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Demand for propane in cold snap causes delays

MPP Todd Smith

Prince Edward County residents who rely on propane to heat their homes and businesses are looking forward to relief from record-breaking cold this week, and hoping deliveries of the fuel will get back on track.

A few residents have reported they have been unable to get deliveries as quickly as usual due to increased demand, and some who did, only received a 50 per cent delivery from their providers to help ensure there was enough to go around.

Hastings Prince Edward MPP Todd Smith, Ontario PC energy critic, said there’s no shortage of propane, but there is an issue with the “Hours of Service” legislation causing problems for timely delivery. In conversation with the Canadian Propane Association, he learned several eastern US states walloped by storms and cold have waived the regulations limiting hours drivers are able to deliver propane.

“There is an issue with getting the propane to homes and businesses because there are new rules now that limit the amount of time drivers can be on the road,” said Smith. “Because there is a big run on getting more propane, and the road conditions haven’t been great and the trains haven’t been able to get in on time, so there are big lineups at depots of delivery trucks waiting to get their supply. That eats into the time that they are able to be on the road delivering propane, so people aren’t getting their propane in time.”

Hiring additional drivers, he noted is not an easy solution as there are regulations on training and driving propane trucks.

He said propane companies would like to see a waiver (similar to emergency vehicles) to allow for the delivery of the fuel to residents and businesses that require it to heat their homes and businesses.

“It makes sense for propane delivery drivers to be exempted from the “Hours of Service” Legislation and ensure that fuel gets delivered,” said Smith. “After all, it’s too expensive to heat with electricity in Ontario anymore!”

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  1. Gary says:

    Very good point Dennis.

  2. Dennis Fox says:

    According to MPP Todd Smith, somehow the difficulty for customers to obtain propane is the province’s fault for implementing rules around the amount of time drivers can sit behind the wheel. Frankly, as a propane user I am happy that such rules exist. Propane is a very volatile gas and safety measure are needed to eliminate human error – meaning that having overtired drivers during rough weather is not a good idea.

    Sometimes there are good rules that make sense and protect the people – like the “Hours of Service” legislation that he seems to oppose. Surely as the Energy Critic he should know better.

    If there isn’t a shortage of propane, as MPP Smith claims, then the problem is easily solved by ordering your propane a few days earlier, allowing time for safe delivery.

  3. Fred says:

    I don’t drive! Lmao

  4. hockeynan says:

    You are probably the only one in the county that hasn’t at least one time

  5. Fred says:

    You’d win your bet.

  6. hockeynan says:

    I bet you don’t buy gas on the reserve

  7. Fred says:

    With all due respect hockeynan it is everyone’s business that we all are contributing our legally required taxation amounts.

  8. hockeynan says:

    Yes Fred we are paying HST but what business is it of yours

  9. Fred says:

    Just ensure you are paying the HST.

  10. Trevor says:

    Tyendenaga Propane is cheaper and delivery always comes through.

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