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Council approves $1.7 million to help fix PEC roads

This year’s list to help fix Prince Edward County roads will get under way as council Tuesday night approved a $1.7 million contract with Miller Paving.

This lowest tender received includes $1,124,503 for surface treatment and $565,866 for micro surfacing. Council also accepted bids submitted for granular supply.

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  1. Nick says:

    Take a drive around Welly the roads here trashed council has no money we are in a downward spiral and they keep spending to only help out developers

  2. Dennis Fox says:

    In response to the last post – I don’t believe that applying gravel to any road will turn it into an arterial road – far from it. The municipality also has the responsibility to ensure that roads offer a reasonable level of safety – if they can’t do this, then the road should be closed. Norton Rd. provides a good link for people to use. This is what roads are meant for – for people to use.

  3. Crater says:

    Regarding the comment from Dennis, the reason why you may not upgrade that stretch of Norton Road is that it would turn Fish Lake and Norton into more of an arterial route to/from Cty Rd 15 when we already have good roads heading there, albeit through Demorestville. Would the time savings be great to/from Northport or Picton given the quality of County Road 15 and the higher speed limit there?

    Much the same reason that Gorsline is not paved either…there is a clear established route out Fish Lake and down Cty. Rd 5. Why take on more treated roads? If anything we likely need a few less given the strain on the budget to maintain the ones we have.

    Possibly there could be some investigation as to whether the more intensive work of double surface treatment can be applied in small areas of roads, where we now seem to see it done as an entire stretch of roadway. For example, the intersection of Fish Lake and Gorsline was almost impassable due to the potholes there until this week when an attempt was made to repair some holes that were more craters than potholes.

    That intersection needs more work than other sections of that road yet it seems like we wait years for the whole road to be done before that is addressed. Could double surface treatment be done on small areas like this to address immediate concerns, and what would the impact be costwise versus doing whole roads?

    I guess the reality is that if you want to know when your road is ready for the gold standard double surface treatment have a look at the current condition of Potter Road and use that as a standard. Things have to get pretty bad to make the double surface treatment list.

    I also sense that the results of pothole filling have at least part to do with the ambition level and desire of those filling them to see that repairs last. I can’t imagine shoveling that stuff into a hole filled with water is accomplishing anything more than giving visual evidence of tax dollars at work, nor is performing a single surface treatment on roads with unpatched potholes, slumped areas where the water would clearly lay in the road after rains and surfacing work done by the contractor on a rainy day.

    In closing I understand that the budget is a constraint, but I hope that the staff and Council recognize the condition of some roads and are continually interested in new or even unconventional solutions.

  4. Dennis Fox says:

    I would like to see the north end (approximately 3km) of Norton Road get a bit more attention. I can’t even call it a gravel road – it turns into a quagmire of mud after a rain shower, then it develops hundreds (maybe more) of pot holes. It is a pretty drive and connects Cty Rd 15 to Fish Lake Rd. – people use it as a short cut, so it is not a major roadway, but heavily used by the locals in the Northport area. Several loads of gravel, rolled under pressure would take a days works and save the suspension on many cars. I feel the taxes we pay should be able to cover the cost. The bottom portion of Norton road has a hard surface – so I am not sure why they didn’t just finish the rest of it, but now there are a number of homes fronting onto the road, so hopefully someone at Shire Hall is keeping track.

  5. Susan says:

    And there lies part of the issue in maintaining our roads. People chose to purchase or build on rural lots provided with a gravel road. Once settled they believe they should have a hard surface road. All of the rural severances on former gravel roads have created additional stress and costs on limited resources.

  6. Bonnie Saveall says:

    I wonder when Mowbray Rd. from County Rd. 10 through to Miller Rd. will ever make this list. For over 20 years it has been a mess of potholes each and every time we get heavy rains. Why do the people living on this road pay taxes? The amount of money and use of grading machinery to “fix up” this road on a regular basis could have been spent to give the road some other single or double surface treatment such as that give to Eames Rd. several years ago. fyi very few homes face Eames Rd. yet there are at least 20 homes on Mowbray Rd.

  7. Argyle says:

    I have to agree that Barker St in Picton is in deplorable shape from Downes Ave to Johnstone St. Can anyone tell me why the section between Bowery St and Paul st remains a one way. Queen Elizabeth school has been closed for at least four years and the school vacant, This street should revert back to two way for the entire length. Doing this would greatly improve the flow of traffic across the top of town.

  8. Dennis Fox says:

    What is the real issue here is the total lack of money to maintain our roads. Thanks to provincial downloading, more local tax dollars are needed – we don’t have that kind of money and never did. Every year we fall further behind.

    If you have been following the news, you will discover that the water supply system for Wellington will run (in today’s dollars) $100million!!! Plus one of the major developers has pulled out! Right now the public will have to pick up the difference – if it goes ahead.

    I have suggested on a number of occasions that our Council and the public need to meet in “Roundtable Discussions” to really look at our future together. Right now we are on a collision course to a financial disaster.

  9. Sabsi says:

    Barker Street. Deplorable. Bark Bark.

  10. Fred says:

    Barker St residents should be provided a tax break on living with that. A gravel road would be better.

  11. Michelle says:

    Barker St requires complete replacement from Downes all the way to Johnson St. Big dollar job.

  12. Fred says:

    You can place it on the CAA worst roads list which is taking votes presently.

  13. Paul D Cole says:

    Just off Barker St. nice new pavement, sidewalks and avenues on Jasper Avenue which will need to be maintained in the future. I’m not sure how many more kilometers of new streets have been added with all the new subdivisions, they too will need to be maintained all while The County can’t maintain what roads and streets it has now. County council has failed miserably when it comes to road and street maintenance lets all hope they figure out a plan soon…

  14. Aidan Haley says:

    I lived on the corner of Barker & Bowery for some time, the roads were bad then and their worse now. Good advice from Ms. Mason also.

  15. Henry Pasila says:

    As home owners on Barker Street, my wife an I have watched the deterioration of the street for many years with very little attempt by the County to improve the surface. In past years we had been told that Barker and Bowery Streets were going to be upgraded with new sewer, waterlines, and paving. Nothing of the sort has happened. In the intervening years the street has continued to be a driving hazard for those unwise drivers who don’t slow down enough to avoid damage to their vehicles. The town maintenance of the road surface consists of filling in pot holes from time to time, but nothing more. Council should have given consideration to having both Barker and Bowery renewed years ago but that upgrade does not appear to be in the works judging from the list that council has put together for road refurbishment in the County. We can only live in hope I guess.

  16. Linda Mason says:

    I would suggest the Council drive along Barker and Bowery in Picton _ at the normal speed limit _ and find out a couple of roads missing from this list!!!!!

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