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A Sheltered Life – stories as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. (Photographs by Alan R. Capon)

(If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome. The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.)


Hello, Everyone,
It’s Liza bringing you all of the latest news from The Laundry Room, command central here at the Loyalist Humane Society. I have exciting news! Recently, we welcomed Clifford Jacob Bedborough the First to our shelter. His story has a happy ending but things could have been very different if it had not been for Jacob, a compassionate young student at Prince Edward Collegiate Institute.

When he saw a scab-covered red and white cat that was nothing more than skin and bones roaming  the schoolyard, he called to report it. Mrs. Robinson asked him if he could catch it and carry it across the street to the Picton Animal Hospital. He was happy to help and the unfortunate stray was transported to hospital where he remained for two days before coming to us. When our new resident arrived, Mrs.Moffat was surprised to find that he had been declawed. Obviously, in a former life, he had been someone’s pet.

A loving forever home is now being sought for Clifford Jacob Bedborough. The kind-hearted woman who was sponsoring a blind cat here by the name of Bluff, has already come forward to sponsor Clifford. Sadly, Bluff passed away recently.

There have been numerous adoptions here this month. Chloe, Felix, and Fifi have found their forever homes and many of our rug rats have found families of their own.

Our annual tag day which was held last month raised  $2,800 for our shelter. We are very grateful for the generosity of all who donated to the LHS. Your contributions make a real difference in our lives.

If you have been thinking of adopting a new best friend, it’s not too late. We have a fine selection of cats and kittens from which you can make your selection. Come with me to meet some of our residents.

Clifford-Jacob-BedboroughClifford Jacob Bedborough the 1st
He may have fallen on hard times, but Clifford Jacob Bedborough once had a home and a family. Somehow, he lost everything and became a street person. He is seeking a second chance with someone who will appreciate his gentlemanly qualities. Clifford has been declawed, so he will need an indoor home.

Waupoos-MapooseWaupoos Mapoose
He’s young, spirited, and just in time for Hallowe’en. This sleek black cat loves to play and hopes to find his forever home with a family who will enjoy his antics. There is never a dull moment with him around.

Tennis anyone? This young tiger and white cat was found at the Bloomfield tennis courts. Obviously an athlete he would be happiest in the home of a sports enthusiast. He enjoys basketball, football, tennis, and hockey but hates swimming.

Big-RedBig Red
He used to be known as Grumpy, until a volunteer insisted that he deserved a more fitting name. So she christened him Big Red. Now, he has a new spring in his step and is taking greater pride in his appearance. A forever home is all he needs to complete his makeover.

Who can resist Chocolate? More people than you might think. Mrs. Moffat says she has been with us practically forever. This sleek madame still dreams of a forever home and would be happy to accept a position as companion to a senior citizen. Although her prospects seem dim, she was considerably cheered recently, when she found a sponsor.

Mrs.Moffatt must have been having a Big Mac Attack on the day this red and white cat arrived at our shelter. She promptly named her Catsup. A mature cat, she would be an ideal family pet or would enjoy spicing up life for a lonely senior.

sticky-ickySticky Icky
Grumpy isn’t the only cat in need of a name change to boost his self-image. Our Sticky could do with a new moniker, too. All of the cats in the main house agree and in a recent poll it was decided that he should be renamed Velcro. That’s French for “sticky” you know.

Nudder received her name, the minute she arrived. We took one look at this pert kitten and immediately said “not anudder one”. However, there is always room for one more, here at our shelter. She is now a much-loved member of our family.

A dearly loved senior citicat, Rocky continues to enjoy life in the Laundry Room where Mrs.Moffatt keeps a close eye on him. He has led a long and colourful life and is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement. His sponsor, 12-year-old Gilly, of Kitchener, visited him this summer and he is still talking about it. She and her family adopted Freddy, one of his fellow shelter cats, last summer.

News Flashes From Franco
I have a big scoop this week. Tricia Daley, our friend at Picton’s Pet Valu store has just expanded her shop. It is now half-as-big-again with lots more space for new displays and a two-bay dog wash. Owners now can bring Fido to the spa to bathe him in luxury. A self-serve dog wash – what will they think of next? Tricia’s expanded store will have its grand opening Saturday, Oct. 19.

Another one of our shelter’s good friends, Arlene Wright, has decorated a cat-themed Christmas tree for a raffle in support of the LHS. A draw for this special tree will take place on Dec. 14 at Lorain Sine’s annual Christmas concert at Picton United Church. Tickets are $2. each or three for $5. and can be purchased at Pet Valu or from LHS volunteers.

Now, back to Liza, who thinks she’s the cat’s pyjamas, just because she made one TV appearance.

From the Desk of Liza
Remember Freddy, the young black cat who froze his paws while living outdoors last winter? As you may recall, his paw pads eventually healed and last summer he was adopted by 12-year-old Gilly and her family who drove all the way here from Kitchener to pick him up. We were all delighted that our Freddy’s story was at last going to have the happy ending it rightfully deserved. However, fate had yet another ordeal in store for this decidedly unlucky black cat.

Not long after settling into his new home, Freddy became very ill. It turned out that he had stomatitis and would need to have all of his teeth extracted in order to regain his health. His new owners did not hesitate. After hearing the bad news from their veterinarian, they asked her to carry out the procedure as soon as possible. I am happy to report that Freddy is now fully recovered and is once again enjoying life. How fortunate he was to find such a caring family!

-Until next week,

Society overrun with rug rats


Lazy Liza
This shot, courtesy of that ne’er do well Franco shows me taking a well-deserved break from my duties as the official meeter and greeter cat for the LHS. Note my marked resemblance to Sleeping Beauty.

Happy Autumn, Everyone!

It’s Liza, reporting live from The Laundry Room, the happening place where it all comes out in the wash. We are still overrun with rug rats here. This year, 207 kittens have come into care at our shelter – fewer than last year’s crowd of 279, but still an impressive number. Many of the these newcomers have found their forever homes, but we still have 80 kittens who are earnestly seeking placement with families of their very own.

A touching love story has unfolded at our shelter (no, Franco did not pop the question). If you recall, we we recently reported the passing of Tyson, a cult leader cat with his very own harem. When he came to our shelter, naturally, his wives came with him. One of his spouses, a white cat with black markings, seemed especially close to him. She was always known simply as “Tyson’s wife”. Only a few days after Tyson crossed the Rainbow Bridge, she suddenly fell ill and passed away. Now, they are together once again. We miss them very much, but find comfort in believing that they have been reunited.

The recent arrival of brisk fall mornings is a gentle reminder that winter is just around the corner. Don’t be disappointed. Choose your fur lap robe now. We have a fine selection, with more than 250 from which to choose. Allow me to show you our outstanding fall collection.

Popular shelter senior, Rocky, has taken a tip from Pet Valu’s store cat TJ and has added a bow tie to his wardrobe. Unfortunately, it seems that he has problems in keeping it straight.

Rosie-BRosie B
It’s B for beach girl, for our Rosie. She was found at North Beach, where she was captured after making several unsuccessful attempts at a home invasion. Understandably, she was seeking a place to crash, for she had five kittens in tow. Now she is safe and sound at our shelter and searching for her forever home. Rosie loves the beach and is hoping to be adopted by Snowbirds so that she can enjoy winter vacations in Florida.

Son-of-FrancoSon of Franco
He arrived at our shelter as the nightmare sequel to Franco, who is well-known for his feisty disposition. This strapping black and white lad was found at Prince Edward Heights, where Franco once served a term as mayor. His physical resemblance to dear old dad is remarkable but, to everyone’s surprise, he has a much different temperament. Franco’s boy is gentle, polite, and sweet-tempered. Now recovering from a nasty chest sore he is looking forward to finding a home of his own.

Lovely Miss Mona is a friendly grey and white miss described as being “great with kids”. She’s young, pretty and would be a good fit in any household. Her sweet disposition makes her a favourite here at the shelter.

SimeonSimeon – Poster Puss for September
Handsome Simeon is eagerly waiting for a family of his own. This red tabby has it all, looks, disposition, and a willingness to consider all reasonable offers. Family with cushy sofa preferred.

Pish is posh. This beautiful grey and white miss won’t last long, so if you are seeking to adopt a special cat with looks and personality, see her today. Now six months old, she is ready to begin a new life with a family of her own.

Sister of the glamorous Pish, Miss Tish is a sweet young tabby cat who would be an addition to any household. While she may dress more conservatively than her sibling, she has the same friendly disposition. Unlike Pish, Tish does not dream of stardom. Instead, she is a homebody whose ambition it is to find a job as a lap warmer (not to be confused with lap dancer).

Wildie always hated her name, then a twist of fate gave her the chance to change it. An inner ear infection left her with a permanent tilt to her head, so shelter volunteers decided to rechristen her Eileen. Her new, inquisitive look is very endearing and in no way affects her health.

Fetching in calico, Anon-y-Miss dreams of finding a forever home in time for Christmas. She has always wanted a family of her own and hope that this year her wish will come true. This pretty puss would be the purrfect companion for a lonely senior citizen or a retired couple.

Can you post bail for Tiger? A 14-year-old cat in good health, Tiger came to the shelter when his owner entered a retirement residence. He misses his home and would dearly love to be “sprung” by a senior citizen who would pamper him in his golden years. A beautiful cat of sterling character he remains hopeful that he will find love for a second time.

Love-for-SaleLove for Sale
Feeling lonely and unloved? Visit our shelter to find your soul mate. Choose from 80 delightful kittens, all willing to purr sweet nothings in your ear. Don’t spend Thanksgiving alone, act now and find that someone special who will gladly share a turkey dinner with you.

Meet-the-BlacksMeet the Blacks
When you visit our shelter, be sure to check out our fine selection of ebony furs. Black goes with everything and is very elegant.

look-FamiliarLook Familiar?
One of our shelter volunteers, who is a talented artist, sketched our own Mrs. Moffatt during a typical day at work. Although many of our cats may never find forever homes, thanks to Mrs. M. they are all dearly loved.

This beautiful puss is just one of the many outstanding cats to be found at the LHS. No need for lonely hearts and empty arms. Visit us today and fall in love. Satisfaction guaranteed.

From the Desk of Liza
On Friday, Sept. 27, the LHS will be holding its annual Tag Day. Our volunteers will be seen at various locations on Picton’s Main Street and in Wellington, too. Your contributions make a big difference in our lives. Thank you for supporting our shelter and the good work that it does.

Don’t miss Adoption Days at Picton’s Pet Valu, on Oct. 4,5, and 6. Some of our finest cats and kittens will be auditioning for forever homes.

The annual general meeting of the Loyalist Humane Society will be held at the Picton Fire Hall on Oct. 8. More details next week.

Two more of our cats have been sponsored! Now, Annabelle Soleil Flipover and Mickey D have sponsor families of their own.

Great news about Bella, one of our “scaredy cats” who was adopted recently. Her new owner reports that she is happily settled in her new home and her timidity is fast becoming a thing of the past.

I am also happy to report that Sara Lee has been adopted. Now doesn’t that take the cake?

News Flashes from Franco:
As that gossip, Liza, has already told you, my son arrived at the shelter recently. Let me say that he has always been a huge disappointment to me. He showed no interest in joining the family business (rodent control) and insisted that killing mice made him squeamish. He panicked at the thought of killing snakes and was once punched in the eye by a vole. How a macho cat like me every sired a wimp like him is a mystery. I would blame the boy’s weak nerves on his mother, if I could remember who she was.

Not that I am being catty, but I have a juicy scoop that I just have to share. That nasty Liza’s ghostwriter, Maggie, has been fostering Sock’s last litter of kittens and decided to name one of them Mrs.Moffatt, in honour of our shelter manager. Unfortunately, Mrs. M.’s namesake has turned out to be a real hellion. She is very independent and a name change to Not Mrs. Moffatt is being seriously considered.

Tulip Toddlebottom, another one of the kittens, has also turned out to be a real surprise. A real ugly duckling at birth (and a special delivery, for his mother deposited him in her litter pan), he has become a beautiful, long-haired kitten with unusual markings. Maggie has decided to adopt him and he will be joining her house cats in time for Thanksgiving turkey.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print. I’m going hunting now.


Funds will help cats until they break out of the shelter


Three-Musketeers-plus-oneThree Musketeers, plus one
Four orphaned kittens are being bottle-fed but in a few weeks will be ready for their forever homes.

Hi, Everyone,
It’s Liza, official meeter and greeter for the Loyalist Humane Society reporting to you from my office in The Laundry Room. And do I have big news this week! Our recent yard sale raised a grand total of $4,000. for our shelter, through sales and donations. It’s the largest amount ever realized by one of our summer sales and we are still talking about its success. Of course, we know that it never could have happened without the hard work of our volunteers and we are very grateful to them for what they did.


Bugsy’s sore healing

This month, a tiny black and white kitten named Bugsy is the talk of our shelter. Found near death by a kind woman named Bonnie den Ouden, who just happens to be our own Mrs. Moffatt’s neighbour, he was brought here a couple of weeks ago. He had bot fly larvae in his chest, an infestation of maggots, ear mites. and fleas, hence his name. It did not seem likely that Bugsy would survive, but he was a plucky little kitten and Mrs. Moffatt said she could see he was fighting, so we would fight with him. After first aid to rid him of his house guests, Bugsy quickly started to rally. He has been placed with a litter of four orphaned kittens and is now doing well. Soon, he will need a forever home, so if you are thinking of adopting a kitten, please keep him in mind. Bugs not included.

A tourist who was visiting Prince Edward recently, found Baby T and delivered her to our sheltered. Like all of the other rug rats at our shelter, she is eagerly awaiting adoption.

Also, there’s Jeff. One of the sweetest cats in our shelter and a handsome gentleman to boot, Jeff is our resident Mr. Lonely. Black cats are the least popular and the last to be adopted, in almost every animal care facility. Many people are superstitious about them. If you step on cracks, walk under ladders, and have no concerns about Friday the 13th. Jeff wants to meet you.

Our sponsorship program is proving to be a big success. To date, 30 of our residents have sponsors who contribute $20. a month to their care. The period of sponsorship is the individual’s choice. Cats may be sponsored from one month to a year or longer. If you would like to become part of this program, call or visit our shelter to choose your very own foster cat who will write to you periodically and sent you his or her photo. Remember, a sponsorship could make the purrfect birthday or Christmas gift for a friend or family member with a fondness for cats.

Our shelter is bursting at the seams these days with an outstanding collection of potential adoptees. Let’s go for a walk and meet a few of them.

BugsyBugsy – I’m Makin a Break for It, Guys
Say hello to Bugsy, the black and white kitten that I mentioned earlier. A courageous little mite who fought to survive against daunting odds he will soon be ready for his forever home. His story could have had a very different ending if it weren’t for the good Samaritan who rescued him and Mrs.Moffatt, who de-bugged him. Now, he needs just one more heroine (or hero) in his life – someone who will adopt him and make him their new BFF.

Bring home the bacon by adopting this new arrival at our shelter. This young cat was starving when she arrived here recently and has not stopped eating since she came. Comes with full tummy.

Beautiful red-haired Chloe is an ideal candidate for our seniors for seniors program. Although she is an older cat, she is in excellent health and is very affectionate. She enjoys nothing more than to curl up in a comfortable lap for an afternoon snooze. She would be the perfect companion for a senior citizen or a retired couple. Cats are living much longer these days, thanks to the many advances in feline health care. Don’t overlook Chloe because of her age. While every dog may have its day, Chloe is good for a few years yet.

Sweet Marty came back to us in a two-pher trade. He was adopted from our shelter some time ago and his new owners were very fond of him. However, he did not get along well with their older cat. Marty has come back to us and his former family has adopted two kittens in exchange. Marty would thrive in a household where he would be an only cat.

Poor Minx had heard it many times – “they all look alike”. Tabby cats do resemble one another closely, but each has its own special characteristics. If you are thinking of adoption, be sure to give Minx an opportunity to audition for you. Her personality will win the day.

Six-year-old Mary is seeking placement in a home where she will be the only cat. A bit of a diva, she does not enjoy sharing the spotlight. If you are seeking your one-and-only, be sure to ask to meet her.

Nadine is hoping to find that special someone in the tunnel of love. In the meantime, she has contented herself with enjoying a play tunnel at the shelter.

Other-Kitten-aka-OkayOther Kitten (aka Okay)
If you are searching for the handsome hero in the white hat, look no further. He’s young, muscular, and eager to rescue damsels in distress. Come and see him today, okay?

Looking for someone to share your enthusiasm for birdwatching? Birdie came to us from Prince Edward Point where she was busily recording bird specimens. She brought a family of four kittens with her but they are now weaned and she is seeking her forever home. Birdie is young and playful and would be the ideal family cat. If you own a copy of Roger Tory Peterson’s A Field Guide to the Birds, give her a call.

Big-RedBig Red
Formerly known as Grumpy, Big Red has had a makeover. His unfortunate nickname was discouraging potential adopters. He is hopeful that he will now make new friends and might even be invited to follow someone home.

A favourite with our volunteers, Maru enjoys his afternoon nap.

Franco-sinking-feelingThat Sink-ing Feeling
Franco, our roving reporter, had nothing to report this week. He was too busy napping in the sink. Our drain is the only one in town with hairballs.




From the Desk of Liza:
There have been numerous adoptions at our shelter in recent days. I am happy to report that Black Jack, Madoc, Freckles, Raoul, Beanie, Kitten, and Bella, all have found their forever homes. Bella arrived at our shelter with her entire body covered in watery blisters, as the result of a flea allergy. She had almost no hair. After being treated for fleas, she slowly recovered and her coat regrew. We are pleased that she has found a family of her own who will work with her to help her overcome her skittishness.

Sadly, three of our residents have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, among them Tyson, who had several wives. No doubt his lifestyle in earlier years contributed to his untimely demise. Several widows mourn his passing. Tyson, a cat with a commune, will be missed.
Tanni and Tabby also left us recently. We miss them very much and have fond memories of the time they spent here.

Tag Day: Don’t forget our annual Tag Day which is coming up this fall. A date will be announced soon. Your generosity makes an important difference in our lives and we are very grateful for your support.

-Until next week,

Freddy’s tale of woe ends at sweet forever home

Liza in The Laundry Room

Liza in The Laundry Room

Hello, All,
It’s Liza with all the latest news from The Laundry Room, command central at the Loyalist Humane Society. Our lead story this week chronicles the incredible journey of Freddy, a shelter cat whose situation seemed hopeless, until a family from Kitchener learned of it and decided to give him a forever home. But let me start at the beginning:

Last January, a Picton woman was surprised to discover that an uninvited guest had moved into an old dog house on her porch. A stray cat named Floyd had been sheltering there for some time and was not impressed with the new lodger. Floyd’s benefactress decided to evict the interloper, but when she reached into the dog house to give him the bum’s rush, he bit her. As a result, he was brought to our shelter where he was immediately quarantined.

Our own Mrs.Moffatt first saw the culprit at the scene of the crime. It was a bitterly cold day and after a hasty inspection she named the perpetrator of the home invasion “Freda”. It was only after “she” arrived at the shelter that Mrs. M. realized that Freda was really a Freddy.

The Fredster was very thin and scabs covered his body. However, the seriousness of these health issues paled in comparison with the condition of his forepaws. The paw pads of both front feet had been frostbitten. Although he received prompt veterinary care, his prognosis was not encouraging. Little could be done for his feet. For months, Freddy remained motionless in his crate. Whenever he was placed on the floor, he would refuse to walk for the discomfort was too great.

One day, a family from Kitchener who sponsor our shelter residents Rocky and Inky, came to visit them. By this time, Freddy had ventured out of his crate and was moving about the kitchen. He introduced himself to the visitors who made a great fuss of him, after hearing his story. It was love at first sight and they decided they would like to adopt him.

Of course, his paw pads were still very red and swollen, but there had been some improvement in recent times. It was decided that the family would wait for a few weeks and chart Freddy’s progress. If he continued to improve, they would return to take him home.

On July 31, Freddy left our shelter to go to his new home in Kitchener. We miss him very much (to be honest, I was glad to see him go for he was getting far too much attention) but are happy to know that he has found his forever home. I would like to share this photo, along with the contents of a letter we have just received from Gillian, the 12-year-old girl whose family has adopted him.

“This is Freddy. We got him five days ago from the Loyalist Humane Society In Picton. He was probably was just like any other cat and had a home once. One day in 2013 he was found all huddled up in a dog house in the freezing cold weather with practically frostbitten everything. He could not walk for months when he came to shelter. His feet are not all healed yet so maybe not everyone would have wanted to take Freddy but he’s getting better everyday. We decided to take a chance and give him all our love. Now he has found a forever home.

– Gillian

This is Freddy, who is shown at his home in Kitchener with his new best friend, Gillian. She reports that he enjoys cuddling with her on the sofa to watch TV. He has confided that the dog house where he crashed in Picton had neither a sofa nor a television set.

This is Freddy,  shown at his home in Kitchener with his new best friend, Gillian. She reports that he enjoys cuddling with her on the sofa to watch TV. He has confided that the dog house where he crashed in Picton had neither a sofa nor a television set.

Good luck, Freddy and Gilly. All of us here hope that you enjoy many happy years together, as best friends and confidantes.

Two-for-the-RoadTwo for the Road
Tails and you win with this adorable pair of fluffy kittens. See them at our shelter today!

Apprehended while table-hopping at Bloomfield’s Saylor Cafe, this handsome black and white cat is waiting for his forever home. Mrs. Moffatt has given him a makeover. Daily brushing has tamed his wild hair and the sore on his side is healing nicely. If you are seeking a dinner companion, Saylor is your man – as long as you agree to pick up the cheque.

Summertime and the livin’ is easy. A firm believer in the importance of “me” time, Cruiser has studied yoga and knows how to relax. A mature cat who would very much like a home of his own, he is taking resumes.

A sophisticated puss, Meeka knows that every cat should have a little black dress in her wardrobe. She accents her frock with white whiskers, an unexpected touch that sets her apart. Approximately five years of age, she is declawed and would make the ideal companion for a senior citizen or retired couple.

Frankie has a colourful past. Word has it that several of his former acquaintances “sleep with the fishes”. A very protective cat, he came to our shelter after attempting to defend his previous owner during what he mistakenly perceived as an altercation. This beautiful red tabby requires a tranquil home with a soft-spoken owner who will remain mindful of his protective nature.

Arnold knows he is unlikely to find a forever home (he spritzes) but he would very much like a sponsor. This lovable red and white cat is hopeful that someone will come forward to fill this role. A regular visitor would make a big difference in his world.

Miss-AmerikaMiss Amerika
Our Miss Amerika may not be a great beauty, but she is very affectionate. She won her title in a competition with 12 other alley cats and is proud to point out that contestants were scored not just on looks but also on talent. She wowed the crowd by playing a rousing rendition of Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey on her banjo.

A striking black and white cat, Albert regularly reads The Gentleman’s Quarterly and sometimes plays the stock market with Canadian Tire Money. If you would like to add a touch of sophistication to your home, inquire for him.

Squeaker is our resident hypnotist. Gaze deeply into his eyes and relax, just reelaax. He’s hopeful that a shelter visitor will be entranced by him and take him home. A senior cat, he dreams of having a family of his own to love him in his golden years.

Too embarrassed to give her name, this foxy feline was working on her tan when snapped by our roving photographer. All she could manage to mew was “Pass the sunscreen, please”.

Regal-looking Madoc came to our shelter from, wait for it, Madoc. He;s young, handsome, and looking for love.

Too discouraged to audition yet again, Mo-Mo has almost given up on finding his forever home. Could you be the one to kiss the sleeping prince and make his dreams come true?

Louisa-May-AllcatLouisa May Alcatt
A literary puss who is described as being “very chatty”, Louisa May would be the ideal companion for a lonely senior. She would also fit well with a young family, but be warned, she always insists on having the last word.

DexterDexter – This Week’s Poster Puss
Unlucky in love, Dexter is looking for tips on how to please a woman. Earlier this summer, he was adopted but was quickly returned to our shelter because of his fondness for the night life. His new owner said she could not sleep for his shenanigans and batted him with a broom. Following his return to our shelter, he attracted the attention of a second woman who saw his photo on our web page. She came to meet him but rejected him because “he kissed too much”. Poor Dexter cannot understand what women want and is hopeful that someone can unravel this mystery for him. If you are seeking a man who enjoys night life and is a good kisser, just ask for Dexter. Women with brooms need not apply.

News Flashes From Franco

I am pleased and proud to report that I have just bagged my ninth snake of the season. I am now seeking a taxidermist to mount the heads of the numerous voles I have eliminated. Some of the rooms here could use a little wall art.

Last Saturday, our booths at the Bloomfield Collectables and Craft Fair enjoyed a brisk trade. If you have not yet visited this fair, which is held once a month, you are missing out on a colourful event. Many interesting items are offered at bargain prices. Our Fashions for Felines booth has been a great hit and our LHS display features beautiful sleep mats for cats, colourful dog scarves, creative cat toys and many miscellaneous items. Of course, a few of our residents always attend the fair, in hopes of finding their forever homes. See you there next month.


From the Desk of Liza

Don’t miss our big yard sale! It starts on Aug. 16 and promises to be one of the best ever. We have had numerous donations of quality items this year and you are almost certain to find a treasure. Don’t overlook our kittens when you stop by. We have an amazing selection of rug rats this season.

It is my sad duty to report that Tiggy, one of our senior cats, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was greatly loved by all of us and we miss her.

On a happier note, Victoria, another of our senior cats, has found her forever home. Her new owner is delighted with her.

Torte, who impressed all of us in a BIG way, when all 20-plus pounds of her arrived here, now has a sponsor. At last – help with her grocery bills.

See you at the yard sale!

-Until next week,

* * *
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    My son has accumulated 11 cats over the past few years and it is impossuble for him to keep that many. If anyone wants a cat no charge–leave a message here and you can have your pick.

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