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Council, Gilead, Nature Canada comments re: Wind Energy Park

Prince Edward County Council has submitted comments through the Green Energy Act’s Municipal Consultation Process for the Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park proposal.
Municipalities no longer have approval authority over renewable energy projects. The Municipal Consultation Process is the opportunity for municipal input on infrastructure and service impacts.
The submission dated Oct. 12, 2010 to Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Gilead Power Corporation identified 12 matters to be addressed prior, or as a condition of, any provincial approval for the project.
The issues raised by the municipality included:
* identification of short and long-term impacts and mitigation measures, including cost recovery for damages on area roads,
* the need for traffic and emergency management plans,
* the provision of ongoing public information and consultation,
* identification and mitigation measures to address the impact on the County’s economy, and decommissioning criteria.
Council also took this opportunity to ask the province to establish regulations requiring annual payments to the municipalities based on per megawatt and profit-sharing from renewable energy projects.
“In our submission to the province and Gilead, we have covered the issues over which we still have jurisdiction, and requested the province to establish a revenue stream from renewable energy projects to offer our citizens some benefit for having these installations in our community,” said Mayor Leo Finnegan. “We sincerely hope the province recognizes our concerns and takes our comments seriously prior to approving this project.”
In addition to the municipal consultation process, the public was provided with an opportunity to submit comments on the project.
The proposed wind energy park is located on the Ostrander Point Crown Land Block, managed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, in the ward of South Marysburgh. It will consist of up to nine wind turbines and a substation, including transformer and electrical collector lines. The project will connect to the Hydro One system at the property line.

The Gilead response to council’s comments, by Mark Kozak, Project Manager, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Nature Canada Blog: Wind Energy Project jeopardizes Globally Significant IBA (link to blog)

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  1. Lori says:

    At the Milford open house, I asked why 5 security guards were hired to cover the school exits and the 2 exits to the room in use. I was told by the Stantec rep that they were there to count heads as the fire marshall had limited the number of people to be in the room at one time at a max of 350. Total number of attendees? about 150.

  2. Cee Holter and Jim McPherson says:

    At its Milford public meeting on November 17th, Gilead was unable to answer questions concerning the routing for the supply of construction materials to the Ostrander point site, or for the transmission lines from that site to the Milford substation. Plans for these critical issues of must be available for comment by South Marysburgh residents prior to submission of the proposal for government approval.

    In addition, we have asked Gilead to satisfactorily resolve the following questions before commencing work:

    1. What plans does Gilead have for compensating residents of South Marysburgh who suffer adverse health effects, or loss of quiet enjoyment of their homesites?
    2. What plans does Gilead have for compensating residents for severe disruptions of their community during construction?
    3. What plans does Gilead have for compensating residents for the ongoing infringement of their pastoral landscape?
    4. What plans does Gilead have for compensating animal inhabitants of Ostrander Point for their loss of habitat?
    5. What plans does Gilead have for compensating migrating wildfowl for deadly hazards imposed on flight paths?
    6. What plans does Gilead have for compensating South Marysburgh residents for future reductions in the value of their real estate?

  3. Karen Smith says:

    The Green Energy Act should be challenged in the Supreme Court of Canada. Democracy is not evident here in these arbitrary rulings.
    Gilead’s project is right in line with the annual bird migration, and is situated in an extremely vulnerable area.
    Nature has very little land left to it as farmers, houses, industry and the like take over the world, all with their lawn mowers, pesticides, herbicides etc.
    In this case, the wind turbines should be erected elsewhere.
    When the last insect is gone, there goes all life.

  4. Doris says:

    RE: Nature Canada Blog
    Wind energy at Ostrander Point will certainly destroy of the most important Important Bird Areas in Ontario.
    The people of Prince Edward County should not let this happen
    Lend your voice to oppose IWT’s in Prince Edward County

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