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Dodger’s top ten for Santa

A little introduction for those who are new to this blog. My name is Dodger McChaos. Well that is not my real name. I was born July 09, 2009 with the name Braefield Scotch Broom. My dad was a pure white retriever born in Scotland under the name of Linirgor Must Be Luv and my mom was a beautiful golden from Cayuga Ontario called Ms Braefield Storybook Garden. I got my dad’s colour and I got my mom’s good looks. My buddy Dave says I’m a chick magnet – when I find out what that means I’ll write a blog on it. Dave is a pretty simple guy so all those fancy names were too much for him. So when we got home he named me after the Artful Dodger in Oliver Twist.

One of our favorite things to do when we are not travelling is to stroll up and down the Main street of Picton, Ontario, our home town.  David says there are so many amazing shops he can’t understand why anyone would drive to Belleville to buy Christmas gifts.

We spent a morning visiting stores to find out what different and unusual gifts were available here in our home town. What I really like was how many of the store owners invited me in to browse. I bet that wouldn’t happen anywhere in Belleville. Anyway we only got to see ten stores but here is our top ten finds for Christmas gifts in Picton.

1. Books and Company: Pudgies are lovable stuff toys that I would love to get  my teeth into (BOL!! – $15.95 – $39.95)

2. City Revival: One of a kind silver and onyx collar for women – $550. This was a tough choice as Dave really liked the Chloe purse at $395 (regular price $895). He thought it was as steal but I chose the jewelry because I love anything with a collar.

3. French Country: Ceramic moose with a mink shawl (how Canadian is that) – $40

4. Allison’s: Antique Tin Signs featuring scenes from the County – $120

5. Kelly’s: Ms Food Face (a plate that encourages kids to eat healthy by decorating the plate with a variety of vegetables. Who thinks of this stuff?) – $15

6. Heart of the County: Great little store sponsored by the Community Living association. Blown glass bird feeder – $30

7. Design Planet: A store that specializes in environmentally friendly products. A truly unique gift is the Wine Barrel Stave candle holder. It has great colours as the staves are from barrels of great Canadian wines (Dave says that is an oxymoron) – $42

8. Gilbert and LightHall: Hand crafted wooden kitchenware from various Canadian artists. A spurtle for $14, Cheese and Pate platter with knife for $35, and larch cutting boards $85 – $300. (My buddy Dave has one of these and swears it the best thing for cooking since the can opener).

9. Seeley’s: A Lesley Dutch party dress inspired by one worn on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE – $65.99

10. Susan’s Just Because: Breathable wine glasses – $26.95  Next to the moose with a mink scarf this is really the gift for the person who has everything.

Next week I visit a local pet store to select my personal wish list for Christmas. But before I go I’d like to send a special bark out to Terry Sprague for his sense of humour as displayed in his response to my last blog. You’re a good sport buddy!!

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  1. Andrea says:

    Nice list Dodger 🙂
    the face plate is too funny

  2. Pamela Fraser says:

    Hello Dodger. Love the blog. Recently moved to Picton and I have many Golden Friends past and present. You can see “Harvey” my Golden Rescue and I on my Facebook page. I have been walking my neighbours dog, Gilligan a big black lab in Delhi Pk. and downtown so maybe we will bump into you for a sniff sometime. Enjoy!

    PS. I was also the “Rose Seller” in the play Oliver in H.S… small world.

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