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Eye up your garden for entries in Horicultural Society Gala Competition

The McClure Cup will be awarded for the Best Peony

The Prince Edward County Horticultural Society will go Back to Basics, Back to Green with their Gardeners’ Gala Saturday, June 11 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Crystal Palace, Picton Fairgrounds.
The judged floral competition show opens at 10:30 am for viewing. Admission is free of charge and amateurs are welcome to show off their County Garden Winners. Entries will be received on Friday, June 10 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and on Saturday from 8  a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (Classes listed below)
A Victorian Tea Room ($5) will be held from  11:30 am – 3:30 p.m. Ed Lawrence, of CBC, will be the keynote speaker from 1-3 p.m. at the Blue Bird Building. ($10 limited seating).  A barbecue will follow from 4-6 p.m.
The Gala will feature local vendors, exhibitors, professional floral displays, a Bug’s Corner for the young featuring crafts and fun;  the PEC Master Gardeners with free gardening information. (Vendor list below). Tickets will also be available for the Green Trust Garden Tour of 10 glorious Prince Edward County gardens, on Saturday, July 9.

SECTION 1 ROSES  Foliage Attached
3 Entries allowed per class 1 to 11
Each Entry should be different cultivar:
1.      Hybrid Tea – 1 Bloom
2.     Floribunda/Grandiflora – 1 Spray
3.     Miniature – 1 Bloom or Spray
4.     Hardy Canadian
5.     Shrub
6.     English
7.      Polyantha
8.     Heritage
9.     Fragrant
10.  Floating Rose in a clear vase – no foliage
11.   Arrangement of 3 Roses – 1 variety different stages of development
Special – Best Rose

3 Entries allowed per class 12 to 16 – Bearded – 1 stalk
12.          Blue/Blends, Mauve/Purple, Black/Blends
13.          Other Colours/Blends Other
14.          Siberian
15.          Japanese
16.          Miniature
Special Best Iris

2 Entries allowed per class 17 to 23-
17.   Single White or Light Pink
18.          Single Red or Dark Pink
19.          Other Single (include Japanese)
20.         Double White or Light Pink
21.          Double Red or Dark Pink
22.         Any other Double
23.         Tree or Itoh
Special McClure Cup-Best Peony

1 Entry allowed per class 24-41 Perennials,
Biennials, Annuals
24.     Allium, large 1 stem
25.     Allium, small, 3 stems
26.     Aquelegia – 2 stems
27.      Campamula, Canterbury Bells,1 stem
28.     Campanula, any other, 3 stems
29.     Clematis, 1 Stalk
30.     Delphinium
31.      Dianthus Barbatus (Sweet William), 1 Cluster
32.     Dianthus (Carnations), 3 Stems
33.     Digitalis (Foxglove) 2 Spikes
34.     Hemerocallis (Daylily) 1 Stalk
35.     Heuchera (Coral Bells) 3 Stems foliage & or blooms
36.     Lilium 1Stalk
37.      Lupin 1 Spike
38.     Pansy/Viola 5 stalks
39.     Papaver Oriental (Poppy) 1 Stem
40.     Flowering Shrub 1 Branch
41.      Other blooms with foliage – 3 Small or 1 Large

1 Entry allowed per class 42 to 47
42.     Asparagus – 3 on a plate
43.     Green Onions – 3 on a plate
44.     Pod Peas – 3 on a plate
45.     Rhubarb – 3 on a towel, foliage trimmed to 1 inch
46.     Any other vegetables, or fruit – 3 on a plate
47.      Collection of Herbs – 3 in a container of water, labeled
Special – Best Vegetable, Fruit or Herbs

1 Entry allowed per class 48 to 52
Soil covered with plastic is allowed
48.     Foliage
49.     Large Flowering (12 in. plus)
50.     Small Flowering (less than 12 in.)
51.      Ferns
52.     Cactus or Succulent

In this division plant material may be  obtained from any source.  Accessories are allowed but must not overwhelm the plants.
1 Entry in each Class
Theme: Back to Basic, Back to Green

53.     40 SHADES OF GREEN (Irish Rovers)  a large arrangement with foliage
54.     PUT ON YOUR GREEN SHOES (Cindy Lauper) small arrangement with or in a shoe
55.      IT’S NOT EASY BEING GREEN (Kermit the Frog) Arrangement that includes water and a frog
56.     GREEN SLEEVES (English Hymn) Capture a moment in nature.  Include wild flowers.
57.      ALL THE WORLD IS GREEN (Tom Waits) Arrangement for a breakfast table
58.     BITTER GREEN (Gordon Lightfoot) A parallel design
59.     BEIN’ GREEN (Van Morrison) Arrangement in a tea cup or mug
60.     WHEN THE WIND WAS GREEN (Frank Sinatra) All around design
61.      THE GRASS IS GREEN  (Nelly Furtado) Arrangement including grasses
62.     A LITTLE BIT OF GREEN (Elvis Presley) A miniature under 12.7 cm
Special – Best Design

Exhibitors will be recognized as  “Friends of the Earth”
63      Home grown fruit or vegetable, 3 on a plate. Mix or Match
64.     My best flower, home grown or wild
65.     Look what I grew!  Potted Plant from seed.
66.     Look what I drew! Original picture of a garden, vegetable(s) or fruit.

67.      What’s inside my nest?  Use a real or home-made nest.  Place a surprise inside (no wild bird eggs)
68.     What am I?  Make a bug with any  – material.  Name the kind of bug.
69.     A day at the beach.  Scene with sand, shells, flowers, foliage.
70.      GREEN, GREEN GRASS OF HOME  A miniature arrangement no bigger than 12.7 cm (5 in.) using grasses and/or foliage.
Special – Junior Gardener of 2011

Contact Information
Flower Show Coordinator: Joyce Young 613-476-4865
Co-ordinators: Ingrid Bronson 613-476-6915
Walter McGee: 613-476-5116
For more on the PEC Horticultural Society, visit:

Vendor List – Gardeners’ Gala

Party Lite Gifts – selling candles
Walkers Greenhouses – plant material, baskets and containers
Prince Edward County Lavender –  lavender plants and some herbs
Pat’s Jams –  jams , relishes and chutneys including diabetic preserves
PEC Landscape Design– landscape design
Down-To-Earth Creations –  forest friends dioramas, lifestones and salted herbs
Floral Fantasies by Olga –  florals and wreaths for tables and walls
Lucien Gagnon’s Reclamation –  garden sculptures
The Gourd Garden –  home-grown, hand crafted gourds – bird-feeders and houses, vases and baskets
Illusions –  twig , grapevine and berry wreaths, pillows and dolls
Seasons and Occasions–  appliqued table linens,towels and blankets
Master Gardeners –   free gardening advice and plant sale
Hospice PEC –  artwork from Prince Edward County  artist Ruby Young – for fund raising
Green Elephant Table –  various gently used garden items for sale
Dooryard Garden Landscaping –  design and construction of flower gardens and raised beds
Artisan Wax Globes – natural materials in candles
Membership Table – information on PEC Horticultural Society
Childrens’ Corner –  childrens’ activities and projects
PEC Green Trust – selling tickets to tour 10 beautiful County Gardens

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