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Council size public sessions process on agenda Thursday

A special council meeting has been called for Thursday to approve the process for public consultation sessions on the size of Prince Edward County council, and electoral ward boundaries, including the approval of the survey and facilitator program.
The meeting begins at 2 p.m. at Shire Hall.

Council on July 28, adopted the following four plans to be provided for public consultation during the month of September 2015.

The 2 Ward Plan
·   North Electoral Ward – combines current Wellington, Ameliasburgh, Hillier and Sophiasburgh Wards
·   South Electoral Ward – combines Picton, Bloomfield,  Athol,  Hallowell, North Marysburgh and South Marysburgh
·   5 Councillors per Ward and Mayor elected at large;

Total 10 Councillors and Mayor at large

The N.E.W. Plan
·   North Electoral Ward – combines Ameliasburgh and Sophiasburgh Wards
·   East Electoral Ward – combines Picton, Athol, North Marysburgh and South Marysburgh
·   West Electoral Ward – combines Bloomfield, Wellington, Hallowell and Hillier Wards
·   4 Councillors per Ward and Mayor elected at large
·   3 Wards – 4 Councillors per Electoral Ward and Mayor at Large;

Total 12 Councillors and Mayor at large

The Plan 13
Consists of the following 9 Electoral Wards and Councillor representatives:

1. Picton – 2 Councillors
2. Bloomfield and Hallowell Combined – 2 Councillors
3. Wellington – 1 Councillor
4. Ameliasburgh – 3 Councillors
5. Athol – 1 Councillor
6. Hiller – 1 Councillor
7. North Marysburgh – 1 Councillor
8. South Marysburgh- 1 Councillor
9. Sophiasburgh-1 Councillor

Total 13 Councillors and Mayor at large

The Status Quo

Consists of the following 10 Electoral Wards and Councillor representatives:
1. Picton – 2 Councillors
2. Bloomfield – 1 Councillor
3. Wellington – 1 Councillor
4. Ameliasburgh – 3 Councillors
5. Athol – 1 Councillor
6. Hallowell – 2 Councillors
7. Hiller – 1 Councillor
8. North Marysburgh – 1 Councillor
9. South Marysburgh- 1 Councillor
10. Sophiasburgh- 2 Councillors

Total 15 Councillors and Mayor at large.


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  1. Vic says:

    One issue that plays in to this issue of council size is the rural-urban split. Atthe present time the smaller areas of population such as North Marysburgh and Hillier have individual voices to speak on their behalf. Combining such wards say with Picton or Wellington may very well produce a representation situation where the urban portion is listened to more so than the rural portion because councillors might be concerned about re-election hence will cater to the area of their ward with the most voters. That’s just politics – right? I am strongly in favour of the status quo. Debate around the table is good because it airs all sides of the picture in any situation. I am very pleased with the current mayor and council and the way they have dealt with things thus far e.g. the removal of the former CAO.This council size issue is blown way out of proportion and needs to die a quick death.Let’s get on with real issues that will improve the County and help its citizens.

  2. Emily says:

    Quite the options. The New Plan makes no sense and most certainly would not be supported by Picton residents. The Plan 13 is a virtual waste of time, why reduce by only 2 through this exercise. However Ameliasburgh might love it! The 2 Ward Plan seems to be the best of them with fairness and a significant reduction. Status Quo will send us to the OMB quickly.

  3. Gary says:

    Councilors still protecting their turf. Ameliasburgh need to realize this is a County government for the betterment of all. Same for North Marysbugh and Athol. As long as we keep the old non existent townships in the mix this what we will have. We need true County governance!

  4. Susan says:

    Been no news on here about 5 Councilors walking out of Council chambers during debate. Yes 3 of the 5 were from Ameliasburgh. They want to protect their 3 seats on Council and their own turf. One more reason why this Council should not be deciding this. It is a constituent issue.

  5. judy kennedy says:

    would like to make sure that political diversity is respected.
    Don’t want to see council become partisan or biased. Council salaries are too low to be an issue.

  6. Chuck says:

    To use the Mayors argument with Wynne perhaps a first start would be to bring democracy back within the County. Put the options to the public but don’t decide prior what works for you! Where is the “At Large Option”?

  7. Janet says:

    Exactly Susan! Protecting their own butts! And the butts of those to follow them! I just think there are too many councillors per capita of population! One for each ward is more than generous.

  8. Susan says:

    It went back to Council rather than the constituents. Every Councilor is in conflict on this matter. It is a people’s decision clear and simple. Council has failed to present simple solutions thus why I say they should not be the deciders. Too much personal interest.

  9. Samantha says:

    I thought a committee of citizen volunteers already spent a summer indoors hashing this out and coming up with ideas. What happened to that?

  10. Susan says:

    At large voting in forms such as you speak has been raised but unfortunately is not an option for the public to consider. It deserves to be there especially given the weak options being put forward. This exercise was just that an exercise. Council should not be determining their own fate, the constituents should be!

  11. Samantha says:

    Here’s an idea. Let’s use the municipality as an electoral boundary – just one big happy family here in the County. Whoever wants to run for mayor or for councillor does so. Voters get to vote once for mayor and once for a councillor based on who they think is the best candidate, not which ward they live in. Council size is picked ahead of time – say 7 councillors to get the job done, plus a mayor. Top seven candidates form council as our representatives.

    Keep the wards – just don’t use them as electoral boundaries. I think we really can trust one another to look out for our common interests within the County regardless of what ward we live in.

  12. Susan Rose says:

    Agreed! One councillor per ward plus the Mayor, appears fair to me. Of course my opinion!

  13. Janet says:

    This is all so silly!!! No ward needs more than one councillor! One for each ward and the Mayor, in my opinion, is still too many, but an equal representation for all wards. I mean, the largest area has 3 councillors which it 2 too many! They only represent 6400 people. Looks to me like they are just trying to protect their own jobs, as usual. I live in one of the wards with 2 councillors now, and have never seen any of them ever. Well, that isn’t correct….. At election time one showed up at our door asking for votes. As for getting help in some matters, forget it. The ultimate “oh yes, I will look right into that for you”, and never heard from again. All smoke and mirrors to make it look like they are working hard for us. HA!

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