road now put a bunch of speed bumps in the picture. Fire trucks and other large trucks can be damaged. Vehicles pulling trailers can be damaged as they go over them. I drive a very low auto bike and have to avoid speed bumps. Will the county be prepared to pay for the damages that I receive from these bumps.
    Speeding in Cherry Valley has dropped compared to years ago so I dont understand the need for such drastic measures.

  3. Bruce Nicholson says:

    Cherry Valley is one of the calmest driving areas I experience. With the 50km/h limit and stop sign, it is relatively calm compared to other areas. As noted in other postings, there are many areas of concern. County Road 13 east of the Mariners Museum still has drivers going 80km/h to 100km/h in a now reduced 60km/h posted area. Put an OPP officer on designated speed control and her/his salary will be paid for over the busy months and then use that officer for other designations the rest of the year.

  4. Mark says:

    In my youth lol, I soon discovered that crossing a speed bump at 10 km per hour was quite adverse to the vehicle and passengers. Taking it at 70 – 80 km per hour had no bearing. Food for thought from experience.

  5. Cheryl says:

    How about a few speed bumps on Lake street…they drive like their in Nascar…way over speed limit…we have elderly people living on this street plus many more on other streets…

  6. Dennis Fox says:

    Speeding is a huge issue in the County – and it is not only the tourists who are responsible. Over the past 4-5 years I wrote to council and had contacted the police numerous about the speeding in Northport on Cty. Rd. 15. This year, after I made a presentation to the “Traffic Committee” digital speed display signs were finally erected – they have helped to slow thihgs down – but we still have a speeding problem. Cty. Rd. 15 is a very good road – too good – too many think it is the 401! Despite it being marked 50kph in both directions 3 times, plus a digital sign each way – we still have idiots speeding through here at speeds well over 80 kph!! They must see the signs, but choose to ignore them. If a person gets hurt or killed, I hope these people experience the full weight of the law – there is no excuse for the high speeds that so many seem are guilty of – without any thought to their neighbour. The only solution I can come up with is to use trasffic calming devices like pot holes, spiked baords, or nuclear rockets to stop these jerks.

  7. Roger Schmidt says:

    Last Saturday an SUV left the roadway on loyalist Pkwy just north of side road 19. It travelled in the air, touched down at the bottom of the embankment and travelled about another 70 feet on my property until it hit a large tree root that stopped it, otherwise it may have continued into my neighbour’s field. Fortunately there was no one outside and there was only minor damage to my mailbox. A young male passenger was taken to hospital. The officer attending said they were under staffed with only two for PEC.
    If someone had been out there, or a car leaving the driveway, I am positive there would have been a fatality.
    At the bottom of our little valley from side road 19 to the top of the hill just before the radio towers the traffic in high season is downright dangerous due to speed, poor enforcement and sometimes aggressive driving.
    This is not the first time we have asked the speed to be reduced here. My neighbour moved their family to a more secure location because of the risk, especially to the children. After the last time we requested the speed reduction there were changes made in Carrying Place, Salem Road to Hwy 1 and other locations such as Wellington.
    Now you are considering speed bumps in Cherry Valley and a reduction on Smokes Point Road etc. We pay taxes too, so until the speed limit can be lowered, an electronic speed sign should be posted both ways to help calm traffic. This would be helpful to us all who live here.

  8. Chuck says:

    The faster you go over a speed bump the easier they are to navigate.

  9. Dennis Fox says:

    Be careful what you ask for – speed humps can create a lot of noise 24/7 for those living close to them.

  10. Janice says:

    Maybe instead of putting 6 speed humps in Cherry Valley, a couple could be put on the West Mary St. freeway in Picton!

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