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Free resident parking initiative could be considered a ‘test balloon’ for possible County resident card

The concept of a ‘County card’ that allows residents privileges such as parking, and other perks remains on the table as the municipality plans to test the concept this summer.

Parking will be restricted on County Road 7 south side, adjacent to Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park for a distance of 111 metres only for the 2022 season until a parking needs analysis study is undertaken, under the original parking conditions.

Included in amendments made to some parking bylaws at Thursday’s committee of the whole meeting is a trial of the concept with the municipality introducing parking permits, or stickers, that would allow residents to park in a designated area on County Road 20 and in a parking area at Bakker Road without facing fines. Without a sticker, the $400 set fine remains in place ($300 if paid within seven days).

Karen Palmer, the County’s Destination Development and Marketing Co-ordinator, told council details are still being worked out – such as what form it takes, and how to verify residency so that they are not used by tourists.

CAO Marcia Wallace noted the passes could be considered a trial balloon following the success of last year’s initiative to offer free passes to Wellington Beach for County residents – which will continue this year.

The idea, she said, could be applied more widely and include things like business discounts, though details on budget implications, staffing, enforcement, and other things would need to be worked out and approved – likely by the incoming council.

It is recommended to restrict parking at Parkview Road, northeasterly side from 22 Parkview Road to Fort Kente Road at all times and south side of Fort Kente Road 175 metres from Gardenville Road to Parkview Road at all times.

As well as parking changes, council also asked municipal staff to re-evaluate parking spots in front of the Royal Hotel in Picton, long dedicated to taxis and a loading zone.

Councillor Phil St. Jean noted the issue came up at this week’s Picton BIA meeting and noted few taxis wait there for fares now, and deliveries to the Royal seem to be going to the back of the building.

For East Street in Wellington, with parking on both sides, drivers have complained there is not enough space for a driving lane. Staff recommend that parking be restricted on both sides from Main Street to Lake Ontario.

Wharfs Street, also narrow, staff recommend: Wharf Street westerly from Niles St to Noxon Avenue permit a daily two-hour parking time limit from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
– Wharf Street westerly from Noxon Avenue to Main Street be restricted at all times

Staff recommend a new year-round parking restriction be established on both sides of
Station Road, for distances of 110 metres northerly and 40 metres westerly, as
measured from the Millennium Trail crossing.

– Wharf Street easterly from Niles Street to Main Street be restricted at all times except for a loading zone starting 13.7 metres northerly from Main Street for 15 metre distance measure northerly to be utilized by businesses on the north side
of Main Street in proximity to this area

Picton’s Prospect Avenue has a blind hill that makes it difficult to navigate with residents reporting near head-on collisions. Staff recommend a parking restriction on the easterly side from the northerly limits of 15 to 21 Prospect Avenue at all times.

Click here for the full document of amendments to parking bylaws on the County website 

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  1. Angus Ross says:

    Glad to see that consideration is being given to something that would benefit residents and not tourists. Back in September 2019 at a Committee of the Whole meeting I proposed that residents should be able to purchase an annual parking pass, linked to the licence plate, for $50 to $75 that would allow 2 hours parking free at any paid parking spot in the County. At the same time I suggested that paid parking be extended from 5 days a week to 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Residents would be able to park free while tourists would finally contribute something to the County coffers, not just businesses in the County.

    At the same time, recognising that the “Feed the Meter” campaign still needs money, I proposed a fixed percentage of parking revenue would go to “Feed the Meter” and it would generate far more than is currently raised.

    Maybe time to look at this again?

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