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County hires Saint Elizabeth Health Care to oversee McFarland Home

Prince Edward County Council has approved a contract to engage Saint Elizabeth Health Care, of Markham, to provide management oversight at the H.J. McFarland Memorial Home for the next 18 months.

Saint Elizabeth Health Care, a large provider of community care, has been providing interim senior administration since the dismissal of the home’s two senior managers earlier this fall.

At the end of November, CAO Merlin Dewing announced the administrator and director of resident care were no longer employees of the The County of Prince Edward. The changes, he said, “are a result of allegations that were recently raised respecting the general administrative oversight” of the home,” Dewing said, adding there would be no further comment.

“The decision to engage Saint Elizabeth Health Care for an 18-month term instead of recruiting new senior staff was intentionally made to allow immediate improvements in all aspects of management at the H.J. McFarland Home,” said Susan Turnbull, Commissioner of Corporate Services and Finance, in a press release. “The decision will also allow The County to draw on the depth of expertise available through Saint Elizabeth Health Care, with the end goal of improving services for the residents of the H.J. McFarland Home, their families, and The County as a whole.”

The release states that through the agreement, Saint Elizabeth Health Care is to provide interim administration,  resources, knowledge and leadership abilities of their senior level health care professionals.

“The County aims to make the most of this partnership, using the 18-month term to develop a long-term strategy to move the H.J. McFarland Home to a consistently higher level of quality care. In the four weeks that Saint Elizabeth has been providing interim care at the H.J. McFarland Home, they have identified improvements and efficiencies that can be undertaken in both the administration and delivery of service.”

“Council’s decision to engage Saint Elizabeth Health Care demonstrates decisive and prompt action in a difficult situation,” says Mayor Robert Quaiff. “This decision will ensure that quality care continues to be delivered at the H.J. McFarland Home, while identifying opportunities for improvements and strengthening the reputation of the home as a premier long term care facility.”

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  1. John Chisling says:

    Made a mistake .Sorry. On the public board at Mc Farland Home not Shire hall.

  2. John Chisling says:

    On the public bulletin board at Shire Hall is a direct line to the MOH. Use it and ask for a file # or employee # before you hang up. Note the time and date of your call. They will and must do something with your complaint to a set time limit.Don’t stop there.
    Put your complaint in writing to Susan Turnbull if she still is “acting” in any management capacity within the Home.If another name is posted, direct your letter to them and either hand deliver (get a receipt) or register it. They have ten days to reply.It’s the law.
    The ombudsman wants these preliminary steps, mandated under the Act, to be exhausted before they step in.
    If the promise came from management and is verbal or in some cases written, there may be a written entry in the patient file. You have a right to discuss the promise if it involves medical issues with the HJM physician Dr. Nancekieville at the Home or at her office 613-476-8323.
    Councillors, in some cases,have never been in the Home and have no authority or mandate to bring weight to your concerns unless they too ask the Act to be invoke through a process. Not to say that they shouldn’t be aware of your concerns through a copy of your letter.
    Do not move your loved one out unless you can immediately provide the immediate care (medical) in another facility obtained in the structure provided by the Ministry.You have become an advocate for your loved one Regrettably it’s a necessity.
    Your post confirms that the alls’ well mantra is to be challenged .

  3. Susan says:

    Contact the Ministry of Health & Long Term Care and don’t take no for an answer. Contact your MPP’s office. Contact the ombudsman. Speak loud and long and don’t give up. Call your councilor as well if you think it could help. If mistreatment is at issue contact the police right away!

  4. upsetfamilymember says:

    One upset family member here.
    We have an ongoing issue. That is not being resolved
    They (management) made a promise, ……..Only to find out now they are denying that they ever told our family this.
    Urgent matter,
    and nobody to complain too?…
    … move loved ones out? maybe the only resolution

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