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County unveils Picton’s Heritage Conservation plan

PictonWeekend historic-PictonPrince Edward County’s bid to conserve valuable historic assets in downtown Picton moved forward with the new Heritage Conservation District Plan released this week.

The plan, initiated by council and developed by ERA Architects in consultation with staff, council, the Picton Business Improvement Area and the Heritage Advisory Committee, promotes economic value that heritage buildings, streetscapes and landscapes add to urban areas and the countryside.

ERA was retained to assess Picton’s Main Street and provide a Heritage Conservation District Study and Plan. These documents identify significant cultural resources and recommend policy that places value on the heritage resource of Main Street’s streetscape while recognizing a need for Picton to evolve and develop in the future.

A Heritage Conservation District designation initiates a planning process that takes into consideration a community’s history and identity. It does not require property owners to maintain buildings beyond property standards bylaws, restore buildings to a former appearance or obtain heritage permits for minor alterations or routine maintenance work.

Details on the implementation of the plan, including the permit application process and resources for property owners, are to be announced in June.

Picton’s Main Street has served as the economic and social centre of County for more than 200 years. The district encompasses the length of Main Street, from Talbot to Paul Streets, and includes portions of the side streets, laneways, and Bridge Street.

“The approval of the Heritage Conservation District Plan reflects our long-standing commitment to quality of place in The County,” said Mayor Robert Quaiff. “Thanks to the dedicated groups and individuals who contributed to the creation of this plan, the vitality of Picton Main Street will only get stronger over time.”

The full plan document here:

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  1. Chuck says:

    The Wellington Times has an article on Picton’s new LCBO. The design shown is quite attractive with a parkette to boot.

  2. kawartha dave says:

    House next door to LCBO should be demolished. There is nothing heritage or redeeming about it.

  3. Mark says:

    Unless dollars are forthcoming it’s a crock. You can’t just place a plaque on a building naming it designated and walk away but telling the owner what he can and cannot do with his property. Who is supposed to pay to maintain white elephants? And further every old structure is not realistic. To salvage.

  4. lou says:

    The LCbo. I agree, silly spot, as not much parking.

    I think people were trying to park at the businesses across the street Because There are ROPES and SIGNS saying

    NO LCBO parking ……
    in front of the parking there.

  5. Loretta says:

    My understanding is that the house beside the LCBO is being moved, not demolished. I cannot see a valid reason for trying to designate any part of Main St Picton as a Heritage district. There are too many ‘new’ buildings, strip malls & box stores that have completely changed the character of the street, in particular, the latest monstrosity, the Post Office. I applaud the building of the Edward and the renovators of Gilbert and Lighthall building as well as a few others. Also, the owners of Books and Company that have kept the character of the Lipson’s store, and the rebuilding of the Queen’s Arms. All those were done without a ‘Hertiage’ designation. Then new owner of the Falconer House, behind BMO is a very talented young man, Alex Fida of Angeline’s in Bloomfield, and I believe he is restoring the building. Picton BIA shod have been much more involved in trying to maintain the structure and feel of the street. The roadmap to doing so was set by the Bloor West Village Business Improvemnt Association, founded in 1970. The authors of the Settler’s Dream warned the proposed destruction of homes on Main St to create a strip mall (Gardinere’s Plaza, now Sobey’s) would be a big mistake and their warnings were ignored. Sorry folks, we missed the boat but it is not too late to unify the look and feel of the street without the Heritage District classification. That is not to say that certain buildings, homes and businesses alike, should be protected with a Hertigae classification. The BWVBIA plan was long term, and that part of Toronto is now one of the most desirable to live in. We should take a hard look at how they accomplished it and make a similar plan for Picton. If any Main St should be declared a Heritage Distrcit, why not protect Bloomfield and Wellington, bothe being better candidates in my opinion.

  6. Marnie says:

    Summer has begun. Add the congestion created by the new LCBO location to the tourist traffic and Picton is the place to avoid. What an idiotic place to put the temporary liquor store. Makes you wish for Prohibition.

  7. Susan says:

    Placing the LCBO there defies all logic. You could not have picked a busier congested area with no parking. Things that make you go Hmmm! Further I thought the public planning meeting on the demolition of the old store and historic house beside it hasn’t happened yet. Guess it is a done deal.

  8. Paul says:

    I watched today as I sat waiting for the light at Tim Horton’s a car turning left off main into the freshly opened liquor store traffic was backed up to Sobey’s do we not have a Town planner someone who may see foresee these issues and address them.

  9. Gary says:

    This is a perfect example of why an at large voting system represents the constituent better. 13 Councilors from outside of Picton deciding how Picton property owners can manage their real estate. This is an infringement on property owners rights.

  10. Paul Adamthwaite says:

    As my name is associated with the appeal of PEC By-law 3286-2013 “to designate the Picton Main Street Heritage Conservation District” may I respectfully point out that I am not the “Paul” who has posted comments here. To avoid confusion, please be assured that I sign my own posts with my own full name.

    Paul Adamthwaite, PhD.

  11. Paul says:

    The possibility of diverting traffic off Main St would be a good thing ,wait until the temporary liquor store opens just down from Tim Horton’s…Wonder if they’ll put a stop light there to..

  12. Susan says:

    This could actually backfire and cause less business development on Main St. Heritage generally survives better by those that have an interest in maintaining it rather than being dictated on what you can and cannot do. Some may be hesitant to purchase property that they do not have control over.

  13. Paul says:

    OOPs should have looked at the pdf file first its falls with in the designated area… Win

  14. Paul says:

    I see some work being done on the old Falconer House directly behind the Bank of Montreal I wonder….

  15. Marnie says:

    Too much heritage already has been lost for this initiative to have much impact. Karen has offered some excellent comments.

  16. Karen Selick says:

    Picton’s true heritage is:

    – respect for private property (instead of bureaucratic interference with private property)
    – individual initiative (rather than Soviet-style collectivization).

    The heritage district bylaw takes away a portion of the property owners’ rights. It is a partial expropriation without compensation. In other words, it’s theft.

    Even the so-called “minor” alterations that supposedly won’t require a permit will nevertheless require consultation with a bureaucrat, because the parameters are so vaguely worded that you cannot determine whether or not you meet them until some bureaucrat expresses his/her opinion that you do.

  17. John says:

    Who can I contact to get permission to metal detect heritage properties that are going to be paved over? Thank you

  18. Doris Lane says:

    Picton back in the50’s looked good. Now it looks horrible.
    So many of the old buildings are gone.
    Why waste time and money declaring Talbot to Paul as heritage
    Talbot to the cold storage road and Paul to crystal palace is more heritage than the main section.
    There are more important things to do in Picton than to
    waste money on heritage.

  19. Doris Lane says:

    Picton back in the50’s looked good. Now it looks horrible.
    So many of the old buildings are gone.
    Why waste time and money declaring Talbot to Paul as heritage
    Talbot to the cold storage road and Paul to crystal palace is more heritage than the main section.
    There are more important things to do in Picton than to
    waste money on heritagewaste money

  20. Susan says:

    So homes west of Talbot are not included, including the century brick home with a wrap around porch being demolished for a box Liquor Store.

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