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Citizen self-reporting comes to OPP

The Ontario Provincial Police has unveiled a new online reporting system that will enable the public to report specific occurrences from a computer.

“Citizen self reporting will offer the public another way to report select incidents which are not an emergency, by completing a report online at their convenience,” said Anthony Mann, PEC OPP Community Services officer, in a news release.

The OPP is one of several Ontario police services who have adopted an Internet-based crime reporting system where people can report certain crimes such as lost property, theft from vehicles, and property damage, without an officer having to be dispatched.

“Only occurrences that do not involve an injury, a suspect or evidence are applicable,” said Mann. “An officer will attend if requested by the complainant.”

The release stated it is expected Citizen Self Reporting will be beneficial to both the public and the police. “It will provide a convenient alternative to the citizens of Ontario, while allowing frontline officers to focus their efforts on other enforcement and crime prevention strategies within our communities.

“By providing people with another option for reporting crimes, the OPP is hopeful that more incidents will be reported, resulting in the collection of information to develop future crime prevention initiatives. ”

To access the system, go to

The OPP can be contacted toll free any time at 1-888-310-1122.

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  1. judy kennedy says:

    On another note, self reporting could lead to a lot of extra headaches generated by creeps, prankster, and busybodies.

  2. Chris Keen says:

    Since these self-reported crimes are presumably never going to be investigated, they should not be included in the overall crime statistics (which have been falling across Canada for years) used to justify the number of officers the OPP feels we require.

  3. KJB says:

    I can’t imagine what these officers do, if what is reported on Countylive is the extent of the charges laid. The last one was June 30th. Maybe because we have so many officers protecting us is the reason there are so few charges. I can’t imagine that any department in our government is being proactive.

  4. Jack Dall says:

    Another example of the reactive policing that goes on here. County road 1 and 62 to Belleville are about the extent of some type of presence shown on a regular basis. Venturing out into the southern badlands would require a major crime unit attending and only if called . What ever happened to regular patrols of all roads, not just major arteries?. Offenders know that the chances of a cop coming around the corner are next to nil. Try phoning the detachment on the weekend. They are closed, which in my mind is ludicrous. That detachment should be open 24 hours a day , Our local grocery store is. Phoning a detachment 80 kilometers away , who,s first question is ” would you like an officer to attend ? ” is absurd. Why did you think I called on a weekend at 7pm at night? REACTION policing especially with response times that are very lengthy is an unacceptable method. We deserve better services for the amount we pay. Old Earl Marvin in Wellington did a better job. He even lived here and contributed to the tax base unlike most of the OPP who now work here and live the other side of the bridge.

  5. Gary says:

    So we have 50 officers in the County which is difficult to justify. A first class constable after 3 years makes $91,000 and they are awaiting a raise! Let’s report online so that the majority of County petty crimes will not require an officer to attend. Seems like the trend, more pay less work.

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