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Easy victory for Kramp in historic election

In Prince Edward Hastings, incumbent Daryl Kramp easily took victory with 29,018 - 53.2 per cent of the votes. Here, he shares a hug with his number one fan, his wife, Carol Ann.

Voters gave the Conservatives their elusive majority government and the NDP an historic position as official opposition in last night’s federal election.
In Prince Edward Hastings, incumbent Daryl Kramp easily took victory with 29,018 – 53.2 per cent of the votes.
“We finished the campaign the way we started the campaign,” said Kramp. “We said we would try and outwork the opposition 5-1. We said we would have fun doing it and we said we would take the high road as we always have. That obviously says a lot about us and our supporters. It says a lot about the people in our riding to have a resounding level of support knowing that we ran a campaign that puts forward values, principles and beliefs of fairness, of courtesy, of respect. I’m very, very proud of this riding for honouring those principles,” Kramp said. “I’m delighted we have a sense of direction. Now we can get to work. We have some very serious issues to deal with.”
It was the first time in history the Liberals did not finish first or second. The New Democratic Party’s Michael McMahon was thrilled. He placed second with 12,891 votes – 23.7 per cent of the votes.
“It’s a turning point for Canadian politics and a turning point for politics in Prince Edward Hastings as well,” said McMahon. “We will be a force to be reckoned with. It’s been a crazy month but we have made significant progress. Thrilled. We are really thrilled.”
Liberal Peter Tinsley finished third with 10,237 votes. He admits he was a bit intimidated about embarking upon the campaign but had high praise for his strong campaign team.
“From day one of this campaign I’ve had tremendous support from a phenomenal team over the riding. It was totally a new and unexpected experience for me. I never expected to be running for office at this point in my life, but it’s been a great experience.”
Green candidate Pat Larkin reports he’s humbled by the support throughout the campaign. He received 1,897 votes.
“I really enjoyed meeting so many people and realized how it’s such a huge geographical area we are dealing with. I had a great meeting in Bancroft on Friday and met some really great people. I’m really happy Elizabeth May got her seat and that, ultimately, was the Green goal to have a national voice. We won’t be excluded anymore.”
Independent candidate Tim Hickey ended with 284 votes; PC party candidate Andrew Skinner had 170 votes.
Voter turnout was 54,497 of 88,159 registered voters (does not include electors who registered on election day.)

  • NDP 102
  • LIBERAL 35
  • GREEN 1
  • OTHER 0

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  1. Mark says:

    While I am not a supporter,it is not unusual at all for new majority governments to introduce legislation that they have been embracing. Typically this is done early on in a bold swift fashion. This comes as no surprise to me. He was elected by a majority of Canadians to move forward. I could say be careful what you wish for but one has to think that all the Conservative voters saw this coming and were supportive of those actions. The one thing I am looking forward to from this government is the dismantling of the ill thought and wasteful long gun registry.

  2. Lori Smith says:

    And it has already started…

    on May 2nd: The federal Conservatives have quietly killed an access to information registry used by journalists, experts and the public that users say helped hold the government accountable.

    Here come the super prisons…
    “[Harper Government] will move rapidly on a far-reaching rewrite of Canada’s crime laws. They’re planning to bundle 11 pieces of law-and-order legislation they’d failed to enact as a minority government into one omnibus bill that will be passed within 100 days of taking power.” (The Globe & Mail)

    Privatized health care will not be far behind.

    Sometimes if you take a step or two back, it is easier to see the whole picture… the view from abroad…

    “Harper now has the mandate to pursue his cuts to welfare provision and what many see as his support of environmental destruction (bear in mind that one of Harper’s milder actions on the environment was to dismiss the Kyoto protocol a ‘socialist scheme’.” (The Guardian, UK)

    “Mr Harper is likely to move swiftly to enact measures blocked in the previous parliament. These include an omnibus crime bill that introduces stiffer sentences; the final stage of a five-year plan to cut corporate income tax, from 21% to 15%; and the controversial purchase of F-35 fighter jets, at a cost the government estimates at about $75m each but which the Pentagon says could be double that amount.” (The Economist)

    “…he is unlikely to rush to introduce measures to curb carbon emissions as the opposition wanted and as the energy-producing western province of Alberta, with its carbon-belching tar sands, feared. “Western Canada can breathe a lot easier,” Mr Harper said in Calgary” (The Economist)

    “a majority will allow Mr Harper to unwrap a bundle of measures, such as curbs on abortion, that are dear to the social conservatives who make up a chunk of his party’s activists” (The Economist)

    ‘What happens now is the full-scale Americanisation of Canada, hinted at over the past seven years by Harper – he fired people who talked too loudly about this – but not acted upon because Canadians have always valued their distinctiveness from the angry country in decline south of the border.” (The Guardian, UK)


    “Over four years, Harper will have a great opportunity to remake the country in his image,” said Peter Graefe, a politics professor at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. “He’ll have control of the Senate, and likely an opportunity to name four judges to the Supreme Court. At this level, he has the capacity to usher in major changes.”

    From Commonwealth members who wanted to vote us out because of Harper’s anti-Global Warming position, to the UN who refused us a seat on the Security Council; our international reputation blackened by the violence and police actions during the G20 in Toronto, Harper’s Government has done damage from which we may be unable to recover.

    As Harper stated some years ago “you will not recognize Canada when I am through with it”

    May 3rd was a Black Tuesday indeed.

  3. Rob says:

    When you’re feeling it’s bad day

  4. Rob says:

    Mark says:
    Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 at 10:41 am
    – gun registry will be scrapped. This is monumental to our rights and freedom. One can only hope that those electronic records are properly destroyed so that criminals no longer are a threat to accessing them.

    Sure…I have, in the past, successfully hunted with and enjoyed my Incredible lever action Winchester 308 – professionally crafted before the crap made today.

    Canada is NOT a gun toting society – NEVER HAS BEEN
    – and this is the first topic that turns you on re the impressive Conservative Victory last night?

    If you,disturbingly, think it is, was or should be – you need help.

    I have referral contacts in the states who would spin your crank – if you’d like to re-locate to where you can hang your ‘popper’ from your P/U rear view window.

    Canadian Rights and Freedoms re guns? ( I know the gun registry is onerous to many in the country – and I’m just a simple country boy too)

  5. Cynthia says:

    Since some readers may not be well-versed in academics and vocabulary, I offer this in simple terms.

    From Wikipedia:
    “Patrick Wilson (1983) developed the cognitive authority theory from social epistemology in his book, Second-hand Knowledge: An Inquiry into Cognitive Authority. The fundamental concept of Wilson’s cognitive authority is that people construct knowledge in two different ways: based on their first-hand experience or on what they have learned second-hand from others. What people learn first-hand depends on the stock of ideas they bring to the interpretation and understanding of their encounters with the world. People primarily depend on others for ideas as well as for information outside the range of direct experience. Much of what they think of the world is what they have gained second-hand.
    Wilson (1983) argues that all that people know of the world beyond the narrow range of their own lives is what others have told them. However, people do not count all hearsay as equally reliable; only those who are deemed to “know what they are talking about” become cognitive authorities. Wilson coined the term cognitive authority to explain the kind of authority that influences thoughts that people would consciously recognize being proper. Cognitive authority differs from administrative authority or the authority vented in a hierarchical position.” (Rieh, 2005).

    Thus – I, having been born in the u.s. and, therefore, being an american by birth and having lived in the u.s. as an american for 45 years before coming to Canada – am by definition an authority on the subject of “americanism.” I have actual experience as an american. I have actual experience in american politics and american policy-making. It is something I have lived, not just “proclaimed” to know.

    Funny how my post was not self-focused in the least – but very much an appeal to all Canadians to get involved in the governance of our country (and a very non-partisan appeal, I might add) … and, yet, the only criticism was from one who objected to the term “authority.” Interesting bent, wouldn’t you say?

  6. Rob says:

    Cynthia says:
    Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    “I will support those things that ring true of Canada and shout against those things that make us no more than america north. And I am a bit of an authority on that matter.” (aka – having originally been an American Texan)
    Mark says:
    Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    “I have always been somewhat skeptical of self proclaimed authorities”.

    Mark is skeptical of ‘self proclaimed authority’ – Really Mark? Skeptical of? Based on your knowledge of what?

    -a woman American Republican who wanted nothing greater in her life than to become a Canadian, commenting on what she knew her whole life -that being the difference between Canadian integrity vs. U.S. American attitudes?

    Unless Mark is a real,or wannabe, ‘American’ and intimately knows the meaning of both aspects himself, -Unless Mark knows Cynthia intimately -her history, her accomplishments, her education, her intelligence, her integrity, sincerity and her honesty? (and I Do know -he Doesn’t) I think ‘some’
    may be able see down to the roots of such (possibly) uneducated skepticism here.

    That same skepticism created,in the minds of those who are so unworldly themselves as to ‘know no better’… A lynch-mob mindset -totally fabricated by The Harper Government -over 2+ years, and a few million of My Taxpayer Dollars -to completely strip, assault, discredit and demoralize a Fellow Canadian who wanted to return to his country, after 20 years in England, 5 years in the states – genuinely to contribute what he has learned!

    Michael Ignatieff comes from a long and illustrious line of Canadian Heritage contributors to this country… a line of CONSERVATIVES to boot! I Bet Mark still is missing all that! He was Never an AMERICAN. I will Forever Resent the limp-dick so-called ‘Canadians’ who bought into this ad campaign by U.S. professionals and vilified this honourable Canadian.

    …but ‘skepticism’ such as yours precludes actually searching and finding the real truth. There is Healthy Skepticism…and Unhealthy Skepticism. I think I see yours.

    Reminds me of that line: Sure…One may be tanked and the other ugly…but on May 3rd the one will be sober – and the other will still be …just ugly.

    Postscript – It’s the next day and I’m certainly sober.
    …and you are?

    -and the sheep I lead -I actually care for. I’m Highly Skeptical of Your shepherd, however, …and that’ Healthy.

  7. Hazel says:

    It is indeed a sad day for Canada. I’m speechless at the ignorance of Canadians. What will become of us with 4 years of a self-proclaimed ‘Harper government’? What ever happened to our ‘Canadian government’? Watch out people! You’ll get what you asked for: rising debt, Americanization, jails, exorbitant military costs, guns, and benefits for the rich, not to mention more lies, scandals, and cover-ups. Harper is right where he wants to be, in control!

  8. Mark says:

    I have always been somewhat skeptical of self proclaimed authorities.

  9. Cynthia says:

    Well, Doris … we can always sit back on our comfy sofas, while cleaning our guns and say we are proud americans … if that appeals to anyone. Not me.
    I’ll still stand up as a proud Canadian and speak my mind against those things I believe are wrong (regardless of politics – I do not believe anyone agrees with any party 100% because that is called blind ignorance and Canadians are better than that). I will support those things that ring true of Canada and shout against those things that make us no more than america north. And I am a bit of an authority on that matter.
    First and foremost I love Canada and everything that it has always stood for … I do not need a “new and improved” Canada because the “old, tried and true” Canada has always worked well. THAT is who the world respects. That is OUR Canada … don’t leave her now, folks. One of the few american quotes I will repeat, “Ask not what your country can do for you … Ask what you can do for your country.” Canadians never needed a politician to remind them of that … perhaps we do now. Don’t complain … don’t sulk … don’t criticize … Get INVOLVED!! It is your right! And that is a higher right than carrying guns or collecting a pension.

  10. Doris Lane says:

    AFter the Harper majority I think it is too late for most Canadians. Our democracy will be eroded and the power will go to big business and the elite. Harper has what he wanted a mojority so that he could do as wants without checks and balances.
    Can we still stand up and say we are proud Canadians–not for long.

  11. Mark says:

    The one promising note on what you call “Black Tuesday” is that at long last the ill thought and hugely wasteful gun registry will be scrapped. This is monumental to our rights and freedom. One can only hope that those electronic records are properly destroyed so that criminals no longer are a threat to accessing them.

  12. Dave says:

    This IS a great Country and many Canadians have realized that part of the reason is that we have been well governed for the past 3 years. We have some excellant people in public service, voter turnout was good, democracy has spoken.

    It bothers me when certain people “preach” to the rest of us! You have the right to your views, enough said.
    PS My sofa is wonderful!

  13. Cynthia says:

    It truly is black Tuesday. We should all be in mourning for our country. Mistakes can be made … but they can also serve to wake up a sleeping generation. Every Canadian citizen should take their stand and start paying close attention to how their country, their province, their county and their township is being served. We still live in a democracy where every citizen can take an active part in governance. Let your voice be heard on EVERY issue. Agree with the representative on one issue but not another … let it be known. Canadians, stop burying your heads in the sand and letting someone else make decisions for you! It is time to remember what CANADA stands for … not Me, Mine, and Ours … but TRUE PATRIOT LOVE … what does that mean? It means true love for one another … it means loving your neighbor as yourself … our country is NOT all about “keeping up with the Jones’…” our country is about embracing the Jones’, the Smiths, and, yes, even those with last names we cannot pronounce. Stop thinking about yourselves and YOUR needs and start thinking about your country … what it has always stood for and what it really means to call yourself CANADIAN!! Rise up, Canada … you can make fun of the slogan all you want but the words still ring true! Get off your stupid sofas and pay attention to the world around you. If you don’t get involved … it will be too late to even be sorry. For those of you who are feeling defeated and lost … stop feeling sorry for yourself … you are NOT defeated as long as you are Canadian … get INVOLVED!! Let your voice be heard. Every citizen counts … not just those who get the votes. Remember … the citizens of Canada are the majority – not just the Members of Parliament – there are more of us than them.
    Don’t criticize … just think.

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