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Developer hopeful housing will move forward in Wellington

The developer of the proposed development in Wellington seeks an agreement with the County to end an appeal tribunal, and move forward with the 460 unit development.

Enzo Bertucci, director of land development for the Kaitlin Corporation’s project, stated in a deputation to council Monday night that significant progress has been made since CAO Marcia Wallace joined the County, and noted work over the last six months has been progressive, and positive.

“We believe that the LPAT appeals can be settled, allowing development to proceed, providing urgently needed housing in Wellington,” said Bertucci.

The project previously known as County Club Estates began in 2012, with draft plan approvals lapsing due to poor market conditions in 2017. In January 2019, new applications for approvals were filed with the County under the new name Illusions. No decision had been made during the allotted time under the planning act, and appeals were filed in August, 2019.

The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPA) formerly known as Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), hosted a Case Management Conference (CMC) on April 20, 2020.

The Kaitlin project draft includes a subdivision of 460 residential units, a smaller golf course and related commercial uses such as a clubhouse for community use.

The Kaitlin Corp filed the LPA last fall, and heard April 20, citing refusal or neglect of the County to make a decision on the project with respect to a zoning bylaw amendment and a plan of subdivision.

The project is located within the northeast area of the village, comprising 105 hectares (ha) divided by Belleville Street – 18 ha on the east side of the street and 87 ha on the west side, running north of the Millennium Trail.

The draft plan for the subdivision proposes 222 single family homes, 88 semi-detached units, 90 townhouse units and 60 apartments. Attainable or affordable housing would not be specifically identified, Bertucci said in response to councillors’ questions Tuesday night, until draft approval and consultation with the community.

The land is currently zoned to permit development. The purpose of the amendment is to replace a draft plan that has lapsed.

In April’s LPAT documents, both parties reported active, productive discussions to date, and agreed the project could potentially benefit from mediation in the future.

Legal counsel stated the County would like to see the development proceed, but noted there are potentially significant services issues to be investigated.

Due to COVID-19 provincial orders, the second scheduled CMC was adjourned but has since been scheduled for Aug. 25.

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  1. angela says:

    It sounds suspiciously like another high end development with homes far out of reach for the locals, another retirement community for Torontonians. There is simply not enough room here for all of the developments currently proposed or already underway in the county.

  2. Sharon armitage says:

    I think it is time this subdivision was okayed. Enough. Everything goes in. Picton. You have people in Wellington building double living spaces on one property. Time to look after all the people. Not just the elderly. Not the STAs, the young people that want to live and work here. We have people coming in from Toronto taking our jobs because our young people can’t afford to live here. I am sick of hearing this. Council saying they are Wellington Weary. We are a village that ran in the Black on our own and now we can’t even get sidewalks done here. Do something for this town for a change. You do nothing. I wish our council man was more verbal. Speak up for the people that voted for you. QUIT STALLING THE DEVELOPERS. ENOUGH.

  3. kb says:

    “…urgently needed housing in Wellington”
    “…a smaller golf course”
    “…attainable or affordable housing”
    Well which is it? Is this housing development going to address the housing shortage or is profit the ultimate goal? Will people on low income/wages be able to live there? Sounds like the developer is bullying the county to allow another housing development which does not address the housing needs of the locals and people who live here. I’ve said it before and we hear it over and over again, that this county cannot sustain the population it has, let alone all of the new subdivisions, combined with over tourism. Please, please rethink this plan.

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