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Council to discuss mid-term review

Council will receive a mid-term review report from Chief Administrative Officer Merlin Dewing this afternoon at a special session at Isaiah Tubbs.
The report, requested by council in August, is to assist council in its review of achievements. Early in its term, council held a series of strategic planning sessions to identify priorities. That list, along with priorities identified for the CAO was provided for discussion.
Upon completion of the review and any additions or changes, the final list is to be confirmed at a regular meeting of council where there is opportunity for public input.

What they’re looking at today:

To better read the CAO priorities, below, hold down the keyboard’s control key and  + sign or view the original pdf here:




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  1. Louise says:

    They just bought some new trucks.. They farm out the cutting of grass in the parks. the lawn mower went up the street every week to cut the grass above the yacht club but grass did not grow ths summer

  2. m york says:

    Louise, Exactly,and apparently they are selling most of the trucks (in the process) etc.. I guess it dosn’t really matter that the experience is here, the equipment is here and the County will continue to own these facilities dosn’t matter who they bring in. So if something goes wrong the County will be held liable. I for one would want the comfort in knowing what is going on BEFORE something goes wrong. Other municipalities have tried this and had to hire back the employees and equipment after they were sold. So in turn we will have to pay the price twice. We apparently don’t learn from others mistakes???

  3. Louise says:

    How can they contract out water and sewer when we own the plants and we have alot of people who run around withwater and sewer on their trucks

  4. m york says:

    Well I found out some information this weekend that made absolutely no sense to me…Maybe someone could shed some light onto it for me???
    The municipality is contracting out water and sewer and some roads jobs to name a few. A contractor (I won’t say who because it has nothing to do with them not doing a good job)but anyways a contractor form Tyendinaga (Sorry for the mispelling) this company gets its fuel for dirt cheap especially with a ban card, they employ no one from the county (apparently), they take the money earned from here and pay their rent,food,water,gas,equipment etc., etc., to their municipality while individuals loose out on the jobs,tax base, all stores loose out and the taxpayers loose out. Not to mention contractors from here couldn’t even compete for the jobs. So how are we saving money here by doing this???? Yes competition is a great thing but when we AREN’T able to compete this is a whole new ball game.

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