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Funding covers 83 per cent of $1.5 million bridge on Cty Rd 14

Government Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative (MIII) Capital Program. This funding covers 83 per cent of the total estimated cost – $1,495,000 – to replace the bridge.
The new bridge is to be designed in 2013, with construction to take place between spring and late fall 2014.

Replacing this bridge became an unexpected priority in late 2012 after staff noted significant pavement settlement and deterioration, the County said in a statement. Load restrictions were immediately issued and remain in effect.

While the funding application was developed collaboratively between a number of municipal departments, the process was facilitated through the new Community Development Department. Part of the Community Development mandate is to make applications and secure funding for priority projects on behalf of the municipality.

“Not only will this grant reduce the burden on taxpayers but it will also create jobs which contributes to a stable economy,” says mayor Peter Mertens. “I would like to thank all staff for their contribution to the funding and planning of this project.”

The Province of Ontario is making nearly $90 million available in 2013-14 to help address critical road, bridge, water and wastewater projects. MIII Capital Program funding is targeted to municipalities and local service boards that otherwise would not be able to undertake large-scale priority projects.

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  1. m york says:

    Argyle in regards to your question on the project on Paul and Main the outside contractor (a Deseronto Company who is being hired to do a LOT of county jobs) should of finished the whole job. Lets keep hiring outside companies that take our money to their municipality and spend it at their stores not ours???? How to heck is that contributing to our tax base and support our residents for jobs? Why are our people not getting any of these jobs words I have been yelling for sometime now. Keep hiring these outside individuals that are calling all the shots and council is allowing it. We’ve LOST out on a lot of GOOD employees just recently due to them questioning the decisions of Mngt. Once again proving the point of incompetence starting at Shire Hall.

  2. Argyle says:

    Maybe by the time the snow flies the County will be able to pave the corner of Paul and Main in Picton. This has been a gravel and pot hole mess for 4 months since a repair was made to the water line. It is one of the busiest corners in town and directly in front of Shire Hall. Do our county hired and supervised outside contractors not required to finish the job correctly?

  3. Jethro says:

    Maybe our council will make our economy stronger by getting an outside contractor to do the job as they did on the Prinyers cove culvert project.What is wrong with our local contractors.The contractor who did the Prinyers cove job was from the reserve an doesn’t pay tax on a lot of jobs so he is really helping out the economy

  4. m york says:

    Mayor Mertens most definitely has his own way of putting a spin on things. Luckily the taxpayers have finally woke up to see all his smoke and mirrors. There is no jobs, no money in any budget, they won’t even cut the damb grass. I heard from a reliable source that the by-law officers ordered someone to cut their grass but my question is why isn’t the County cutting their own???? Just look at the hill at the Yacht Club and around other places. So here is an order from the taxpayers Mr. Mertens either cut the grass or the by-law officers will enforce it for you. If they don’t then charges should be laid against the COUNTY Forthwith!!!!!!!

  5. Wolf Braun says:

    Chris…..Mayor Mertens has his own unique logic ! LOL :-))

  6. Chris Keen says:

    “Not only will this grant reduce the burden on taxpayers but it will also create jobs which contributes to a stable economy,” says mayor Peter Mertens.

    The burden on taxpayers is not “reduced”. We are simply taxed by a different level of government to pay for this!! The taxpayers of Ontario are making the $90 million “available”. As for jobs? Few and fleeting.

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