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Community development strategy on council table

Council will be asked to ratify the municipalities “Community Development Strategy” which has been designed to combine economic development with community collaboration.
The strategy report has identified both the beneficial and areas of concerns needing improvement through feedback and input.
“It is recommended that the economic development department evolve into the Community Development Department with broader focus and wider ranging responsibilities,” the report states. “This strategy moves our efforts along from initial fact finding to identifying a direction and ultimately completing the groundwork to develop a strategic plan for community development. This strategy envisions a realistic balance of community-based development that will stand the test of time and be measured ultimately by the building of community capacity.”
The County’s previous Economic Development Officer, Dan Taylor, resigned in April and the project manager transferred internally in September. With the absence of a CAO at the time, the vacant positions were not filled. In November 2011, the new CAO was hired and council gave direction to administration for the EDO.
High-level municipal economic development objectives include:
– Develop sustainable jobs well matched to employment needs and opportunities.
– Support the County’s profile as an attractive economic climate with business opportunities.
– Build on local assets, resources, heritage and innovation
– Increase the municipal tax base.
The role of the department is to provide leadership and co-ordination with partners; contribute to local market readiness and a business climate where enterprises can thrive and to sharpen and integrate the municipality’s own services, programs and policy role.
The department’s Debra Williams conducted presentations from April 13 to May 7 to individuals, organizations and the public for review and comment.
“The thoughts, opinions, perceptions, feedback from the community on what economic development, in the past, has meant to them and input into what they would like to see in the future, development wise, has encompassed the broadest spectrum,” Williams said. “The context of the strategy has incorporated the most common themes of the consultations and the most recent input validates our preliminary identified objectives of expanding the scope of economic development into the community development department.”

The full report, including the Community Development Strategy, can be viewed by clicking here

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  1. SAB says:

    I understand from a pay list featured in Feb-Mar. that there is at least 8-9 employees making well over $100,000.00…Why do we have employees who have worked in a large city, where supposedly their expenses(car insurance)are alot higher, because of the expense of living in a city, moving to small communities, expecting the same wages…Years ago people trained in the smaller communities to get experience and then if they wanted higher salaries or more experience or more challenges, they would then move to the city….It is a shame but small communities cannot keep paying these high salaries to county employees. Soon they will be the only ones able to afford to live in the County

  2. Doris Lane says:

    What a bunch of nonsense–community development and economic development and more people to run this new department
    Once the turbines are built in PEC there will be no community–sure there will be a few trucking jobs and manual labour for a while.
    Do we not remember that this is a small community which is becoming more divisive as each day goes by.
    The sandbanks/outlet is ourmain attraction –this has nithing to do with community developement. The wineries are our second best drawing card. The winneries do not like the turbines either
    You say you want to build the tax base HOW people already do not want to come here–ask any real estate agent.

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